While we were nibbling on each other's necks,

seeing ourselves through each other's eyes,

playing with each other's toes...

I choose to believe that it was all true.

Those soulful moments, cautious glances,

hesitations too, they got me through.

Through all the unfulfilled dreams,

angry screams, and the loosened seams, of you

But, you knew, all the while you knew.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You knew.

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gentle's picture

Absolute sweetness & the playful fun that goes with the joys of love.

Made me smile....

Gentle is the night♥

Laurie  Lane's picture

Sometimes the heart sees only what it wants. I like this poem though.

ladydp2000's picture

Very nice poem and it seems so romantic...but i can feel the undercurrents of sadness and maybe even a goodbye in this one...such a moving piece for me... Have a wonderful day Geneva and a very wonderful Holiday season!You are to me such a talented poet...Take care for now and I will check on you later again..very soon My warmest wishes to you!lots of love and peace! Your poet friend, Dorian

Didi Menendez's picture

The ending to me signifies that "he knew it was not true". For another it may mean that "he knew it was". That is what is great about writing poetry. In this particular poem the reader chooses it's ending and makes it their own. Didi

Melvin Lee's picture

Hi there... indeed resemblances of my poem Manipulating Me. the 2 words are very strong in voice..and deep in conviction that distrust was evident in the romance. Great writing, Geneva.. thanxs for the recommendation.

Tommy Curtis's picture

You were right it does have some aspects of it that is the same as the poem I wrote. I really like this one. You did a very good job of putting the reader right there where you were. Thank you for such an enjoyable poem. Keep up the good work.

Tim Marshall's picture

BERN,a hard name to trust amazing how cool your hurt seemed GREAT writing,a slick lay of word's !

Rachelle Wiegand's picture

Geneva, I like this one, too. A playful tone to it... well-written and full of life!

Lana Persons's picture's the Bernies of this world that leave in their wake some damned fine poetry...and your poem is the sense of rhythm..and the style. Nailed it, Geneva.