My Time Alone

I Spend A Lot Of Time Alone,

Thinking, Wondering When You're Gone.

You're On My Mind Both Day & Night,

This Lonely Feeling I Have To Fight.

To See You Tears Me Up Inside,

My Love For You I Have to Hide.

To Hear You Voice It Makes My Day,

I Have So Much I'd Like To Say.

You Were With Me & Blew My Mind,

Someone Like You I'll Never Find.

So Warm & Pretty Like The Dawn,

But Now Our Time It Seems It's Gone.

It Pains Inside When You Ignore Me,

I Know That This You Cannot See.

Sometimes With You I Play The Fool,

Because I Have To Keep My Cool.

I Do Not Try To Put You Down,

It's Done Enough Around Our Town.

If I Could Act The Way I Want,

Inside Your Mind If So I'd Haunt.

I'm In A Whirlpool Going Round,

Sometimes I'm Up, More Times I'm Down.

Knowing What Can Never Be,

It Breaks My Heart I Hope You See.

I Didn't Think What Happened Would,

I Don't Regret It, It Was Good.

Not Many Guys I Know Can Say,

Which Such A Beauty They Could Lay.

The Stars Are Beaming From Your Eyes,

Your Shining Face It Lights The Sky.

You Have A Heart That's Made Of Gold,

And Body That Could Warm The Cold.

Your Inner Beauty Has No Match,

There Isn't Any Finer Catch.

To Be With You A Dream Come True,

If Only Something I Could Do.

The Time We Spent Is In My Head,

It Will Be There Until I'm Dead.

The Greatest Girl I've Ever Seen,

With Kitten's Eyes Of Pretty Green.

So Here I Am Again Alone,

Trying Hard To Write This Poem.

Knowing You Are With Another,

Wondering If It's Worth The Bother.

Thinking To Myself Aloud,

This Pretty Girl Was Not Too Proud.

To Call On Me In Times Of Need,

For Her I Would Do Any Deed.

So Dar My Love Just Please Make Sure,

That You Get What You're Looking For.

If You Need Me For Anything,

Just Call Me Up My Heart Will Sing.

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