Monthly Archive for September 2006

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Goodbye Everquest Poem babblin Sep 1st
(Song) Wrath Poem bountyhunter0001 1 Anger Violent Sep 1st
CALL ME Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
8 Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
DOES MS. PAC MAN EVER END Poem chris Children Sep 1st
I WOULD'NT CHANGE A THING Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
SHE NEVER GOES AWAY Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 1st
Darkness Disappear Poem deadpoet986 Sep 1st
A little star Poem feyfire13 Sep 1st
Proscriptions Poem jgupta Sep 1st
'06 Soothing Emotions II Poem Joel Sep 1st
Mr. Perfect Poem mellykins 1 Sep 1st
Railroads Poem C.Locke Sep 1st
سبعون عاما من المرور في شارع الدواسة Poem nawzat Acceptance Sep 1st
في الموصل: مستشفيات بلا دواء وأسرّة بلا أمل Poem nawzat Acceptance Sep 1st
This breaks my heart Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 1st
PRIMAL WOMAN Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 1st
Leaves of Fire Poem phil_carcione Sep 1st
The Eye of God Poem phil_carcione Sep 1st
Xiaolin Showdown: Wind and Fire Poem poetic_kylie Short Story Sep 1st
Oh my God, they killed Kenny! Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 1st
The Sun Rises Poem red_razor 1 Sep 1st
Little looks Poem that_one_girl 1 Sep 1st
Yesterdays Poem that_one_girl Sep 1st
Do you ever loose your Train of Thought? Poem that_one_girl Sep 1st
Suggestions From Stoner's Etiquette Poem that_one_girl 1 Sep 1st
Love, Come Alive Poem wishful_thinking Sep 1st
Time To Breathe Poem wishful_thinking Sep 1st
The Ever Present Past Poem wolfangel87 Sep 1st
No One Will Ever Know Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 1st
Will I Survive? Poem wolfangel87 Sep 1st
Alone I Stay Poem wolfangel87 2 Sep 1st
And Your Gone Poem wolfangel87 Sep 1st
As Darkness Comes Poem wolfangel87 Sep 1st
But I . . . Poem wolfangel87 Sep 1st
Endless Life Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 1st
instant crassic Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
we march to the beat of indifferent drum Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
one celled creature Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
louise Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
wolves in wolves' clothing Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
seeing double at the triple rock Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
it's my job to keep punk rock elite Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
take two placebos and call me lame Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
last night was really fun? Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
kids of the k-hole Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
leave it alone Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
release the hostages Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
all outta angst Poem fat_mike 1 Sep 2nd
the desperation's gone Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
quart in session Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
the plan Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
we ain't shit Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
pods and gods Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
medio-core Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
jaw, knee, music Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
green corn Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
showerdays Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
vanilla sex Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
you're bleeding Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
perfect government Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
theme from a NOFX album Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
whatever didi wants Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
pump up the valuum Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
zyclone b bathhouse Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
san francisco fat Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
glass war Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
linoleum Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
shut up already Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
kill rock stars Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
what's the matter with kids today? Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
party enema Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
