Monthly Archive for March 2010

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Identity Poem sanctus 3 Mar 1st
A better me Poem Nate Mar 1st
Another Night Poem DarkStatic Depression Mar 1st
PINK PILLOW Poem snakie_marie 1 sadness Mar 1st
With in Poem moon_dance Mar 1st
tears of joy Poem wallis420 Celebrations Mar 1st
Welcome To My World Poem aubriemarie Acceptance Mar 1st
Waiting Poem Nate Mar 1st
Lonely years Poem ChandaBurton Mar 1st
Destination Reassigned Poem halfbaykdbrownie Abstract Mar 1st
A Painful Return Poem Bluecordpoet Mar 1st
`How Little We New` Poem mack619 Mar 1st
Creazione D'Amore (Innamoramento ♥) Poem IntoTheDawn love Mar 1st
Masquerade Poem IntoTheDawn 1 Life/Living Mar 2nd
Fatal Poem poeticdevastation 1 Bittersweet Mar 2nd
Fire Poem jaela 1 Mar 2nd
Waking Up Poem jaela Mar 2nd
Thankful Poem poeticdevastation Acceptance Mar 2nd
Highway Black Poem Sivus Lost love Mar 2nd
Matthais Poem rashmiitz Mar 2nd
She Was My Friend Poem belladonnathantos sadness Mar 2nd
Self Realization -- 3.2.2010 Poem belladonnathantos Human Nature Mar 2nd
Memories Of The Fallen Long Ago Poem IntoTheDawn Memories Mar 2nd
I think about Poem geneconner2008 Mar 2nd
I DESIRE TO KNOW Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 2nd
HALF FULL Poem heatherburns35 Mar 2nd
When you said Poem geneconner2008 Mar 2nd
The Dream Poem fallenheaven dreams Mar 2nd
"You....or Me" Poem dhicks01 2 Mar 2nd
Back Where I Belong Poem dhicks01 1 Mar 2nd
she lightens up my face Poem jpike 1 Mar 2nd
IF SHE WILL LOVE ME Poem darklion love Mar 2nd
Runaway World Poem darklion love Mar 2nd
""Destiny Knows How To Lie"" Poem darklion love Mar 2nd
I Still ... Poem poeticdevastation Poetry/Writing Mar 2nd
MAYBE SOMEDAY Poem heatherburns35 1 someday Mar 2nd
NO ONE LIKE HER Poem emmenay 1 Mar 2nd
The Eclipse Poem tony_starks Mar 3rd
The Island and The Sea Poem tony_starks Mar 3rd
questions for my love (Unfinished) Poem tony_starks Mar 3rd
Barren Cycle/The Girl That Drags Me Poem Sivus Bittersweet Mar 3rd
COTTAGE INDUSTRY Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 3rd
Still Need You Poem Silver__lining Mar 3rd
Don't Mind Me Poem Silver__lining Mar 3rd
Life Vaccine Poem followinlove Pain/Sorrow Mar 3rd
The Earth will shake Poem natedog2 Mar 3rd
Thoughts on my best to come!! Poem vilmazab 1 Mar 3rd
"1946, '56, and '77" Poem anexod Mar 3rd
Session Poem anexod Mar 3rd
The New Guy on the Block Poem anexod Mar 3rd
Cogs Poem anexod 1 Mar 3rd
Shiver Poem jaela Mar 3rd
UNTIL YOU WERE GONE Poem heatherburns35 2 Mar 3rd
Silly love Poem Poem SinfullySweet Bittersweet Mar 3rd
GLORY BE TO HIM Poem emmenay Mar 3rd
away in mystery Poem 9inety 1 Mar 3rd
!!!! Love Of Mine !!!! Poem godfather_of_vbh Mar 3rd
HEY POET MAN Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 4th
You want to love me Poem geneconner2008 Mar 4th
SERENE ASCENT Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 4th
I need you in my life Poem geneconner2008 Mar 4th
I want to know why Poem geneconner2008 Mar 4th
Lupus, Let Me Be! Poem cathycavalcante Cancer/Illness Mar 4th
A Poem For You Poem cathycavalcante Faith Mar 4th
still something Poem s3xy_sheep Mar 4th
Fist of the Fool Poem Sivus Bittersweet Mar 4th
Understanding The Complexity of a Simple Mind Part II Poem Anonymous 1 Mar 4th
Wake Up Old Adam (Underneath A Late Setting Moon) Poem wishful_thinking Mar 4th
Who I Be Poem anexod Mar 4th
In Uncertain Times Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 4th
President's Day Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Mar 4th
There Will Always Be Poem vilmazab 2 Mar 4th
Footnote: Early Spring, 1975 Poem Starward Tanka Mar 4th
Understanding The Complexity of a Simple Mind Part I Poem Anonymous 1 Mar 4th
A Warrior's Retreat Poem angeljerlin Endurance Mar 4th
Burns Poem Anonymous 1 Mar 4th
WAIT UPON GOD Poem pixapd Mar 5th
DO YOU KNOW THE SON ? Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE TRUE SHEPHERDS Poem pixapd Mar 5th
An Antonym of Your Love, A Synonym for Mine Poem wishful_thinking Mar 5th
The Fizzer Poem pixapd Mar 5th
ENDURING THE STORMS OF LIFE Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 5th
