I am....

To his own anger, he is blind............

     and for this I am the..... 


In his own self-hate, he denies,  

    and for this I am.....

                                   ...the one he hates.

In his own unwillingness to love...

     his actions hurt and choices he disowns....

     and for this I am....

                                   ...asked to show him more love.

During difficulties, he is not accountable for his actions......

     and for this I am...

                                 ...the one to blame

In his own unwillingness to recognize the effect he has on 

    his world, he blames and plays the martyr....

    and for this I am...

                                 ...the victimizer.

He believes he is the victim...of outer circumstances

   and for this I am...

                                ...held accountable for his actions.

His hurt is bigger than mine...

   and for this I am...

                               ...the worst offender. 

While he believes he is self-protecting....he lives a life of 

    sheer resistance....leaving me nothing to work with together in

    our relationship....

    and for this I am...






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My ode entitled don't look back in anger


Don't look back in anger
Will do you no good
Mashes you up inside
friction in neighborhoods


Love, the better option
To adopt in daily life
Give love; any situation
Will minimize strife


Going with flows OK
But effort required too
Minimize any dismay
Higher vibration for you


Don't think negative too
Affects more than you think
There are a dozen you’s
Higher vibration sink


This is what they want
Those who run our world
Controlled by secret government
Most ways of being heard


Vibration much higher and
You break free of control
This system's a tin can
You're the opener you know


The future's what you want
You control your life: choose
Your power shouldn't daunt
Yours to win or loose


You throw the dice: Game
Of life you're the creator
Individual, don't be the same
Be a lover not a hater


Programmed: wake up
To the power you have
Reading this; in luck
I Magi Nation:

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I Feel ( A Song Not A Poem )

I feel the urge
to burst
into lots of flames
and my heart will crumble
and thunder would rumble ooh ooh

Verse 1:
I would always feel teardrops
landing on my bare cheeks
And I would feel sad and mad
And angry at myself ELL ELFF

I feel the urge
to burst
into lots of flames
and my heart will crumble
and thunder would rumble ooh ooh

Verse 2:
I'll wake up early in the morning
And my pillow would be soaked
My eyes will be blurry
And my nose will be red

I've had enough of everything
Of everyone
And all of the drama
Because I feel
Like I am nothing

And I get up and get knocked down

And you break and break
Me over and over
And I get back up
And you still break and break
Me over and over AGAINNN

I feel the urge
to burst
into lots of flames
and my heart will crumble
and thunder would rumble ooh ooh



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is about anger and reality. If you feel down or up, read this poem! Make sure to comment! Thanks!

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Exit Humanity


Exit Humanity.......



As the bombs start falling,

your preacher comes calling.

The whiskey bottle hits your lips,

ten minutes later your on stage counting your tips.

The assholes and whores get all the tricks.”


Looking through the empty glass,

while slumming it up in first class.

Your hypocrisy flows like wine,

as we all wait in the devil's line.

You wage war in filth till nothing is left standing,

it's an overdose as your heart starts pounding.


They want you to drown as they pull you under the tide.

The reaper's hand is cold as you now struggle to survive.


Let's all celebrate our coming destruction,

conduct orgies to our suicidal obsessions.

Death will be our calling card.

Exit humanity, shit just got hard.

In our apathy to commit an atrocity.

Violence under the guise of abstract lies.

Let's all celebrate, this insanity we embrace.

It's the sacrificial rituals that we create,

the myth that we cannot tempt fate.


And goddamn this fucked up land,

the man who cowers behind the backhand.

The self righteous, a bigot to their own vices.

March for the lie. Abused until you die,

become the victim and lose your pride.

It's a morbid device, to need your virgin sacrifice.

Slay the innocent to satisfy your god,

butcher the heretics it's not flawed,

as you steal from the poor its not fraud


It's a morbid device, to build up your own Antichrist.”




Author's Notes/Comments: 

"and so I say, I believe I am about to reach my limit of stupid people and my god there are many of them, an ocean of stupidity surrounding a dingy of sanity"


(Updated; From ThoughtShock)

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Fuck you/??????