see her pee Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
remnants Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
warm Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
herojuana Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
fun things to fuck (if youre a winner) Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
concerns of a GOP neo-phyte Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
franco un-american Poem fat_mike 1 Sep 2nd
reeko Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
murder the government Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
just the flu Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
punk guy Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
scavenger type Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
we got two jealous agains Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
jamaica's alright if you like homophobes Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
getting high on the down low Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
teenage punching bag Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
one way ticket to fuckneckville Poem fat_mike Sep 2nd
My Pledge Of Love Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Sep 2nd
THE PUPPET MASTER Poem kiwi Abstract Sep 2nd
4th of July Poem PseudonymTruth 1 Sep 2nd
I'm over it (new) Poem lovenbloved Sep 2nd
Not Quite Me Poem mellykins 1 Sep 2nd
Untitled -- 9.2.2006 Poem nighthawk21 1 Sep 2nd
* The One I Want * Poem poetvg Sep 2nd
Unplug that nightlight Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 2nd
Suzuki RM 250 Poem randyjohnson Sep 2nd
I am so sorry Poem rlbstar1 sadness Sep 2nd
God said Poem rlbstar1 love Sep 2nd
Never Leave Me Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 2nd
A Little Bit More Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 2nd
The Pearl Poem tajuta Sep 2nd
BEAUTY Poem teresa_r 1 Sep 2nd
From Death to Life Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 2nd
We Live Alone Poem wolfangel87 Sep 2nd
Execution Poem wolfangel87 2 Sep 2nd
Living Regrets Poem asherivers Sep 3rd
Emotional Baggage Poem asherivers 1 Sep 3rd
Broken Theories on Love and Hate Poem asherivers 1 Sep 3rd
NO COUNTRY PHONE Poem chris love Sep 3rd
Paths Of Life Poem edwardg3 dreams Sep 3rd
'06 A Period of Patience Poem Joel 1 Sep 3rd
'06 Your Dirt Poem Joel 1 Abstract Sep 3rd
The Smoke of Your Departure Poem juliothegreat Sep 3rd
To Whom It May Concern Poem lovelymissrai Sep 3rd
Waiting (new) Poem lovenbloved Sep 3rd
Untitled -- 9.3.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Sep 3rd
Untitled -- 9.3.2006 Poem nighthawk21 Sep 3rd
Liars! Poem randyjohnson Anger NonViolent Sep 3rd
Approaching Dawn Poem wolfangel87 2 Sep 3rd
Night of Darkness Poem wolfangel87 Sep 3rd
Hopeless Beliefs Poem wolfangel87 Sep 3rd
A Life Lost Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 3rd
Angels in Heaven Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 3rd
Crimson Rose Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 3rd
Sea of Doubt Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 3rd
Sleeping Beauty Poem wolfangel87 1 Sep 3rd
Quietly Holding Poem Aloris 1 Sep 4th
Freshly Picked Thorns Poem Falling_Raindrops 1 Sep 4th
Broken Wings Poem Falling_Raindrops 1 Sep 4th
Failing Poem Falling_Raindrops Sep 4th
(Don't) Lie to Your Lover Poem Falling_Raindrops Sep 4th
Prayer Poem orszulaks Sep 4th
Lust Vs. Love Poem orszulaks Sep 4th
I forgive him Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 4th
SOME OF THE WAY Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
THE SILENT SINGER Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
LOVE'S LITTLE MISTAKE Poem palewingedpoetess 2 Sep 4th
PERSONAL NOTE Poem palewingedpoetess Sep 4th
Dumbass Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 4th
See You When You're 33 Poem strangelittleboy Sep 4th
One of Two ways Poem that_one_girl Sep 4th
AUTUMN HYMN Poem trivking64 Seasons Sep 4th
WELCOME TO HALLOWEEN Poem trivking64 Holidays Sep 4th
Hiding Inside Poem victoire 1 Sep 4th
True Faith - Haiku Poem blumentopf Sep 5th
Wait Poem cerebral_orgazm Sep 5th
PLAN B Poem chris 1 Abstract Sep 5th
EVERYBODY WANTS EVERYTHING Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 5th
I'M YOURS TONIGHT Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 5th
ANDREW Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 5th
THE HUSBAND MONEY BLUES Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 5th
SHOPPING FOR A GUY Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 5th
Fall into winter Poem coldaugust Sep 5th
