shadowsin                  flight         through





       ning, care-

                              less, free


              dancing with their pointy little capes,


through swarms of dinner and careening, zooming, just above our heads!



           tiny bodies

                   plunge past  


           of a perigee


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The Night


What’s in the night?

What secrets

Does the darkness hold?

How can it change a man

In ways untold?

Only in the night.

Can he finally say,

The words to keep

His beloved close.

Making her weep.

Because only in the night,

His thoughts become words.

And she can finally hear

What she means to him

And down falls a tear

Only in the night



Written on

July 5, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dot really know why I wrote this one or what it was for.

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Poems 2009


Ever lasting nightmares
Sleepless nights
Lord take me away from this horror
I beg of you O lord, please
I beg of you...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It was after have a horrible nightmare that I wrote this. I would like not to go into it. But anyhow, this was what come out of that horrid dream.

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Twisting, turning, learning
Why the night's for sleeping,
Seconds creeping through my head,
I'm filled with dread-
What if I never sleep again?

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No Time For Goodbyes


It creeps in the shadows of the night,
Looking for any food in sight,

You'll never hear it coming behind you,
'Cause it's smooth, sly, fast, and it'll blind you,

You might just wanna stay in your bed,
With your covers way over your head,

For it may see the fear in your eyes,
Then there'll be no time for goodbyes.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 10/14/10.

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by Jeph Johnson


As the sun sets they all debut
   And play a game that's a prelude;
Called waiting for the morning dew.
   They start out as a scattered few
And then align to make a new
   Luminescent magnitude.
Brightly they all rendezvous
   As the sky turns to black from blue
And so appears a harvest moon
   That sets the tides, not just the mood
And who's light beams down into our room.  
   God's hand is set to introduce
To us a glimpse into nature's clues
   Through daylight's lasting residue
And sultry fragrance of perfume
   And other secrets no one knew
Even ones thought of as taboo
   Now it seems we've no excuse
So I must give my gratitude
   And stop awhile and be with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

circa 2000 

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