an intimate distance

stripping myself naked
to feel the raw, frigid air,
and touch the bitter emptiness
that trolls your heart in the darkness of despair,
your lonesome woods,
the sound of silence vexed only by
the dried leaves that crush beneath
the small of my spine, and the howling wind,
though my eyes are closed,
as i feel the heat purged from my body
as it forms the warmth of my breath,

i can see it's vapor as it drifts
into the starlit skies and eases itself
into the night air,

it reassures and validates my cognizance

that it is indeed the only thing that is mine
in this treachery that consumes us both,

as my body lies in the darkness,
shivering from the frost,
i lie fearless among the cackling racket  
and ghoulish creatures of the forest,
and before long the snow begins to fall
upon me and the winds die down,
snowflakes melting on warm flesh
that blankets a smooth and shivering musculature
upon a statuesque frame,
creating a distinct and coherent harmonic logic

with each drop of water that forms,
resounding with the vibrations
of multiple interweaving melodic lines,
and its captivating enchantment awakens me
to the new day as i open my eyes to feel you,

next to me,
the sweetness of your breath upon my neck,
an intimate distance holds us together.



2:46 AM 5/3/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I think I'm finally done editing

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Berlin, you sing with chords of afflicting silence, 

Your soundless voice an ominous whisper among your darkened alleys.

Fragile moon, watch from above with a shepherd's eye as I wander;

Give the mountains the shades of nightfall; walk as my cryptic shadow.


Berlin, drape the velvet skyline on thy shoulders,

Hide us from this arctic wind that cuts with a thousand razors.

Quiet ambience, cradle the valleys, the ancient Juniper, the stars of space,

Guide me as thy maverick, take me far away.


Berlin, as my footsteps become distant echoes on your boundaries,

I can hear your whisper, your voice of sweet summer rain.

Venerable mountains, as I become lost between your aphotic stones,

May thou watch over Berlin as she dreams in a perfect silence.

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The streets are silent as I walk

Listening to the midnight talk

My sneakers fall on broken glass

Scattered shards, just like my past



In the houses I pass, they sleep unknowing

Above the trees the light is growing

In the sky there is no moon

It will be daylight pretty soon


Only darkness feels my pain

In the sun I can’t remain

No, in the daylight I can’t stay

Because I am

The Runaway

"Sleeping Machines"

The harbor gave a dim illumination,
Lampposts vaguely penetrating the dark water.
As waves like shades of wine drowned the jagged shore of stone,
I watched a fibrous complexion of steel shimmer from the water's edge.

Ships sleep, rocking gently on a resting sea,
Machines of quiet obedience.
The moon, outlining the clouds above with an electric hue,
Watched over the winds as they circulated the vacant wharf like ghosts.

The smell of an approaching storm;
The sharp, distinctive fragrance of ozone as it sailed the satin brine.
The sound of distortion upon the ocean's surface;
Precipitation submerged beneath its aquatic magnetism.

I closed my eyes as raindrops kissed my moonlit skin,
Tracing the alloyed carbon framework of cargo ships and yachts.
Falling down my cheekbones like an aggregation of tears,
The harbor became lost in a nostalgic cloudburst.

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She wore a cloak of ambient moonlight,
The walls of mahogany sleepless in the quantum radiation.
Her breath reeking of gin, her hair of velvet a beautiful mess,
She wandered as a shadow, the marble stone floors cold as the winter snow.

She breathed lightly, listening to the breeze dance along the outer bricks.
She wandered room by room, listening, waiting.
She could almost feel the night air kiss her neck,
The way it twisted, scattered, smelled of the winter pine.

She danced, floated to invisible snare drums,
Hummed to the inaudible cello.
A sainted animation of the lustrous night,
She drifted along the quiet marble.

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Lost Moonlit Night


What a moonlit night

The streets are very bright

Pretend I'm alright

I'm about to fake smiles


Eating my dinner

Stopping all my tears

I open my laptop

To watch your name pop up


Force myself to the dark room

Struggling to fight the doom

I can't answer their questions

I have no explanations


No songs can explain what I'm feeling

No rhymes can tell them why I'm hiding

Someone told me I'm just desperate

No one asked why I'm being frantic


I guess it's how the world works

Closing behind me are doors

Doors to happiness

Locked out from fullness


I need space and time

Not just laughs and wine

Have to get it for myself

Before I lose my whole self


What a wonderful night

I lost its shine with my vibe

I'm sorry for myself

And the way that I dealt


More Than Just Me

Its just so hard to be an angel for everyone

When the devil is inside

It's hard to be a light to follow

When you just want to hide

It's just so hard to be strong for others

When you are living a lie

It's just so hard being me

Believe me now, I've tried


But yet I grow stronger everyday

I've become better along the way

And although not everything is OK

Every night becomes a new day

I have learned to weather the storm

And to enjoy every new morn

To smile wide as new plans form

And its these thoughts that keep me warm


I'm not perfect, as you can see

But it's what I am striving to be

I will teach others the key

And it'll will be more, than just me

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Do You Fear The Night?

Nature / Folder 1

And why? That is what I would ask.

The night, with its chirping crickets,

That echo in the moonlight,

The night, with the stillness of the stars that suck you into their rapture,

They whisper sweet secrets of the universe,
Secrets that you hear, but are forbidden to listen to....

The night that swallows your pride whole,
And with one shivering blustery warm breeze,
Melts away your arrogance,
As you sink deep into the smallness of your place,

Your space,
that cradles your earthly form...


Do you fear the night?



Copyright 2012 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the warmth and peacefulness of the night.

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"Dancing Shadows"

Shadows dance on granite walls,

Alloy steel, and painted halls.

I stand alone, a world away,

Ocean waves crashing, silent display.


Lanterns dim, October’s night,

Autumn winds, cold and white.

I look above, a starless sky,

A horizon left dormant, vacant, nigh.


A cobbled road, weary feet,

The rain drops fall, static, repeat.

I watch the dawn as lanterns fade,

Tracing the sky, I’m no longer afraid.

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