Sundown Eyes


And the sky took with light

Reflected in my eyes; beaming

Feeling lighter and bright

Submerging my soul; dreaming


I’ve fallen into the crescent

A tight woven bond

Enriching the present

A long road too fond


A candle in the distance

Awakens the depths inside

A higher purpose of existence

From you, I cannot hide


I have fallen in to your grace

No sense of time; still

A torch for my darkened place

Adventures in twilight; surreal

Sleepless Nights

Self Loathing


Oh how many sleepless nights

Laying there helpless without the lights

Staring above to a realm unknown

My body sinking, heavy as a stone


My sight is blurred with greys and whites

Laying there helpless without the lights

My blanket consumes my every limb

Holding them snug, close,

My vision still dim


Focusing on everything, takes all my might

Laying there helpless without the lights

Thoughts and dreams cross my mind

Anything my daring darkness can find.

Last Night

 Last night did enter,


A sparrow out of fear,


Inside my room,


Wondered I where it did come from!



I discovered a butterfly later,


Both of them were flying together,


Kept watching guardedly I,

 As a boy watches his kite fly!


I opened the window for them to go out easily,

 They didn’t leave; perhaps they fell in love with me!



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Bellla Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Bella Vox, Bella Voce

Beautiful Voice, Beautiful Voices

I say to you;

Beware your friends more than your foes.

Love your foes more than your friends.

For a once lush valley,

May grow a blanket of thorns seven-fold;

Surprising and strangling you in it's grasp.


While the night, 

May get no darker than Midnight.


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*A Night So True*

Sun 5/25/2008 8:29 AM 
Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

As we hold eachothers hand 
It brings my heart to beat fast 
May this be it could he be my #1 man 
Wanting this feeling to forever last 


As you glide your fingers through my hair 
I dont want this night to end 
But of course it must nothing in life is fair 
I wonder if we'll become more then just a friend 
But for now i must let your warmth go 
Telling by your kiss 
Your return will be soon i just know 
A night so true noother man can match this 


I will hold on to tonight 
The warmth of your hand 
I will remember your gorgous sight 
Soon again by eachothers side well stand 



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The Necromancer Who Cared

There was darkness around me.

It felt like a bad dream.

Fear, anger, pain, and sorrow.

These are feelings that consumed me.

I fear I would lose myself.

I was by myself while the moon beams its silver light onto my body.

A hand reached out for me.

I jerked back, knowing the hand belonged to a necromancer.

He was a misunderstood man and he is very brave.

I was scared of him even if my pain is much worse.

The necromancer told me that I should not be alarmed.

He won't harm me and he promised to guide me to peace.

He knew that I am in pain so I ask myself, "Did someone send him?"

There is compassion in this necromancer, I can feel it.

I could not revel in my misery so I took his hand.

He helped me up and once I stood, my arms were around him.

He jerked back a little, but reassured me that everything will be fine.

We went to his barn and sat me down on a rock.

He did too and all we did was talk.

He wouldn't open my eyes if he didn't care about me.

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*Tonight *

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins

To night is the night 
And the mood is right 
Babi can i tell you 
I'm in love with you tonight 
The more love we make 
And the more love we take 
Boy let me tell you 
I'm not gonna let you slip away 


This night that we met 
Is the night I'' never forget 
Oh you touched my heart 
You didn't tare it apart 
And you made me realize 
I knew you were the one 
It's been years 
We've been together 
I hope our love will last forever 
Now after all is said and done 


I'm gonna make love to you 
Tonight tomorrow for eternity 
Babi our love is like magic 
Our love will never end 
My love is for you 
It will be sent with care 
Our love is pure and true 
Tonight we will find 
The love meant to be 



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*Morning Noon and Night*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

Morning noon and night
I wonder where you could be
I always remember that beautiful sight
I can't understand why you got me mad 
I don't understand why we had to end up in a fight

Morning noon and night
I look into your eyes
I see the light 
Ever lasting love
A love so true
We both knew

Morning noon and night
You promised not to break my heart
When you left 
You tore it apart


Morning noon and night 
What a wonderful thing we had
Losing you hurt so much
Now i'm only mad


Morning noon and night
I miss your smooth soft tender touch
Your kisses were such a delite
I miss you too much


Morning noon and night
I'll always remember you 
And remembering our love
It was so true


Morning noon and night



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Somewhere between light and dark 
falls the shadow ever lurking
twixt the fairness due impart
born of jealous sultry night
stunning shudders creep in full
to stop the pitch of blackness
dripping from the moon.
 Dawns glorious dagger appears
to slay once more the perils 
spilling the bloody death of night
o'er hill and dale alike 
heralding daybreak 
the survivor by 
way of hue lit dews
bejeweled upon her crown.
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