I have a bag I carry,

almost every where I go,

in this bag are held memories and things,

things from the past, though tiny to the eye,

some very special images come forth,

from the recesses of my mind,

I have just some things that I hold,

in the deep meaning behind their find,

so just think about these with me,

and see if any mean anything to you,

when dumping out the contents,

the first thing I see,

is the pocket knife my mom always had,

she would laugh and say just in case,

I would think, just in case of what,

pigmes might attack us, we were alone for many years,

then I find the buffalo fur, that was given to me by a friend,

a baseball glove on a stick, decoration for a birthday cake,

tears come to my eyes, as I see the bracelet I had made,

when my brother was in the Marines serving his country,

in the war we call 'Operation Desert Storm',

boy did we worry, thank god he came to no visible harm,

there are rings from the past and watchs you can't find today,

marbles from a childhood spent playing in the dirt,

bones from some dead animal, found while on a walk in the sand,

rocks and old square nails, stumbled upon while checking out an old log home,

you would be surprised at the things, we walk over each day,

what you think of as junk, to me, might just be the thing I need,

in this bag are the rattles, from a snake I had to help kill,

and that was no fun, he was not a happy camper,

his was so mad, wanting to strike at anything,

we did have to end him, it was so sad,

I hate to take the life of anything,

but it was one of those, it was either him or me,

so think of the things that you have read in this thought,

things that I found and thought enough to about,

to carry in a bag, a bag that I carry almost every where I go,

always waiting to add something small, cool and meaningful to this list.

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