Ramblings of a Madman

I Love you I Hate you!!

Why do you love to make me so mad?

why do you like to hurt me so bad?

Why do you take the things I do and twist them till they are untrue?

your the only one who see's them this way,

why is it we have to pay?

Are you unhappy as us?

why is it you cannot trust?

I let you do as you wish, hell you stare at other guy's @sses and make wishes,

Don't lie you know that you do, I don't have blue eyes, but I know who does..

hell you even wright about it in your poems so we all know its true...

but if I even look at a girl wrong, hell I'm trying to take her home

you can cutup and talk however to whoever you wish except maby to or 3 cause you know they would make me tighten my fists..

I sware it's like you look for reason's to break up..

You sware you love me or atleast you did, yet your eyes were empty when you looked at me, unless you was lit.. so many things you make me want to hit, but you, your not one thing I would dare break, that's one mistake I won't make..

so to you I have this one thing to say, I LOVE YOU!! Always~N~Forever...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I Love you William. Brent, n Jessie Lee, my children. I love you all three........

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