The Night

I run through the dark,

I creep through the shadows.
I hide from the light and all that follows.
I embrace the night because it keeps me hidden;
hides my scars and covers my lies.
It's the night that keeps a passion inside, it ignites the fire in my eyes.
The dark and I so alike,
so mysterious we're both so alive.
The creatures hidden in the night show me what is actually right.
Those shadowy figures that you see but try not to believe are there;
they play with your mind trying to unwind the lies that reality placed there.
To try and believe what you rarely see is something that most of us fear. 
Embrace the shadows, love the night,
dont give into fright because living in the dark is a completely different life. 
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Deceitful Rain

How deceitful is rain? 

like on a hot summers evening

when the drizzle looks ice cold

but upon walking outside 

you find it hotter than the air. 

Or when the droplets look like satin 

falling gently to the earth

but when they touch your skin

it feels like you'll be left with bruises. 

My favorite is when a storm rocks you to sleep

then jolts you awake with a crash of thunder! 

Rain tempts my deceitfulness as well

because even though a nighttime storm is my favorite lullaby, 

I pretened it scares me to death so that I can cuddle up in your arms

and curl against your warm body, that protects me from my "fears." 


Maybe that's all the rain really wants, 

to be cuddled up and protected…


but then again, how can you trust rain? 

Love Note

paper plates fill the trashcan

and an orangie glow lights up the fire pit

in the distance i hear the faint sounds

of neighbors saying their goodbyes 

and car doors slamming.


one last dried up hamburger sits upon the grill

and as i wash the mustard stained spot from the table

i notice the note you left underneath the candle

my heart skips a beat as i freeze and wonder

should i just throw it in the trash?


after the coals grow cold and a cup of coffee

i reach for the blue paper that is

carefully inscripted with a heart next to my name

reminding me of another note you left me years ago

about your plans to leave for Japan


my heart racing i held it for a moment in utter panic

but pleasantly surprised to read the words

nothing wordy or sappy,

just an i love you, 

which made me very happy!




11:28 PM 7/3/2013 ©



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A Poet's Wish

mystical magical words

of love,

bring me the child in all.


mystical magical child within,

remind me, 

unblind me

to my essence



mystical magical 

moonlit night,

let blankets of 


restore my sight.


mystics in poetry,

angels of rhyme,

shower me,

empower me,

twirl love 

to infinity,

your gentleness is

grace so sublime!



Inspired by Allets 






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Summer Nightlight

Just be awesome,

It's so easy,

Fall into the bliss,

Of breeeeeezzzy!! 


I love the wind I love the wind!

And tonight I have the wind and the moon,

I'm going to light a fire,

And swooooon,

Come on night, you can't come to me too soon!


4:51 PM 6/23/2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Finally a night OFF!!!! Yes!

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The Sky

I'll pretend just for tonight

That instead of my bed, I lay on the

Fresh, green grass

That instead of the ceiling,

I can see the most beautiful white dots

Adorning the sky


I can see each one of the stunning

Diamonds sparkling around the lonesome moon.

The solitary moon the serves to

People who want to love.


I extend my hands and I can touch

Every star with just my thumb

I can pretend all night

I can be happy with my sky

I can talk to my moon

Because she understands uniqueness

I can relate to my stars

Because they are the most beautiful creations

From God

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Angels Keep Falling On My Head

The wind blew furiously that night

As though it knew what was coming

As though it were trying to escape.

They were all casted out

From their heavenly home

The angels began to descend

Flying down simultaneously

And their enormous feathery wings

Embodied in merciless flames

Burned off of them.

All over the world

Every single one of them collapsed

Now defeated and torn

They have taken over the planet


They've become powerless humans

And they must learn to survive

Amongst everyone else

With the diseases, pain

And disaster

Until the day they fix it all

Or die trying

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I'll Help You Sleep Better.

Nights spent standing over you.

I caressed your cheek after every tremble.

Though your eyes were closed,

I can tell you were frightened.

You stare your restless eyes upon me when I'm here.

When I am away, you sleep like a baby.


I come home in the midst of the night,

To find you clutching the sheets

And squinting your eyes.

Wrestling the adversity in your sleep.

You suffer, my love.

I pressed the knife into your heart.

Your suffers shall subside. 

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Night Hunters

On a stony cold night,

The sun long since set,

Pitch-black skies calcify.


All natural light surrendered,

To a cloak of enigmatic cloud,

Guarding the silver white moon.


Hark, a startling hoot is heard,

Above, the beat of a feathered wing.

As the night hunters prowl,

Shrouded by the opaque night,


An unforeseen breeze bows in,

Forcing the clouds to advance,

Sanctioning the moons splendour.


Obscurities shrouded in mystery,

Silhouetted branches arise.

Like skeletal elongated limbs,

Reaching to claw at the sky.


Now the night hunters hasten to hide,

Depths of the shadows a safe lair,

While the moon beams are pure. 

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