A Ripple In Time

The Prompt Pit

Glass underneath her feet doesn't hurt

She's numb
She's a diamond dripping with blood
Pictures are discarded, cracked and she treads on them all.
His babies, his wedding, his memories with friends,
They pop and splinter and she absorbs the pain,
howls with sore laughter
Round and round the cold room,
His eyes are dead, but still he watches her kill his ghost.
With each step, her own mind grins.
Each crack of glass and she's young.
Each advance and she's laughing.
A garden, a holiday, a party
A slap, a scream, and long night.
She shrieks something wild and rips her untamed hair,
She was on fire, her skin peeling black
now she's extinguished in even blacker icy depths.
This ripple in time is curious,
but lasts no more than a minute.
Pretty little girl, now a vicious little lady,
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Pain and Heartache

I hate the sound of your voice

I hate the sight of tears,

I've never hated so much of nothing,

Throughtout my teenage years.

I cannot stand the sight of blood,

It makes me want to cringe,

I cannot stand my body,

Nor my food eating binge.

I hate when I fall in love,

All it brings is pain.

I hate thoughts of you that plague me,

My tears that fall like rain.

WHy can't you simply disappear,

and take your memories,

I promise i will not miss you,

Though you make temperature drop 50 degrees.

Please just go away,

Leave me ALONE!.

I do not want to marry you,

Or live in your broken home.

You smash my heart to pieces,

with that smile on your face,

But even if its facing someone else...

My heart can't help but race...

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"The Demons of Man"

I fabricate skyscrapers, piercing the heavens with chrome blades.

I see a world of fire: combusting, incinerating, devouring.


The valleys burn red with blood stained spades,

The universe watching discreetly, towering.



The demons of man ignite the skylines as day bleeds to night,

The structures emitting a silent roar as the stars lay breathless.


The avenues inhale kerosene, reflecting red light,

The cities burn to ash, dying, defenseless.



As the aggregation of starlight coats our landscape with a luminous glare,

The ruins of a million memories electrify the skies.


The fires burn out as the moon is relieved of its empowering stare,

The once amplified street pinned under its arbitrary demise.



Once upon a time, when man walked with man,

I stared in the eyes of a world worth living.


I watched as it twisted, tore, became a cancerous scan;

Mankind destroying itself, relentless, unforgiving.



As I walk under a sun that illuminates a planet encased in sorrow,

Tears fall parallel to light rays.

As clouds float in a boundless ocean, awaiting tomorrow,

I continue roaming, a stranger, in a world astray.

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Let me know what you think.

A Glimmer Of Hope

Sometimes horror befalls our lives. It happens to me, it happens to you, it happens to us all. When it happens to those we love and care about, it can feel like a sword in our heart, maybe even felt to the extreme that we think they are injured even more than us, when in actuality, we have allowed their experience to touch us in a way that produces a far more injurious violation to ourselves than it ever did to them, and yet we are blind to this phenomena due to the overwhelming emotion it produces within us. It is as if the waves of compassion can sometimes submerge our very being into the waters of every possible emotion with an upsurge of ripping signals to try and tame the source of our turbulence. We perceive that source as something that we must conquer under the guise of 'what is just', which is something one can only create for oneself.  When we are blind to what justice really is, we add a lot of ingredients that change the recipe of empathy completely. Before we know it, our anger is in charge of steering the boat, and we can no longer even feel the pull of the tides calling us to listen to the sound of our heart long enough to understand that the whirlwind of emotions within us that caused the actual signals to tame the beast we seek, is really the beast of our own fury. Plato once said, "Until philosophers rule as kings or those who are now called kings and leading men genuinely and adequately philosophise, that is, until political power and philosophy entirely coincide, while the many natures who at present pursue either one exclusively are forcibly prevented from doing so, cities will have no rest from evils,... nor, I think, will the human race." (Republic 473c-d)". He also said, "“Justice will be achieved only when those who are not injured feel as indignant as those who are.” --Plato, Circa 400 BC-



I read those statements to mean that balance is needed in society. But as Gandhi leaves us pearls of wisdom that beseech us to find the peace within, and the Buddha's call summons us to light our own candle within, we are incessantly drawn toward the outer world in attempts to get the answers we can only find within us. We honor the teachings of Martin Luther King Jr. and John Kennedy for their strong stands they took when it came to social injustice, and still, we so many times reject our own needs to calm the waters of discontent within our own soul's yearning for harmony among men. We listen more to the ripping signals of despair, anger, and greed, more than we listen to the whimpering sounds of our own longing to be whole, safe, forgiving, and at one with the Earth and each other.  Where will the balance that Plato describes begin? The scales of justice must begin somewhere, and I strongly believe that somewhere is only found within ourselves. When a loved one is taken from this world and torn from our earthly gaze, they leave behind a whisper that can only be heard when we meet them at that place where we meet on the inside.



When we can maintain the inside of ourselves and be at peace, we can then move on and go out into the world and conquer it with love. We may never get to see 'an eye for an eye' the way we once perceived it to be, but that has always been something different anyway. I am most certain that is called revenge.


© 2013






Author's Notes/Comments: 

About Justice, and how we have we failed as a species to understand that it is not the same thing as revenge.



