Monthly Archive for January 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Twin Sister ( Tribute to PLC ) Poem poetofpain 1 Jan 1st
New Years and All That Jazz Poem mibella_jeze Abstract Jan 1st
HAPPIEST GREETING Poem emmenay 1 Jan 1st
Stars Singing Softly Poem k4horses4ever Nature/Environment Jan 1st
Noir Rain Poem poetofpain 1 Jan 1st
Concentrated Shampoo Poem anexod Jan 1st
LOVE IS THE ANSWER Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 1st
Time's Calling Poem k4horses4ever family Jan 1st
Bliss Poem lyrycsyntyme Life/Living Jan 1st
The Noir Rain Poem coldaugust Jan 1st
Eung Geup Shil Poem bluewave 1 Jan 1st
Out Of The Sky Poem bluewave 1 Jan 1st
Who's Theme Poem bluewave 1 Jan 1st
THE MENTAL SHEDDING OF ANOTHER YEAR Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 1st
Natural Selection Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Entangling Roots Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
A Prayer For a City Poem bluecollarclay religion Jan 2nd
The Balance of Nature Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Mixed Nuts Poem g3nevi3ve Jan 2nd
The World as I Know It- Chapter 3 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Reevaluating Last Year’s Decisions Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Autobiography: Chapter 2 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Marked for Death Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
A MA BELLE Poem aziz Angels Jan 2nd
"Out In" Poem The1TrueMojo Beauty Jan 2nd
Dreams as Part of Reality Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Paradise Calling Poem shawon1982 1 youth Jan 2nd
Attachment Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Jan 2nd
Touched by the Light Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Jan 2nd
Shifting Sands Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Back to the Flies Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jan 2nd
"Untitled" Poem wrath1119 Jan 2nd
Dreams of Rescue Poem wemni Jan 2nd
*~ سـنة سـعيدة ~* Poem 3abak_alyasamine Hope Jan 2nd
Happy new year 2009! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 2nd
Quiet World Poem Ailihporcen Poetry/Writing Jan 2nd
Autobiography: Chapter 8 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 2nd
Detox Poem twisted_reality42 Drugs Jan 3rd
I Am Me Poem Jules_Luna 1 Acceptance Jan 3rd
His Nail Pierced Hands Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jan 3rd
Chasing dreams to live a dream Poem significance_of_2 1 Acceptance Jan 3rd
MR. GLORIOUS BATTLE Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 3rd
Drown to the Sound of the Ocean Poem exquisite_dysfu... Abuse Jan 3rd
THE CUNNING FATHER Poem truedreams Jan 3rd
This computer isn’t my whole life!!! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 3rd
Reality at a Young Age -- 1.2.2009 Poem belladonnathantos 1 Awakening Jan 3rd
The Smasses Poem anexod Jan 3rd
"Woh or may" Poem naushin84 Jan 3rd
Saga of Mischief Poem blumentopf Jan 3rd
The Hidden Signs With Me Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Human Nature Jan 3rd
what i put my head through Poem kayspoems Jan 3rd
That Piece You Were Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Though Confused Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Just A Dream Poem seatellite Loneliness Jan 4th
IF I Had To Choose Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Not The End Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Way To Go Poem exkaijadesatiro Loneliness Jan 4th
*untiled,unwed* Poem lillep Abstract Jan 4th
Numb The Pain Poem lonelymemories 1 Jan 4th
Internet Dating Poem yardesspoetess 3 Jan 4th
2 Sides To Love Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
A Bloody Line Poem lonelymemories 2 Jan 4th
Silly Me Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Conformity Poem blumentopf 1 Jan 4th
This Play Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Tears Of Descent Poem exkaijadesatiro Jan 4th
No More Pain Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Itami | Haji Poem exquisite_dysfu... Abuse Jan 4th
Memories Poem cherry_blossom Jan 4th
Not So Lucky Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
Start Of My Day Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
I Don't Know Poem mikie_mike Jan 4th
A Ghost Poem RainerBukowski Jan 4th
The Kittens Poem fallingfeather Other Jan 4th
True Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
Glass Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
Hopeless Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
single mother Poem mylovep0etry Jan 4th
Green Eyes Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
So Sorry Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
Awaiting Poem fallingfeather Lost love Jan 4th
I never liked you anyway Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
