Two-faced mechanic

You put new parts in my car that didn't need to be replaced.
You claim to be a reputable mechanic but you're two-faced.
Because of you, people spend more money that they work hard to earn.
We need that money for food and bills, we're getting tired of being burned.
You know what you do isn't right.
How are you able to sleep at night?
You replaced my friend's driveshaft and I know it was something that his car didn't need.
You're laughing now but after I call the Better Business Bureau, you may not continue to succeed.
Your business practices are something that people truly detest.
I won't rest until you become reputable or are put out of business.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem but it's reality for many people.

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Close your eyes
Can’t let them see
The fear that lies within
The pain that immobilizes
The anger at your loss
You’re theirs now
And you can’t give them the satisfaction
You won’t

Fight back
Don’t let them rule without a battle
Don’t allow them to take away what matters most
You’re a soldier
You’re a fighter
You are a force to be reckoned with
So show it
Be it
Do it

Steele yourself
It’ll be a long road yet
But you’ll make it
You’ll survive
We will be survivors

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another one - the sequel

he played the part so perfectly
he’d given it his all
now he could finally go back home
but in the car, his engine stalled

it was a perfect omen
to the things that would go down
what had not been planned
while the earth kept spinning ‘round

he finally made it there
happy to be at home
the clock had just struck midnight
he knew she’d be alone …

it happened then, the lights went out
in his house at the top of the hill …
he looked into the window
then he fought the urge to kill

he knew he’d never take it back
if he turned that painful page
his feelings mixed, he tried to
but he couldn’t stop his rage

as he charged into his house
on a rampage, down the hall
running now from room to room
staring at blank walls

what had he seen, she was not there
he couldn’t find her anywhere
the screams that filled the empty air
bounced off the t.v. screen …

… it was only in a dream.

06-16-12 dhf.

© Debbie Finlay

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Goodbye dad

Anger is what I have for you my dad
Your anger you put on me I had
Anger is what you tricked me with
It’s all my fault you said, what a myth
Anger haunts my spirit of ghost past
Shadows of black they taunt so vast
Day light, moon night, a howling goon
No more shall you lurk your anger heirloom

I’m all grown up now, John
Your title of dad is now gone
Your wish be granted, no daughter you have
Be happy your riches
Your monies your bitches
Wealthy you are and wealthy you’re not
Wealth defined by beholder of lot
I’ll see you in heaven
Maybe... maybe heathen

John Dear John, my dad of past
Goons of new moons have no more mast
On winds that once howled
Have now died without prowl
Memories of words from your chilly winds
No longer scream for I’ve made amends
Amends with you? Oh most surely not
Amends with the past, I’m now on top
If I’m now on top, then where are you?
You're not on your pedestal. Oh boo-hoo-hoo
John, oh Dear John, where shall you be?
You’re in that there throne where I shirley pee!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am 37 year old female who had decided that my new year’s resolution for 2011 I was to face my demons of past. I decided this since my demons were surfacing and I was having anxiety attacks. It turns out that my demons are so deep routed that I'm well into my second year of working on them, successfully! I kept flashing images of Scooby-Doo’s haunted mansion when I wrote this poem and it seemed so appropriate for my feelings. This poem allowed me to laugh at John (a.k.a. dad) and I now see him as a ghost in my past! I would like to thank my Reiki practioner for being my spiritual counselor and the book "The Healing Codes" for helping me to process my emotions and this website for letting me post. I have never written a poem before and what great therapy this was!

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Moving Forward

Go ahead and give me those dirty looks

Because I see right through you

Go ahead and give me your silent treatment

Because I don’t want to hear you

Go ahead and use your twisted manipulation

Because I have grown stronger

At the end of the day I know that I have tried

I know that I was fair

I know that I was patient

I know that I was supportive

I know that I was understanding

It breaks my heart that is has to be this way

But it would hurt more if it stayed the same

Time Bomb

Why do I have to make people mad?
(Is it just, like, the way I am?)
Because whenever someone tells me something that is wrong
I explode just like a time bomb.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

So now I have stuff to post, old stuff, and it may not be a lot but it seems like a lot to me.

Anyway this poem is about how I can't seem to simply be quiet when someone is saying something I disagree with.

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I know you can feel it,
My face is blood red,
Of what's to come I'll forget who I am.
You should have never crossed the line,
Respect is golden,
But now your mine.
Your spirit will be crushed with your tattered remains,
Just remember it wasn't me but the monster you made.
A flash,
I won't even remember what happened,
The demon returns while my emotions burn.
I try my best to not let this occur,
But it happens at times you've ruined what's pure.
So a warning is necessary,
Saving you from what may come,
If being humble means nothing to you,
Then the battle has already begun.

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Anger destroys a person.

Anger doesn’t care

Anger hurts.

Anger is selfish.

Anger is pompous.

Anger kills love.

Anger is like a volcano’s wrath.

Anger is like a demon trying to get out of prison.

It’s never easy to conquer anger.

It’s never easy to make peace in the throng of anger.

Peace is the power to stay calm in times of anger.

Lucky is the man who have peace

In the midst of conflict, problems, chaos and troubles.

Lucky is the man who find peace

In this troubled world.

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Tortured Soul

A tortured soul wanders the land,
Tired of being bind by hatred,
Wishing to feel love and comfort,
Only wanting to belong to something that appreciates it.
The world can be cruel,
Filled with anarchy,
But the soul must learn to overcome the sadness,
To live in the chaos and see through the madness.
Only then will the soul see,
How truly beautiful life can be,
Seeing how purity can manifest in the darkness,
Growing stronger than the evil around it.