Ever Pass A Kidney Stone

Demon seed leisurely slide,

deliberate, agonizing, intent.

Delicately, claws engrave entrails

with red swirls of intense agony.

Fevered, whispering embrace

and thoughts never guessed at.

Teasing relief for sweet moments,

dispelled with razor’s edge instant.

Begging release in meaningless time,

my self held willingly in chains of pain.

Waiting for a finish to this game that

seems outside my capabilities.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drink lots of water people, you do not want to go through this.

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Kristine Snow's picture

It hurt just reading about it! Imagery! Owwww

hawksquaw99's picture

oh... now this one .... you have hit this on the head... pain that no one can ever believe unless they have been through it... OUCH... this was well done.... thank you for posting this one.... Renee'

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

It is seriously worse than childbirth. Did you have them lasered? great poem, sorry for your pain:( :)