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Prism of maimed love

i'll walk alone.. with your precense carved into my heart...

not even stones could break down what i've built up. not any hatred... no fear.

it's going to stay right here..

as long as it remains untouched.. if I can manage to let it be..

then i'll always have you with me.


as much as I may look up to the stars & cry..

as much as I ask the sun why...

how often I wish the clouds away.. 

is as much as I feel you every day.. 


maybe there is a sharp fence around your heart...

is there cotton in your ears..? is your vision pitch black..?

have you gone blind? is your mind in tact..?

do you think you're just fine..?


silly me.. still wondering, though we've left it all behind..


all I really want is to die in the grace of someone I love..

gazing into their eyes.. arms held tight..

my spirit could finally take flight. 


i'm so fucking sick of this misery..

i'm tired of not having any energy..

i'm done with the pressure on the sides of my head..

i'm finished with the aches in my back.. 

i'll drown out all the nausea..

I will forget about the broken glass..

the shattered past.. 


if we didn't know such a thing as sadness existed, would we still feel it..?

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Yig - The Deadly Snake


Yig went out of my head,

Wasn't I so sad?

In me male and female snake,

O Yig, please don't be awake.


Fastly in the taxi they put me

O let dead not have me!

But dead again I went,

This is what Nyarlathotep meant.


O in anger and wrath I don't want to be,

A female snake in each human you see.

So Tawil took them all out,

And dropped to the floor humans about.


Zombies were left on the Earth

Everything dead, everything burned.

Ghosts, robotic humans by aliens controlled,

This story was never before told...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision about the Serpent-God Yig.

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Failure in a glass

sad but true, shame on you... all has come unglued..

i'm swimming through this ocean, tide pulling me over & under, just to try & make it back, without blunder..

I'd rather dig a thousand pins into my skin, or burn a billion holes onto my back, then hurt you unintentionally..

can't you see, I'd much rather strike myself...

I don't want anyone to be an object of my pain..

so please refrain from stepping any further.. 

you don't know what goes on in my brain...

these chemicals are mine to control.

so stand back while I get a-hold..


ashes to ashes... everything collapses.. piece by piece, coming apart.

nothing ever felt right, from the very fucking start..

sometimes I cannot convey the thoughts in which my mind is stirring up,

or the feelings that cause my heart to silently bleed..

if only I had those wings, I would of flown away long ago..

& saved you from the inevitable hurt..


not being here.

sometimes I wonder if that's the only real dream in which i've truly conceived through out this life time..

nothing special, but it sure seems realistic..

she screamed at me, "it's all just a fantasy!" .. inside I went ballistic..

twisting & turning, face to the floor, squirming..

staring down at the shriveled remains of sanity... 


your eyes expell such melancholy.. do you see the same in me..?

am I just a tree for you to chop down..?

to carve your name in..?

to climb..? to rest up against..?

no longer will I walk along such a thin frail line..

no longer will I stand out of the shadows to be seen...

for these shadows are all that will vaguely cover me..

offering faint protection.. 


sometimes you can't avoid the rejections, the experiences, or the lessons..

when you drink that water, check the bottom to make sure it's clean..

though it may appear transparent & clear..

you could end up swallowing a ton of nails...

choking on how much you've failed..

shame on me, too.

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Yig, The Deadly Snake




Yig went out of my head,

Wasn't I so sad?

In me male and female snake,

O Yig, please don't be awake.


Fastly in the taxi they put me

O let dead not have me!

But dead again I went,

This is what Nyarlathotep meant.


O in anger and wrath I don't want to be,

A female snake in each human you see.

So Tawil took them all out,

And dropped to the floor humans about.


Zombies were left on the Earth

Everything dead, everything burned.

Ghosts, robotic humans by aliens controlled,

This story was never before told...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision I had.

Road Rage


He gets in the car, with a snarl and a sneer.

Turning the engine, he squints and he peers.

He's in the right, as he rolls down the glass.

You just remember, cause he's not the ass.


He's had a bad day,

No surprise there.

He's on the war path,

Not that anyone cares.


I'm enjoying my ride, The sun on my face,

When you cut me off, and jump to a race.

You rant and you rave, your hand as you wave,

Your little birdie finger,  so well used & behaved.


But light is within me,

Light you can't trace,

And this immeasurable power,

Keeps the smile on my face.


You're angry now,

Cause I didn't react.

It's hard to play a game,

When the unexpected,

blows you off track.


You stick out your arm,

You flip me the bird.

I smile and I laugh,

I think that you heard.

And when I rolled down my window,

I told you to smile.

Told you to breathe,

take a break for a while.


Your anger's confusion,

When I didn't enter the stage,

Is one I'll remember, Forever an, age.

A final look in the mirror,

my face full of bliss,

He growls his annoyance

and i blow him a kiss.


His anger deflated,

he seems most ashamed,

As he turns the car round,

He knows he's to blame.

But I don't hold it against you,

You were caught in your pain,

Twisted and knotted,

It's a compulsive game.


You tried to lash out,

Not your proudest hour,

Next time try love,

and gain back your power.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last week, after the above described incident :) It was the first time being in such a situation, that I found myself completely... unperturbed, by this mans anger. Instead, i yelled out the window that I loved him!! lol. Anyways, i don't think it's very good, just something i had to get out, thought I'd post it just for fun :) PeeCe & LuV

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