Seasons In Hell


| H A L L O W E E N |
Occult, the dark of the mind, forbidden knowledge realized!
Coven, Witches writhing, filled with Lust & Power! / Candy, Communion with The Horned One!
|rick or Treat / Thriller / Terror, pleasures & treasures!
Oneiromancy, Nightmares & Dreams come to life! Consuming and Possessing!
Blood / Beast, pounding in your veins, the desire for life! The Satanimal comes forth!
Ember / Electricity, Rising from Hellfire inside Jack O' Lanterns' demonic face! & Frankenstein comes alive!
Revenge, reaped & harvested from deserving victims! Sacrifice tonight!

{8th month of the Roman Calendar, ergo ∞}

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The Unholy Sabbath is upon us!

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October Day

October day, Daniella Carmona

Sarah used to wait for the underground every day to go to work. Each morning was the same. She woke up, cooked herself some scrambled eggs, sausages and baked beans on the side. She toasted some bread and made herself some tea, served her dog some kibbles and walked a couple of streets to get to the underground station. Rainy, gray days, but beautiful ones, in spite of the misconception that those type of days are sad. Though, ordinary days. She sat and waited. Long black hair, deep brown eyes, intense look. Sarah was a journalist and worked on an important paper of her country. She loved her job. She loved history, art, life. She loved music, her favorite type of art.

Lewis used to drive his car to get to work. One day, in the month of October, when the orange, yellow, and brown leaves fell from the trees, his car stopped working so he decided to take the underground to get to work. Each morning was the same. He woke up, poured some milk on a bowl and served himself cereal. Then he went to a local coffee shop near his flat. Regularly, he came back with his coffee and ran his car, but that autumn day, he took the underground. It was a rainy day, though a beautiful one. He sat and waited. Short blond hair, deep blue eyes, kind look. Lewis was an engineer in musical production and worked at a record company. He loved his job. One of his hobbies was to collect vinyl records.

The underground arrived, Sarah and Lewis hopped in. Sarah sat in front of the row of seats where Lewis sat. She grabbed the book she was reading, “The Romanov Sisters” by Helen Rappaport. Lewis sat and starred at her. He had noticed her since she hopped on the underground and couldn’t stop starring at her. Shy look, though, intense. Beauty, mystery and intellect had joined together to create a symphony. Sarah had arrived in her station so she was about to get off the underground. Lewis noticed that she packed her book and grabbed her briefcase. He had to talk to her. Although, he was kind of shy, he decided to go down in the same station, even though he was going to get down in another one to get to his work. He approached her and asked her for her name and number. Sarah looked at him and starred into his deep blue eyes. He seemed to be nice and kind. She starred at the tattoos on his arms which she loved. Lewis gave Sarah his number as well. Then, Lewis had to take the underground and Sarah kept walking to get to her work.

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"Dancing Shadows"

Shadows dance on granite walls,

Alloy steel, and painted halls.

I stand alone, a world away,

Ocean waves crashing, silent display.


Lanterns dim, October’s night,

Autumn winds, cold and white.

I look above, a starless sky,

A horizon left dormant, vacant, nigh.


A cobbled road, weary feet,

The rain drops fall, static, repeat.

I watch the dawn as lanterns fade,

Tracing the sky, I’m no longer afraid.

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Prints in the Snow (Lone Wulf II) 2012

Wulfman Adventures

In the fall's blue moon, I am numb to coldness aches who pet my fur.
I shake, but it is because of the sleep trying to rob me of my focus.
My paws ache, and bloody for the miles walked.
Leaving bloody prints in the October snow.
Yet pushing forth, with the head low to the ground and ears pushed back.
Fighting the wind and the fatigue that try to put me down.
The ache within is a pulsing force to keep going.
Even in a state of illusions jilting reality- an oil painting left in a storm.
What is what? Who is who?
Bloody prints in the October snow, a lone wulf struggling forward.
To where? To what? To whom?
I don't care, warmth comes from the constant motion of pawing forward.
That is all that matters for now. Time for healing will come later.

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