Love Is Different For Each Person





Love is a delusion,

And yet it is everything we see,

This delusion lives in you, 

And it also lives in me,

For no one has proven 

That it even exists,

This makes people angry sometimes,

And can cause to make them really pissed,

But 'delusion' is just a word,

To explain a point in time,

A marker, a place in space,

Like an unspoken word of the poet's rhyme,

Above is below us,

And this has been found to be proven,

So there is no sense in getting angry over it,

To be angry over it isn't even behooven,

It is wasted energy to be angry about nothing,

Especially a delusion, that has never been proven!!




Live your life trying to be love.

Be the change you want to see in your life,

and the world around you.

You will find it becomes contagious. 





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is about words and how they affect people when they are read without the heart present.

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My Apology





I apologize for my lack of tact,


And I know this resolve not easy, in it's fact,


You, so cute, in your anger of this,


So innocent and sweet, in your pain, so amiss,


But truth is, whether it was a stick or a baseball bat,


Makes not a difference, from where you sat,


Pain inflicted, is still pain, in-deed,


The best part, is that you recognize this seed,


Oh, my little darling...cry hard, and cry deep,


It is not in vain your tears, they weep,


You've opened doors, and possibilities galore,


You are now free!!


Now live some more!





5:25 PM 7/8/2013 ©



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Death and Life

In death I trust, in life I lust,


Sweet sorrow shall hold us close,

To bitter joy we are betroth.

Thy name, thy name I call again.

As thoughtless crows peck thy brain.


Deaf eyes, blind ears, fail to heed,

No words of hope or joy take seed,

On dusty grounds choked by weed and vine,

Fight shall I through gnarled root and thorny twine.


To reach the hidden light inside, 

Where devils danced and angels cried.

To cast out shadows, that do dwell,

 Personal demons thy must quell.


For future frollicks and joyous jaunts,

Shall be no more, if forevermore marred by haunts.

On feet and elbows I shall crawl,

Pointless endeavours won't break the thrall. 


So anger swells this useless mind,

Feeble attempts to pass the time.

Will does falter, drowned by thy dry seas,

To rise again or stay bent and beat on raw knees?


What end you ask for she and I?

I will try, will try,

Will try and die.


For death is my fear, she fails to hold life dear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Well I have never written a poem before except at school. Never even had an incling to write one. But last night I watched Coriolanus and although I can't say I understood a lot of what was said, Shakespeare had such a way with words that it seemed to have infected my mind. All these random phrases started going through my head and then they started rhyming and taking on a shape that made me think of a person in my life. So I thought I'd write them down and see what I thought in the morning. Sadly the most the better lines were gone from my mind before I could write them down but this is my attempt at putting my thoughts and feelings about a certain someone into a poem. 

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These sheets of paper

Filled with a thousand

Unsaid words

Landed on the wrong hands

And now they shall be burned

Not the best idea maybe

But crazier things have been done

The papers will become

Nothing but ashes

And my words

Shall never be read


Now my world of peace

Has been intoxicated

WIth a cloud of smoke

It fills up my lungs

Clogs my airways

But there's nothing to do

I've already done it

Just destroy the evidence

And make sure nothing

Ever becomes known

If and When

The Drabble Ditch

If and When


There's a sea, a city, then her,

All waiting for home and a happy place,

Each caved by impatience, importance and imperfection

That they're sick of waiting, and yet

There's hope there, I hope.

Although there's fear there, I fear.

A fear that hope is too far away

And a hope that fear will be far enough away,

Fear is bitter fruit, so let's not.

Hope is a well-thumbed book and we can,

It's a plan, or a laugh or a song, or a day

Without eyes, just words and a laugh.

You're waiting for a day to say "I deserve it"

But it isn't the bones and the pain and the hate that you need,


It's a boat across the sea to the city. 

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everything.... Everything..... EVERYTHING!!!

Pain and Heartache

They're going to take it all away!

everything... everything... EVERYTHING!

We tried so hard to pay to keep u---

(Trying doesn't matter I need money)

Give us an extension Mister!! Please we beg yo---

(No more extensions pay now)

Don't take our stuff away we nee-
(I run a business not a charity)

I know you run a business but please have merc---

(Are you serious? Do you have the money or not?)

No, we don't have the money but we ca---

(You can what? You're homeless what can you possibly do?)

We'll figure out something just give us some ti---

(I don't have TIME! Get out if you don't have it!)

Please sir EVERYTHING we own is there don't do thi---

(Whatever is in there is mine now. Have the money by tomorrow or else)

But pay day isn't until Frid---

(I don't care!!! If you want your stuff I want my money!)

Okay! Okay! We'll try because if we lose this we'll have

nothing..... Nothing..... NOTHING!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a train of thought poem so it may seem a little disjointed and choppy at parts

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Perfect Sense

I think hate comes from ignorance,
They say ignorance is bliss,
But I think ignorance comes from a lack of joy,
And anger turned inwards onto the self.
Joy comes from connection to the Divine spark
In all living things, so it would make perfect
Sense that there is so much depression,
Anger and ignorance in the world,
Because it is clear we have somehow
Lost respect for all living things as a species.

Sorrow can come from a lot of different
Conscious and subconscious places, I think,
But if we are neglecting our source of joy,
Then it would make perfect sense that
We would feel a deep sorrow as we watch
The world as it falls apart, and know,
Deep within us, why it is happening,
Even if we wear a mask to hide it.
When i say 'joy' I do not mean simply
A smile or a fleeting thrill from a gift given,
When I say 'joy' I mean a lasting flame of inner peace
And contentment that carries us past any
And all upsets and conflicts we run into.

I do not know of any children who are taught
These things. Are they important to anyone anymore
In our busy lives where there is so much
That is more important than ridding the earth of hate?
I am only one person, but I just do not agree that
Ignorance is bliss. Years ago I may have said yes,
Because years ago I did not know what bliss was,
But now being familiar with bliss, having experienced
Deep depression, having learned the ways I have fallen
Into ignorance and anger turned outward ,
I am more sure than ever about these things
As far as myself goes, anyway.

Saying 'ignorance is bliss' may just be someone's way
Of saying 'I'm too depressed and angry to care',

And, 'I don't want to admit it because it's just easier

To be in denial about the whole big mess'.

Sound right to you?


Have a great day.


8:41 AM 5/10/2013

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The Dark Side of The Sun

The Drabble Ditch

I've never been able to pin-point when

soldiers are done and become free men.

There's blood in your eyes and smoke in your heart

and a thought in your mind, that hatred's an art.

As the world goes on by in a tickety boo,

your soul clouds your sight to a cynicle view.

But there's one little secret you already know:

The helpless and heartless put on a good show. 

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Powerless Pawn

Love Hurts

I am a powerless pawn

In a dangerous game

I am only a victim,

With no reason or name

I am his captive

He holds my fate

My future looks bleak

As he closes the gate

No one can see this

No one but me

My bonds are invisible

They think I am free

But loving him

Is not a choice

It’s demand on my heart

It strangles my voice

I live in terror

I fear the worst

And although he assures me

That I’ll never be hurt

I don’t believe him

He’s said this before

Once I had faith

But I don’t anymore