I hate You.
I hate Your fucking guts.
The swelling lurching feeling in my throat
every time I see Your face
You are like a giant question mark
Questioning, Attacking everything
Standing for, Answering nothing.
Teasing, poking, endlessly annoying
It makes me want to commit homicide/suicide.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not particularly profound but it made me feel better to type this into my phone while sitting next to the subject of this! :)
feel free to comment!

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The Sleepless Nights- Betrayed Love

It is a lie. All a lie. The darkest hour always comes in the night. Always. The hours of uncertainty, of fear, of crushed hope, of tear. The hours of hardship and sadness, the hours of lost love and madness. The hours no man dares to wake, those hours, these are the hours in which I spake. The man who dwells in these hours has but negativity in his mind, no peace can he find. He shifts to in fro, tosses and turns shakes the covers and is restless below. He cannot see, he cannot speak, he cannot think, he cannot sleep. He is lost within himself. Within himself he is filled with what he fears the most. He is filled with fear itself. Fear of the unknown, fear of lost opportunity, fear of lost love. He knows not but how to fear in the night, he knows not but of his heart filled; jealousy, anger, scorn, and hopes unfulfilled. He hasn't a moment throughout the day, not until that is he lay at night. He may pray with all his might, attempt to scribble his thoughts by the dimming bedside light. But this brings him nothing, no hope, to tranquility, no delight. His heart yearns for that unseen, that small little glimpse of he on who his heart is keen. It is she who keeps in this state of unrest, she who placed on his heart duress. He just wishes to hold her so, but she doesn't longer love him; No.

No, no, no, no! What a vile word is that of no! One without cause, one without reason, a no for no's sake, a no for nothing for him to know! Just a No because a No is a No. No! He willn't accept that No as an end, he willn't see it, his resolve will not bend. For she will not be sharing these hours, not near, not far, not in his arms or in her heart. It is but the lowly who cannot grasp sleep. He is who is to suffer the enduring pain of No's harvest to reap.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this one after another long night, a few weeks ago, around 4am.

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Build me up

You build me up
Stitch the scars
And without warning tear me down
These games get old
How great do you really think you are?

No one here can speak or feel
Silent words fall on deaf ears
You speak the words that all should hear
You forget the words said when in sex induced sweat we embrace
Sometimes i wonder, what keeps you here?

Never really trusted promises made out of lust until you came along
Like you ive been broken and damaged
Yet i pay for someone elses mistakes and live in the shadow of her ghost
I hold you high on a pedestal of gold where only you can make yourself fall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wasn't sure how to finish this one... guess it might still be a work in progress.

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Who I want to be

The taste of blood
The smell of fire
I'm captivated
By the death all around me

Should I be afraid?
Should I feel something?
Is this all there is?
Am I missing something?

Your lifeless eyes,
Are telling me secrets.
It's no surprise,
I can't understand what they're saying

Can something be done,
To stop all the madness?
Can this war be won?
I'm sick of your sadness
It's killing me.

I'm dying,
I'm wasting,
I'm wilting,
I'm waiting,

For a prince who will never arrive,
It's time to decide.
Who I want to be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another song/poem. Also, not the whole thing. This one is played on guitar, a lot of drum work. One of my favorites, please comment and let me know what you think!

The World


Sitting in my own sadness
Watching the world as it just drifts by
Looking back and correcting the mistakes in my life
Impressed by the madness I feel inside
Distant from myself drives me to run and hide
From the broken up spirit dissolving in front of your eyes

I see and touch the feeling of pain
Darkness at will without no complain
Released my inside into a journey to travel on my own
Knowing I have bitter hatred on the world
Confused from every direction, I am lost
From the world I don't want to know, I will be forgot

Unknown, left like a mystery with answers I own
A ball of betrayed wrath turned to shattered stone
With no remorse, neither regrets that my spirit has become sacred
Of unexpressed emotion, feeling of anger
Inside, I don't feel one bit of concern
On the outside, I could care less for the world

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Obviously, I was Angered at the world at the time.

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