There Is A Girl

There is a girl with cuts on her wrist,
with dying at the top of her list.
She closes her eyes and counts to ten,
she's ready to try this all again.
She grips the blade a little tighter,
tried so hard to be a fighter.
The world she knows starts to fade away,
she's happy she doesn't have to stay.
Slowly everything fades to black,
a smile on her face because she knows she's not coming back.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comment with any constructive criticism or ideas for other poems :)
This poem is dedicated to my best friend/sister who tried to kill herself twice yet is still here. Love you forever and after! <3

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You (words to my old self)

Everyday I look in the mirror and see you
staring back at me
making fun of me
trying to force on me
this hatred that lies within.
An anger unmatched by any other,
and controlled by my sin.
It burns inside of me,
but this day you see
I realize that you're only there to smother.
On this day of me...
I claim VICTORY!!!

I claim victory over you and everything that you are!
Victory over the scars that you've forced on my heart!
Victory over my self of old,
and victory over the evil that lies to my soul!

Looking straight at me
Eyes piercing through me
I can't win against thee,
but my Saviour will, you'll see!
Upon Him lays the burden of my sin,
and on this day I call on Him again
for He is the way, the truth, and the light.
I no longer fear the darkness of night.
So you should turn away
because there is no way
that I won't be VICTORIOUS tonight!!!

I claim victory over you and everything that you are!
Victory over the scars that you've forced on my heart!
Victory over my self of old,
and victory over the evil that lies to my soul!

You can't stop me!
You can't even see me,
so step back away from me
before I step up and show you how to see!
I carry the light with me all the time
because it shows me the way,
and the truth is when I fall, Christ will carry me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

....spiritual battles are hard to fight, but hard to fight does NOT translate to impossible to win. I am winning today!

Rage in a Cage

Why won't people just leave me alone,
Who would of guessed, who would of known,
The terrible things that they did to me,
Are in the distant past now, and history,
The battlescars I got, while they dragged me through hell,
I carry them proudly, they have a story to tell,
They created a Monster, Hungry for Power,
Needing to Destroy people, to make them Cower,
Why do I have to lash out, try to make them see sense,
Rather than just forgive, my ignorant and lousy parents,
I tried forgiveness, and to just move on,
But I feel a need for revenge, the need is so strong,
Now that I'm older,and have kids of my own,
It has raised questions, that need to be known,
Like why didn't they love me, like I love my Girls,
They are my heart, my everything, the rarest 3 pearls,
The things that are most precious and sacred to me,
I need not for affection from strangers, to flash my Money,
To try and pretend to be something I'm not,
I don't know if they even realise what they have lost,
My respect, and the love from my little tribe,
It feels good to move on, but still, something has died,
For years I reached out, tried to forget what I've had robbed,
Over all of these years, how many tears I have sobbed,
No more, I've had it, I'm moving on without you,
I won't sit here stagnant, miserable, feeling blue,
My waters are flowing, the sky is slowly clearing,
To not have your Dead weight, is such a good feeling,
I can't control this monster anymore, and I don't want to,
You have to let me go, release me from this Zoo,
I've been in the shadows long enough, it's time to take the stage,
I need to unleash this beast, I can longer put my rage in a cage.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written, 27/8/12

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My fight for light

Inside there is a fire burning so bright,
I want to let people inside, to see the light,
But their deciet and their lies brings out my Dark side,
And just makes me want to run and hide,
Because of all of the rage and pain that I feel,
The past comes back to haunt me, and it seems too real,
It doesn't matter what the ignorant people say,
My past has made me the Man I am today,
I'll pick myself back up and carry on,
Because all of this pain and hurt has just made me strong,
All my life I've been living like a wolf among sheep,
Why didn't my father tell me the slope of life was so steep,
I have walked this path by myself it has felt for so long,
And now, having this love from my Girls, I feel like King Kong,
On top of the World, fighting off evil up in the skies,
Just trying to protect my Love and my Heart, from the pain and their lies,
And show them that World can be a beautiful place,
When you can look through all the people that have two faces,
There is good in this World underneath all the filth,
Finding the right path through this is the true test to ones self,
Now that I'm grown and the more that I see,
That people seem quite happy to live in their misery,
And to live in glass houses and always throw stones,
Only in time maybe, they'll realise that they have no thrones.
So to the point and I guess what I am trying to say,
Is that in Death who knows the true price that we will pay,
For all the wrong doings, for all our evil thoughts,
How will we be Judged when we face the next Worlds courts,
I can just try to do the best job that I can,
At trying to grow, to learn how to become a better man,
And to show my beautiful Girls,my Love, my Family,
That our Light, our Love, will shine on, through life's wonderful mystery.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written by,
25th August 2012.
My first attempt at poetry, I'm using it as therapy.

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You'd better return those pets

You've been in my neighborhood today, that's where I've seen you lurch.
You've been taking people's cats and dogs to sell them for research.
You'd better put my cat down and I mean now!
What you're doing is something I won't allow.
You'd better return those pets or it will something you'll regret.
I'll make you pay for taking my neighbors' pets.
I'm going to call the Humane Society on you.
You think I'm bluffing but what I say is true.
You planned to sell these pets to make a fast buck.
You disgust me and you've just ran out of luck.
It won't bother me one bit to send your sorry ass to jail.
You thought you'd get away with it but you've been nailed.
You're making me angry and we're about to have a row.
You'd better return those pets and I mean right now!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Even though this poem is fictional, many animals need protection from research.

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I Am Your Razor

Emotional Poems

You bolt into the bathroom
To slash your wrist
You search for me
I can't be missed

Tears fall
You stand
I brush your skin
I take you to a land so fine, yet dangerous

Silver blade that twinkles so bright
Scarlet blood that feels so right

I will save you
I will destroy you
I will love killing you
I will give you life

But it is all up to you
To throw me one the ground
And walk away

There clearly is a better way

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't quite finished yet, it still needs to be edited

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Work, work, work

You were charging right
Like a bulldog in a fight

You don’t care whom do you hurt
Because you think it is your right

You threw words in the air
As if you don’t care

You don’t want to be asked
Because you feel you were charged

You are like a madman
In the throng of madness

You ask for respect
But did you have one?

You claim for more
When you have none

How I wish to see your face
When you say your peace

I hope it came from the heart
Without the pretense of kindness

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Anger in my soul

Some men killed my brother so I killed them.
I realize that one day I'll pay for my sins.
I hunted those men down and killed them one by one.
They didn't have a chance and killing them was fun.
My judgement may have been clouded because of the anger in my soul.
The hatred inside me took over and it took its toll.
I loved my brother and he was violently taken away.
I decided to make certain that those men would pay.
The grief and hatred that I felt made me become unhinged.
I will probably go to hell but at least my brother is avenged.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is based on a true story that took place during the early 20th century.

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Hatred Boiling the Blood in My Veins

Every bullshit are like fires,
They hit me like a flamethrower.
Hatred grows like bubbles in a bath,
They grow bigger and bigger until they pop.

But, the fires burns on my skin so much.
My blood boils hotter until bloody bubbles are what's left of me.
All my anger and hatred filled up,
My veins are about to break and spill the blood everywhere.

It hurts so damn much...
I don't want to end up looking like Carrie
A filthy, bloodied woman just filled with hatred.
But, the pain just won't end from the fires...