A Warrior's Retreat

2010-2012 Poems

When it seems that we are fighting a losing battle,

When all the signs of victory-

Spell nothing but defeat...

When there's no more for this warrior princess to give--

No more sweat, no more blood,

But to shed knowing tears...

I kneel in surrender, ready to drop my sword--

Tired. Bruised. Wounded. Exiled. Mocked.

How much more could I take?

Who am I? What have You seen in me?

You have called my name to change a world of monstrosity!

Sometimes I think maybe I heard You wrong...

In this inhumane world, a warrior may doubt the unknown.

I maybe wrong, but You can never be.

You've been there, done that-

Tired. Bruised. Wounded. Exiled. Mocked...

And killed-- just for me...

And for the same nameless people that I am here for.

You are that certain stillness inside of my being.

In my deepest core, You are that spark of hope- shining.

You come right through me as You always do,

And tell me that this not over yet.

This is just another chapter of an epic,

A pause- to new beginnings.

The world can judge everything, and pretend that it's freedom.

While in reality, it's the absence of wisdom.

The world cannot see way past glimmers of vanity.

But in the end, it all boils down to integrity.

My only reason is to make You happy--


Thanks for standing by me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just had a good cry...It's not yet over. I must go on.~jerlin 04Mar10

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