"Two Souls Mating"

by Jeph Johnson


We're continuously searching,

Digging deep in times of stress

Immortal due to death of virtue

Made alive with other's happiness. 

But hope runs dry with each transgression

Wetness overflows our well 

Its relevance can transpose Heaven

Or ignite the flickering flames of Hell.

Saving virtue demands patience

Though lust never takes its time

No one's born again in stages

Black cat's lives will number nine.

I still wonder, if indicted

Would salvation post the bail?

Souls are imprisoned when divided

Freedom rings to no avail.

Souls were not designed for mating

You see they cannot reproduce

He who covets hesitating,

Just as they say, is bound to lose.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the apathy and refusal of those around me to display unending eros love, despite my obsession trying to prolong its existence long after it has died, 2000, 2017


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shelandrazee's picture


I am new here on site and can't figure out how to click on people's poems, but I saw yours on most recent reads, and I am glad, found it to be both intelligent and wise, such rare gifts proffered to us by one who knits us safe in our mother's womb, thank you for sharing,  V  

Starward's picture

I have not yet been able to read all your poems; in fact, I have just started, browsing randomly through your collection. However, this is the most brilliant poem I have read among them . . . in fact, it is one of the most brilliant poems I have ever read . . . anytime . . . anywhere.


[* /+/ ^]

Rebecca Swan's picture

thats was really refreshing to read.
Thats a poem that actually makes you think.
i really liked it. keep up the good work.
Now i'm sounding like a teacher.

hawksquaw99's picture

such depth in your writings.... I enjoyed reading your words.... makes me think....