THE RIGHT GARMENT Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Love of God Abideth Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Forsake Him ? Never ! Poem pixapd Mar 5th
PROPHECIES Poem emmenay Mar 5th
More Than Words Poem dancing_corpse18 love Mar 5th
Moving Forward Poem dancing_corpse18 Change/Transition Mar 5th
The Shadow Of Darkness Poem dancing_corpse18 Dark Mar 5th
Past Poem dancing_corpse18 Memories Mar 5th
What Is Love Poem dancing_corpse18 love Mar 5th
Purple Haze Poem dancing_corpse18 Drugs Mar 5th
Hate Poem dancing_corpse18 Hate Mar 5th
Is This Real Poem dancing_corpse18 love Mar 5th
Saved By You Poem dancing_corpse18 Awakening Mar 5th
It's Up To You Poem dancing_corpse18 choices Mar 5th
My Last Request Poem dancing_corpse18 Bittersweet Mar 5th
Never Enough Poem dancing_corpse18 Breaking Up Mar 5th
Forever Waiting Poem dancing_corpse18 Hidden Love Mar 5th
Four Questions Poem pixapd Mar 5th
MY MINDS EYE Poem heatherburns35 1 an illusion Mar 5th
Riches Poem pixapd Mar 5th
DEATH Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Rather Than Man Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE VEIL Poem pixapd Mar 5th
CATCHING IN THE WIND Poem heatherburns35 the winds of time Mar 5th
I Really Am An HERETIC ! Poem pixapd Mar 5th
WHO BUT THEE Poem pixapd Mar 5th
God's Vomit Poem pixapd Mar 5th
REMEMBER Poem pixapd Mar 5th
INSPIRATION Poem emmenay Mar 5th
Should I Add ? Poem pixapd Mar 5th
D. O. M. Poem pixapd Mar 5th
MY ODE TO YOUR INNOCUOUS CHARM Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
agony Poem jpike Mar 5th
Horror In Whitechapel Poem dreamofchasingangel 1 Mar 5th
First and Last Poem pixapd Mar 5th
TITHING IS BUT DROSS Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The New Age Movement Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE CLIQUE Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Should Yeshua/Jesus Visit Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE BIBLE Poem pixapd 1 Mar 5th
THE OPEN DOOR Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE BROADWAY Poem pixapd Mar 5th
VICTORIOUS ! Poem pixapd Mar 5th
POETRY'S DESIRE Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
A GLORIOUS GALA (EROTICA)* Poem palewingedpoetess Mar 5th
THE MOTHER Poem pixapd Mar 5th
ONE AND ZERO Poem emmenay Mar 5th
Broken Poem dancing_corpse18 Breaking Up Mar 5th
Fairy Tale Poem ChandaBurton Lost love Mar 5th
ARIES THE RAM 27/9 Poem heatherburns35 2 Mar 5th
The PIT Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE PRIZE Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Talebearer Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Roman HARLOT Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Surprise Down the Street Poem Silver__lining Mar 5th
Three Cheers for New Years Poem Silver__lining Mar 5th
Far, Far better Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Verkleurmannetjie smart Poem roosblaar_drinkwater Mar 5th
My Saying Poem pixapd Mar 5th
SOME DAY ! Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Mirror Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Surely Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Bitter Despise Poem ChandaBurton Dark Love Mar 5th
“The feeling that only we know” Poem theoriginalavalon Mar 5th
Sleep in PEACE Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE 'SEED' IS YESHUA ! Poem pixapd Mar 5th
"Forced Upon My Will" Poem theoriginalavalon Mar 5th
YE OF LITTLE FAITH Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The HOLY CITY Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Folly of Christmas Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Shoes and Socks Poem pixapd Mar 5th
AT DAWN Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Four Great Centurions Poem blumentopf Mar 5th
Woordspeling 1 Poem roosblaar_drinkwater Mar 5th
Morning Smiles (Part Two) Poem cerulean_soulhaze Mar 5th
The Servant of the LORD Poem pixapd Mar 5th
One Second to Midnight Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Satisfaction, of the World Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Forgiveness Poem pixapd Mar 5th
FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND Poem heatherburns35 2 Mar 5th
SIMPLE MIND Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Angel Poem dreamofchasingangel inspiration Mar 5th
The CHOICE Poem pixapd Mar 5th
The Years Belong to God Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Nighty Night Poem pixapd Mar 5th
Babe Poem humanpulse Mar 5th
A Touch of Heaven Poem pixapd Mar 5th
THE LORD Poem pixapd Mar 5th
UPON NOTHING Poem pixapd Mar 6th
ODE ON MICHAEL LANDON Poem emmenay 1 Mar 6th
NEVER FEIGNED Poem pixapd Mar 6th
WOMB OR TOMB ? Poem pixapd Mar 6th
The Deeper the Meaning, the Higher the Stool Poem Avantgarde Mar 6th
LEGALISM Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Only By The SPIRIT Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Are You ANXIOUS ? Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Yeshua said Poem pixapd Mar 6th
CEMETARY Poem pixapd Mar 6th
BE NOT ASHAMED Poem pixapd Mar 6th
The Judas Kiss Poem pixapd Mar 6th
DIAG - NOSE Poem pixapd Mar 6th
HO ! Poem pixapd Mar 6th
I THINK I'LL SMILE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Mar 6th
Eternal Love Poem dancing_corpse18 love Mar 6th
MY DESIRE Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Vote ! Vote ! Vote ! Poem pixapd Mar 6th
GLOOM-FILLED SPRING Poem emmenay Mar 6th
ONE FOUNDATION Poem pixapd Mar 6th
A NEW SPRING Poem emmenay 1 Mar 6th
You Lift Me Up then Drop Me Down Poem Avantgarde Mar 6th
Do NOT Blame Another Poem pixapd Mar 6th
YESHUA is the ANSWER ! Poem pixapd Mar 6th
THREE HEAVENS Poem pixapd Mar 6th
GOD IS LOVE Poem pixapd Mar 6th
get drunk and think of you Poem gemboy Sensualality Mar 6th
Quotes of the Month Poem unrulyspring Mar 6th
Adventure Poem Avantgarde Mar 6th
SIR CHARLES(Charlie)Spencer Chaplin Poem ladydp2000 1 Tributes/Odes Mar 6th
MICHAEL LANDON Poem ladydp2000 Tributes/Odes Mar 6th
The Vampire Poem dreamofchasingangel Dark Mar 6th
For Noora (double acrostic) Poem cameca8 Acrostic Mar 6th
Blinded by the Sunlight Poem Avantgarde Mar 6th
Just One Word Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Trembling Poem muggins Mar 6th
Unforgiven Poem dancing_corpse18 sadness Mar 6th
I Love You Too Poem dancing_corpse18 Lost love Mar 6th
WHEN I SEE A TREE Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Alone Poem cam Loneliness Mar 6th
Everything Escapes Poem MercilessPain Emotionless Mar 6th
New Government Poem pixapd Mar 6th
AT SUNSET Poem pixapd Mar 6th
I've Often Been Alone Poem pixapd Mar 6th
Many Are Blinded (by God) Poem pixapd Mar 6th
INNOCENT LOST Poem heatherburns35 1 Mar 7th
ONE Day is ENOUGH Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Listen to Yeshua Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Yeshua is HERE ! Poem pixapd Mar 7th
INCOMPLETE DESIRE Poem heatherburns35 Mar 7th
Now I KNOW Poem pixapd Mar 7th
coming up smelling Poem gemboy Word Play Mar 7th
I MUST ! Poem pixapd Mar 7th
To End In Reproof Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 7th
RETURN Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Praying Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Psalm 91:1 - 8 Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Pressing ON Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Pure and Simple Poem pixapd Mar 7th
PAIN ? My Rejoicing Poem pixapd Mar 7th
ONE SPECK OF GOLD Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Often Spoken Words Poem pixapd Mar 7th
No More Offering Poem pixapd Mar 7th
NONE AT ALL Poem pixapd Mar 7th
No Matter Where Poem pixapd Mar 7th
LATTER RAIN Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Religion is a CURSE Poem pixapd Mar 7th
STAND UPON HER OWN Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Mar 7th
As Troubles Brew Poem trumpet7 inspiration Mar 7th
I Love You Poem muggins 1 Mar 7th
Little Missy Damage Control Poem Sivus 1 Lost love Mar 7th
Your Pleasure Poem jaela Mar 7th
Love Drunk Poem jaela Mar 7th
SUICIDE Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Speak the WORD Poem pixapd Mar 7th
SIN is a DIRTY WORD Poem pixapd Mar 7th
Stick Close to GOD ! Poem pixapd Mar 7th
RAIN Poem pixapd Mar 7th