(T. Beechey)

A scary face,shrieks in the night,a bloodstained trace 'neath a yellowed light

As children race for their candied delight

Welcome to Halloween

Hoot owls echo their mournful wails,a cold wind howls down a darkened trail

As each child prowls for their edible grail

Welcome to Halloween

Devils and demons in shadowed disguise

Amidst the faint screaming of a distant demise

All of it seeming to be real for our eyes

But only a dream not to be realized

Skeletal remains of gristled bones,rattled chains and ghostly moans

"Trick or treat" refrains in joyful tones

Welcome to Halloween

Black cats walk into glows which ebb,coffins and bats and spiderwebs

As some are like that of their favorite celeb

Welcome to Halloween

Witches and goblins,werewolves and warlocks

All with wide grins at every door knock

Ghouls and vampires,monsters and such

All sharing desires of confectionary touch

As zombies claw from their makeshift graves

And mummies gnaw through their bandaged staves

Don't drop your jaw,that's how we behave!

Welcome to Halloween

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