A Gentle Stirring*

In words it can be a rough start

We are all different 

Time can get impatient 

There is a gentle stirring* 

That comes in our heart 

But you feel the honey bee sting

When we fall apart start jogging


A gentle stirring-yearning-burning 

World around us is always turning 

Body and soul loving/missing/gathering

Observing/sitting with a cup of coffee 

 Why do some people get

what they want and others fail to see the

Godly- light what are we truly lacking

Clean slate stacking- we need

Power talking conquering to see

The world but wondering what will be?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Greetings! life has its ups and downs but we seem to manage. I feel we are deserving people that want to see the good in us and others but sometinmes the world can be unfair keep positive stay strong there are always lessons to be learned Conquer the world 

Sitting Hearts

My Everything

We sat like strangers

The largest valley

Between two mountains

A slow deep breath

A back yard alley

A passage of soft hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


So with the silence; bound

There are countless

Verses unspoken

A slow deep look

A burning mess

A road of genuine hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men


We sat like strangers

The largest illusion

Among the world

A soundless adoration

A grand prelusion

A path of rebel hearts


Like a flower, bloom

A twisting refining notion

That the foliage within

Never dwindles among men





Many Burning Candles

Positive Thought

Many Burning Candles 

user img

Many burning candles

side by side

become soon

one flame

-saiom shriver-




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"The Demons of Man"

I fabricate skyscrapers, piercing the heavens with chrome blades.

I see a world of fire: combusting, incinerating, devouring.


The valleys burn red with blood stained spades,

The universe watching discreetly, towering.



The demons of man ignite the skylines as day bleeds to night,

The structures emitting a silent roar as the stars lay breathless.


The avenues inhale kerosene, reflecting red light,

The cities burn to ash, dying, defenseless.



As the aggregation of starlight coats our landscape with a luminous glare,

The ruins of a million memories electrify the skies.


The fires burn out as the moon is relieved of its empowering stare,

The once amplified street pinned under its arbitrary demise.



Once upon a time, when man walked with man,

I stared in the eyes of a world worth living.


I watched as it twisted, tore, became a cancerous scan;

Mankind destroying itself, relentless, unforgiving.



As I walk under a sun that illuminates a planet encased in sorrow,

Tears fall parallel to light rays.

As clouds float in a boundless ocean, awaiting tomorrow,

I continue roaming, a stranger, in a world astray.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Let me know what you think.


Perfection doesn't always last.
We may wish it did,
but that's not how life works.
It's like a wick burning outside.
So luminescent,
so pure.
As life goes on,
the winds pick up,
unexpected changes occur.
Might go out,
might not.
Just Depends how strong it is.