JPH Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
Eternal Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
...هذا هو Poem unrulyspring Jan 4th
'09 OverW8 Dave pt.6 Poem Joel Jan 4th
Young Americans Poem owlcrkbrg 1 Jan 4th
Mirrors - A Cinquain Poem fallingfeather Cinquain Poetry Jan 4th
Motor City Riot Poem RainerBukowski 1 Jan 4th
Unfettered Poem fallingfeather Acceptance Jan 4th
Machine Gun Poem RainerBukowski 2 Jan 4th
Billboards Poem RainerBukowski 1 Jan 4th
Born to an Avalanche Poem nickkler Abstract Jan 4th
Yearning - A Tanka Poem fallingfeather Tanka Jan 4th
Koi - A Cinquain Poem fallingfeather Cinquain Poetry Jan 4th
Move on Poem unholyroach Abstract Jan 4th
DREAMS Poem teresa_r Jan 4th
Amber Days and Honey Rain - A Tanka Poem fallingfeather Tanka Jan 4th
Ame Agari Poem fallingfeather Spirituality Jan 4th
Ode to my father Poem spacecowboy 1 Acceptance Jan 5th
First Readers Poem rbpoetry Memories Jan 5th
Hated Fate Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Fate/Destiny Jan 5th
Nulle Part Poem bluewave 2 Jan 5th
Raped Poem Jules_Luna 1 Abuse Jan 5th
Where The Truth Lays Poem exkaijadesatiro 1 Suicide Jan 5th
The Questions Lay Poem exkaijadesatiro Suicide Jan 5th
My Life Is S"*! Poem cam Jan 5th
God's Masterpeice Poem solovely07 Beauty Jan 5th
"Seduction's Lure" Poem The1TrueMojo Jan 5th
Thank You Poem Jules_Luna Abuse Jan 5th
Welcome Poem Jules_Luna Acceptance Jan 5th
You Thought You Had Him Poem Jules_Luna Other Jan 5th
Seven Deadly Sins Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 5th
Depend On You [Romaji] Poem bluewave 1 Jan 5th
The World as I Know It- Chapter 4 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 5th
PooP Poem kiwi_jiwi love Jan 5th
At The Distinguished Christian Poet's House, 3 Poem S74rw4rd Acceptance Jan 5th
HEART CRACKER Poem truedreams Jan 5th
Grand Mother Grand Daughter Poem jgupta 2 Short Story Jan 5th
eat my words Poem 9inety Jan 5th
Arjan's Strawberry Haze Poem anexod Jan 5th
One day left Poem kesiahg Pain/Sorrow Jan 5th
The Girl Part 2 Poem kesiahg Jan 5th
missing love Poem kesiahg New Love Jan 5th
'09 Collided Poem Joel Jan 5th
Seven Heavenly Virtues Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 5th
To whom it may concern Poem jgupta Jan 5th
I Realize Now Poem solovely07 love Jan 5th
QUELLE TERRORISME Poem aziz Angels Jan 5th
The Missing Piece Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 5th
Happiness Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 5th
Follow her tracks Poem twincities Abuse Jan 5th
Every Saint Has a Past Poem Juliet8 Jan 5th
THOUGHTS Poem emmenay Jan 6th
Freezerburn Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
It's a game we play Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
Mr. Cleshay Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
Pretend Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
My soul resides in my body Poem nickkler Jan 6th
Derek Bentley Poem rbpoetry History/Past Jan 6th
Optimistic Illusions Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
Atomic Dreams Poem dancer Jan 6th
She breaks her own heart Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
Sample-Sized People Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
Faceless Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
Secrets Poem ruthybird12 Jan 6th
The Giving Tree Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
Scream Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
It’s Love When... Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 6th
I Lied! Poem rbpoetry Breaking Up Jan 6th
sometimes... Poem justjeanne Bittersweet Jan 6th
Love Poem spacecowboy Jan 6th
e p h e m e r o n Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
Can you Handle it? Poem lonelymemories 2 Jan 6th
REUNION Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 6th
Inside That Noticably Quiet Apartment Poem lyrycsyntyme Unrequited Love Jan 6th
Fire Poem calculigirl03 Jan 6th
You're Not That Important Poem calculigirl03 1 Jan 6th
Phoenix Poem calculigirl03 Jan 6th
e x a m i n a t e Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
Kurteisi Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
u n t i t l e d 0 0 2 Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
She's Almost Leaving(Another Ananomous Tale) Poem lyrycsyntyme Unrequited Love Jan 6th
a story to tell Poem 9inety Jan 6th
Let Me Break Poem lonelymemories Jan 6th
Haunting Me Poem lonelymemories Jan 6th
June in the spirit garden. Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
Pact of heathen blood Poem AskeOgBen Jan 6th
Writing Over My Past Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 7th
Nothing's Changed Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 7th
The World as I Know It- Chapter 5 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 7th
