"The Demons of Man"

I fabricate skyscrapers, piercing the heavens with chrome blades.

I see a world of fire: combusting, incinerating, devouring.


The valleys burn red with blood stained spades,

The universe watching discreetly, towering.



The demons of man ignite the skylines as day bleeds to night,

The structures emitting a silent roar as the stars lay breathless.


The avenues inhale kerosene, reflecting red light,

The cities burn to ash, dying, defenseless.



As the aggregation of starlight coats our landscape with a luminous glare,

The ruins of a million memories electrify the skies.


The fires burn out as the moon is relieved of its empowering stare,

The once amplified street pinned under its arbitrary demise.



Once upon a time, when man walked with man,

I stared in the eyes of a world worth living.


I watched as it twisted, tore, became a cancerous scan;

Mankind destroying itself, relentless, unforgiving.



As I walk under a sun that illuminates a planet encased in sorrow,

Tears fall parallel to light rays.

As clouds float in a boundless ocean, awaiting tomorrow,

I continue roaming, a stranger, in a world astray.

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"Nightfall Burns Quiet"

The waves of magnolias bear no comparison to the complexity of your eyes, 
Your hair of velvet flowing in the wind like a thousand silent seas. 
As nightfall burns like quiet embers, the stars stare at us through evergreens. 
Compassion so fortifying, so vital, it writes perfection in the skies. 

The way the evergreens encase us in a gridlock of astounding silence, 
Forces you to pull me tighter, ever so near. 
I assure you, my love, there’s no need to worry, nothing to fear. 
You’re here with me, under a billion sleeping diamonds. 

Your skin reflects the moonbeams as the stars paint this charcoal night. 
Your perplexing beauty in the radiation makes me fall in love more and more. 
I’m silent, your innocence igniting my core.
I want to soar above empires, you and I in a weightless flight. 
If the skies fall, crashing down like a heavy snow, 
I would press my head to your chest, listening to your heart’s slow, calculated beat. 
Death can approach with an army, an infinite force, an incalculable fleet, 
But I'm here with you, under a flourescent, midnight glow. 

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Dressin' Up


Today, I feel to be a Taylor

Put a touch of being demure

Get everything out of our closets

Because we will be doing our best


Snatch out bills from our pouch

Scream ourselves nice and loud

Run through our room like we have dates

Beg help from our skillful roommates


When the crown is already done

Get dressed up, we're having fun

We wait for our crushes to pass by

To look at us and stop to say hi


Tonight, I am Lady Gaga

I get the crown and dress all black

Even though our feet ache

The show should start at eight


I'm dressin' up for the first time

I'm thinkin' like the world is mine

I'm walkin' like I'm about to shine

I'm talkin' like I own the night

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Tiffany's and Iced Coffee

I’m in that mood.
The one you feel when it’s Friday.
The one you feel when you watch the end of Breakfast at Tiffany’s,
The one you feel when it’s a cloudy day,
And you put on a sad song,
A song that was written today, but should have been written in the nineteen-fifties,
Or sixties.
The one you feel when you want someone to love you,
And hold you in their arms,
But no one’s there.

I’m in that mood.
The one you feel when you’re in a car,
And you want to be in Las Vegas at night,
To see the lights.
The one you feel when you drink iced coffee,
Sugar-free, nonfat milk,
And it’s ten o’clock at night,
And it’s too late to be drinking iced coffee,
But you do it anyway,
Because you can.
The one you feel when your heart hurts,
For no reason at all,
Or lots of reasons you don’t know about,
Hurting over things that haven’t happened yet,
And you’re frustrated you can’t get them to happen.
So you wait for when it does.

I’m in that mood.
The one you feel when you grab a Pepsi the fridge,
Diet, on ice, in a glass,
Not in a cup,
And it’s eleven o’clock at night,
And it’s too late to be drinking diet Pepsi,
But you do it anyway,
Because you can.
The one you feel when you want to take a trip to a gas station,
To buy M&M’s with the peanut butter inside,
But not peanuts,
And more iced coffee,
But the gas station doesn’t sell iced coffee,
So you buy hot coffee and put it on ice,
And pretend you bought it that way.

I’m that mood,
The one you feel when you see a plastic bag in the parking lot,
And you know you should pick it up
and throw it away,
But you don’t,
And you feel guilty,
But then it goes away,
Because it really isn’t a big deal.
The one you feel when you want everything to be in black and white,
And you think about your life,
And how time goes by so quickly,
And how you never want this moment to end,
Because it’s perfect,
And you love the bitter sweetness of it.
And it’s too late to feel bittersweet,
But you do it anyway,
Because you can.

Two trees

Two trees on a lonely hill 
Stand and belong together, 
Near-at-hand, somewhere in Brazil, 
Despite the time and weather 
The one tree loves a night, 
The moon and the starry sky 
It sleeps under the sunlight  
When the birds sing and cry. 
The other enjoys a day 
Waking up with a sunrise 
And always wants to play 
When a good mood arises 
Two trees on the lonely hill 
Have never talked to each other 
Though they’re together still 
And won't be split by the earth mother 

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Meteor Shower

If the possibility of calling you mine

were riding on a shooting star,

I'd shower in meteors. 

Beauty In Your Suffering


Hurt is never ecstasy

Pain is never pleasing

But although it aches so bad

There’s beauty in your suffering


Like a rose, when crushed

Delivers its sweet smell to its destroyer

Like a flame, when doused with water

Turns into a cloud and flies away

Like a mountain, who’s being mined

Its rock turns to dust and dances in the wind

Like the night, being conquered

Brings forth a beautiful day

Like a mother for her aborted child

Sacrificing love, but too little too late

Like the death of a person

When they know there’s Paradise’s Gate


There’s nothing funny about it

I know it hurts so bad

But while you want to be happy

There’s still beauty in your suffering

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Dark Seducer

I am in love with the night

That dark seducer who tempts with his diamods of starlight

Laid out on his bed of black velvet

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City of Dreams

Light and Dark

Welcome to the City of Dreams

All full of nightmares, daydreams, and schemes

Whatever you dream; it’s a wonderful theme

Whenever you want; you’re always the king


Lie down and sleep your pain away

Forget your past, forget the day

Here the only toil is play

It’s easy to come here, there’s many a way


Become the hero you wanted to be

Without actually being what you see

In this world only, can you be free

Stay with us, is our only plea


Be rich, be naughty

Be powerful, be haughty

Live in this dream, decaying body

No one will care if you’re a bit dotty


It’ll be too late, when you finally know

You’re not in control; was only a show

So just sit back, and go with the flow

While we take you to an all-time low


Down the rabbit hole

                Into the earth

                       Shadows will blind you

                                Now what was this worth?

                                                           Life is so fleeting

                                                                  Death is now eating

                                                                                    Living and dying

                                                                                             Laughing while crying



Fall into madness

    Can’t tell the difference

Between night and day

               Between real and fake

Between right and wrong

                       Between sky and cake

There is no difference

                                       Only existence

Nothing to do



But dream




The City of Dreams…


Welcome to The City of Dreams…”

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