When my people? Poem coldaugust Sep 5th
Blustery Dog Days Poem coldaugust Sep 5th
Rat Race of Redemption Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Sep 5th
My Darkest Days Poem deadpoet986 Sep 5th
Warm Evening Poem fliptop 1 Haiku Sep 5th
Early Morning Frost Poem fliptop Haiku Sep 5th
Profession Poem hatter Sep 5th
im really sorry, i love you still Poem jessima Sep 5th
Benchmark Poem jgupta Reality Sep 5th
WAITING Poem GraciousGift 1 love Sep 5th
Living Sacrifice Poem GraciousGift Faith Sep 5th
Butterfly Wings Poem lonelymemories 3 Depression Sep 5th
roadways Poem no_ordinary_chick Sep 5th
in memory of Steve Irwin Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 5th
My thoughts on the movie the history of violence. Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 5th
My Sisters Poem AlexC family Sep 5th
My peter was burned by a heater Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 5th
War Poem sacrifice War Sep 5th
Gone Once Poem kick.ass.lass 1 Sep 5th
I'm Lookin' At You Poem spacecase Sep 5th
Daddy, Do Dogs go to Heaven? Poem susannahope 2 Sep 5th
Old Man in the Park. A Pregunta. Poem taffy 2 Fantasies Sep 5th
Baptism Poem tajuta Sep 5th
RIP Steve Poem tonymoreno23 3 In Memory Sep 5th
Off the hook Poem wisdomscry Sep 5th
Turn Around Time Poem wisdomscry Sep 5th
Reflection Poem wishful_thinking Sep 5th
The Girl You Were Warned About Poem abevelle Self-doubt Sep 6th
Confusion Poem abevelle confusion Sep 6th
Lies Poem abevelle Life/Living Sep 6th
Tango Del Corazon Poem abevelle Decisions Sep 6th
Put it Back on the Shelf Poem anexod 1 Sep 6th
Lost in the Water Poem anexod 1 Sep 6th
Look At Me Poem anexod 1 Sep 6th
The Long and Broken Path Poem anexod 1 Sep 6th
PB AND J Poem chris Children Sep 6th
COME ON OVER TONIGHT Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 6th
Where Am I? Poem cozzy20000 Sep 6th
If I Could Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 6th
I Am Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 6th
Landscape Poem ghostwriter_1900 Sep 6th
Love Rules Poem greenmeadow Being Loved Sep 6th
screw you Poem jessima Sep 6th
Duets Poem jgupta Sep 6th
Dissipated Poem jgupta Sep 6th
The Kind Of Person I am Now Poem juliothegreat Sep 6th
Get the fuck out. Poem juliothegreat Sep 6th
"Time Well Wasted" Poem jwc82490 Sep 6th
"Untitled 1st Song" Poem jwc82490 Sep 6th
"Just Do It" (Title Pending) Poem jwc82490 Sep 6th
"Deep Breath" Poem jwc82490 Sep 6th
Wishing For You Poem kyle_klein love Sep 6th
Act Poem lonelymemories 1 Depression Sep 6th
Unfinished song*** Poem LosingMyself Sep 6th
Too Grateful Poem LosingMyself 2 Sep 6th
Alliterative alchemy, alchemic alliteration Poem maybethistime Sep 6th
Depraved and deprived Poem maybethistime Sep 6th
Lucifer Poem maybethistime Sep 6th
Inspired by an asshole Poem maybethistime Sep 6th
SHE (6) Poem mermaid 1 Sep 6th
Our deepest fear is that inadequate, Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 6th
Books Poem ozzypoemgirl 1 Sep 6th
Domino the movie Poem ozzypoemgirl Sep 6th
So high Poem poetic7 Sep 6th
P I Poem poetic7 3 Sep 6th
Weight of the red sea Poem poetic7 Sep 6th
To Speak Of... Poem quadxbard Faith Sep 6th
Far Too long Poem quadxbard friendship Sep 6th
Little One Lost Poem quadxbard Forgiveness Sep 6th
In love with a Rolls-Royce Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Sep 6th
From Me, Always Poem strangelittleboy Sep 6th
Cannot Agree to Disagree Poem trumpet7 inspiration Sep 6th
The Wave Poem wishful_thinking Sep 6th
Fields of Tulips Poem 41tulips Sep 7th
Remember September Poem 41tulips Sep 7th
Decision (The Jasmine Rose) Poem booblack Sep 7th
IN THE MORNING Poem chris Song Lyrics Sep 7th
The Dream Poem cutetreena_1064 Sep 7th
No Longer Poem cutetreena_1064 Lost love Sep 7th
Red Wings, White Flags, and Blue Moons Poem dakotadarkhorse Political Sep 7th
Your Name Poem dime Change/Transition Sep 7th
Keep Your Head Up Poem dime 1 Hope Sep 7th
Thank You Poem dime Lost love Sep 7th
Silent Whispers Poem followinlove Dark Sep 7th
Broken Picture Poem followinlove Sep 7th
Love shows things Poem geneconner2008 Sep 7th
To Somewhere Safe Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th
I Am Here To Stay Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th
Bittersweet Misery Poem gothic_fairy_ Missing You Sep 7th
Fashion Sense Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th
Never Break It Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th
Always Will Be There Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th
My Angel Poem gothic_fairy_ love Sep 7th
To Be Numb Poem gothic_fairy_ Sep 7th