Wind I (A Haiku About The Wind)

Wind I

(A Haiku About The Wind)




The wind gusts through me

As was on a street corner 

But not on branches

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a haiku about winds and or wind gusts.  It is primarily composed for recording actual experiences about nature.  Its working title was formerly "A Haiku About Wind Gusts" that was later changed to "Winds I" (which was hoped to denote my first haiku about the subject).  There is an obvious "ontological commitment" (as for whenever I noted something up to this extent, 
in this type of entry field provided (for the author's notes/comments).  This time, the rest of the commentary would be truly personal (as it relates to one's own "value commitments" in recording events that which were thought to be influenced by supernatural/metaphysical agencies (on
an externalist lens/outside looking in).  A possible antecedence, or observed instantiation in such
similar instances/experiences, was also taken into consideration (while I recount them).  Even if it was said to be a metaphysical synonymy, this claim could still be highly debatable because of it being a philosophical argument.


Mortal vs Supernatural


Mortal and Supernatural

In Love entwined

Cthulhu and His bride

Forbidden Love...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Immortal Love...

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Hiding Out


Maybe a vampire

Maybe something else

Hiding out

Behind the pillars

For none to see.


Blood at loss

Tired of escape

I am hiding out

Supernatural being.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Someone is hiding out...

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Supernatural Show Dream: July 27, 2013

Okay here is the dream. First off there is this show called: "Supernatural" over here. It is a show about two guys who fight off demons and try to stop the Apocalypse . At least that's what I have gotten from it... I don't really watch it and I have only seen a few episodes... Anyways here goes the dream: 
This dream was about the guys from the tv series, "Supernatural". I don't know their names though so I will just say "guys" or guy" or whatever...
 It all started when I walked into this warehouse-like room and saw the guys from supernatural. One was all evil looking and the other one was normal and the normal one suddenly ran up to me and picked me up and ran out the door.
 But as he was running with me, before we could get out of the door, I looked over and saw the other guy twitching and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head and they were turning black.
 I was freaked out. I remember thinking, "Oh my god, this is it, I am going to die!!!"  It was so intense. When he put me down I realized that I was bleeding..down there... I thought that I had started my period and got really embarrassed and apologized to the guy. 
Then, the guy said. "No, you are giving birth to Lilith " I freaked out again.
 All of a sudden there was blood everywhere coming from me. I know, gross right? Then through out the whole dream I was fighting off demons with the guy and one of the demons wanted to father my baby.
 And the whole time we were fighting off demons I was still giving birth.... I was just walking and running around in labor and bleeding everywhere... 
We ended up banishing the demon that wanted to be the father of my baby, too... Among other creepy demons... or what ever.
 And also, the whole dream I was still giving birth. Let's just say it was very bloody and gross...
 I woke up before I even had the baby, or "Lilith" or whatever!!
 It was fucking crazy and intense!! I didn't even tell you the whole dream. There was just too much going on in it to tell it all. I woke up feeling so wierded out, lol. Then I went back to sleep and had another dream that I barely remember... And that's it... Crazy, right???
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Angels Keep Falling On My Head

The wind blew furiously that night

As though it knew what was coming

As though it were trying to escape.

They were all casted out

From their heavenly home

The angels began to descend

Flying down simultaneously

And their enormous feathery wings

Embodied in merciless flames

Burned off of them.

All over the world

Every single one of them collapsed

Now defeated and torn

They have taken over the planet


They've become powerless humans

And they must learn to survive

Amongst everyone else

With the diseases, pain

And disaster

Until the day they fix it all

Or die trying

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