RIP Steve


Sometimes we forget the things

that god preserves in man

often in the form of fate

the gift of teaching hands


as ruler of the jungle

and an expert in his work

a dedication to a skill

that cut his life too short


his vibrant lively spirit

shined through all his shows

respect for dangerous creatures

which he taught the world to hold


and i pray for all his family

for his fans and children first

knowing Steve Irwin was a hero

a man who loved his work



The Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin


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Misha B's picture

Well said! Steve shared his passion with the world and that is indeed a life well lived.

Sue Mceachern's picture

excellent piece. he was a magnificient man who will be greatly missed. he was a special person to work with the animals of the jungle like the crocs.

Ruth Lovejoy's picture

very nice ode for Steve and yes we will miss him..The gentility of the man was the most profound fact..