AN IDEALISTIC CONFESSION Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 7th
Drugged world Poem yaramo Jan 7th
The World as I Know It- Chapter 6 Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 7th
Architecture of the Body Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Jan 7th
In Transition Poem life_used_to_be... Jan 7th
It's just crazy Poem ruthybird12 1 Jan 7th
COMMENT S’EST ARRIVE Poem aziz Angels Jan 7th
Twelve days of bomb on GHAZA Poem aziz Angels Jan 7th
The Book of Romans Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jan 7th
The Show and the Encore Poem life_used_to_be... Jan 7th
FROM OUR FACE Poem truedreams Jan 7th
From Old Minds Poem Sivus 1 Abstract Jan 7th
UNDER THE CROWN THORN Poem truedreams Jan 7th
To Me Poem Jules_Luna love Jan 7th
Personal Poem---(to my robot) Poem wemni 1 Jan 7th
Stretch Out Your Withered Hand Poem blumentopf inspiration Jan 7th
Smokey Poem geneconner2008 Jan 7th
Ghosts Poem van Jan 7th
The Fight Poem Jules_Luna Cancer/Illness Jan 7th
Goodbye Poem van Jan 7th
Untitled -- 1.7.2009 Poem deajuly dreams Jan 7th
Memory's Rain Poem deadpoet986 Jan 7th
Whatever You Say Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
Lies Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
Kiss The Stars Poem gothic_fairy_ love Jan 8th
In all honesty. Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
How long till I know? Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
Hidden Answers Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
Not worth living Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 8th
Life Worth Remembering Poem gothic_fairy_ Life/Living Jan 8th
The Travolta tragedy! Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 8th
Rain rain go away Poem ozzypoemgirl Jan 8th
Don't Drive Through Life Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
Currency in Heaven Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
Sterile Silence Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
A Dissection of Sin Poem ghostwriter_1900 1 Jan 8th
The Line Between Love and Hate Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
The Power of Love Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
The Grindstone Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 8th
With Just One Twist Poem gothic_fairy_ Suicide Jan 8th
RAW RECOMMENDATION Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 8th
Dawning of God’s Light Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jan 8th
anyone’s story Poem 9inety Jan 8th
Pat Hingle Poem randyjohnson death Jan 8th
Ramblings of a Madman Poem road273 Breaking Up Jan 8th
قولوا معي Poem yaramo Jan 8th
Sickness. Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 9th
Just Go... Poem gothic_fairy_ Jan 9th
Left With Nothing Poem gothic_fairy_ Betrayal Jan 9th
Music Poem pinkpanthergirl467 Music/Musician Jan 9th
ALONE AGAIN, I DANCE Poem palewingedpoetess Jan 9th
I Wish... Poem pinkpanthergirl467 Hidden Love Jan 9th
Sail Away... Poem gothic_fairy_ New Love Jan 9th
Life is an Adventure Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 9th
Wandering To A Promise Poem trumpet7 inspiration Jan 9th
Give With Open Hands Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 9th
هاشم صديق : وِكتين تَجِى Poem sudan Jan 9th
Within Me Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 9th
Seeing With the Heart Poem ghostwriter_1900 Jan 9th
already gone.. Poem gothic_fairy_ Breaking Up Jan 9th
Insane Poem ChandaBurton Abstract Jan 9th
Potential Poem dakotadarkhorse Jan 9th
Paperclip Blues Poem captain 1 Jan 9th
مفردات الصمت .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer youth Jan 10th
01-03 Time to Go Poem VulcanJedi Life/Living Jan 10th
يا إمرأة أعشقها .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Jan 10th
01-01 Beginnings Poem VulcanJedi Change/Transition Jan 10th
قلبي في حبك قد صمد .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Abuse Jan 10th
SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY (IN THE SHADOW OF A FRIEND) Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Jan 10th
NO DIFFERENCE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Jan 10th
01-06 Vicious Poem VulcanJedi 1 Fury Unleashed Jan 10th
روعه ... عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Acceptance Jan 10th
أنت سمائي .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Acceptance Jan 10th
01-05 Technical Difficulties Poem VulcanJedi Life/Living Jan 10th
01-02 Just Kidding Poem VulcanJedi Decisions Jan 10th
أحبك .. أعلنها علي الملأ .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Acceptance Jan 10th
أحببت فيك أنوثتك .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Acceptance Jan 10th
01-08 Said the Snow to the Landscape Poem VulcanJedi 1 Nature/Environment Jan 10th
ودعت الزمن المر .. عبدالله عبداللطيف Poem abdalla_lawer Acrostic Jan 10th