Espresso yourself to me, fill my cup.

Steam me longer, make me stronger.

Extra froth please.  Who knows where this will lead?

Sugar?  No thanks, your syrup is muy dulce.

You warm me up AND chill me out.

When I stir you, your flavors swirl around...

float up to me and lure me near.

Your aroma is so sincere.

You are most satisfying right here,

but I'll take you to go...if you insist.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Espresso floats...

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Misty Lackey's picture

ok, I like the end, don't put a lid on it. :-)

Eric Cockrell's picture

loved the imagery here... cool poem. eric

Malcolm McCaffery's picture

Quite the cup of coffee, mmm. Very clever, simply splendid. ;)

Edwin Robinette's picture

Coffee or not, I like this little jewel! LOL Nicely worked!!

Melvin Lee's picture

HAhhaha.....i enjoyed this ~! Literal coffee terms, but laden with so much metaphorical meanings behind...Smilesz...most skilfully done, Geneva. I especially like the 'extra froth, sugar, and swirling flavors',Hahaha. Very interesting theme ,once again. Smilesz. and btw, i prefer Earl Grey tea......perks me strong enough..hehe. Espresso rockets my spirits too high, too far , too wild. :@)

cameca8's picture

Great!!! I love coffee poems.