The Way Of Ignorance

All this time,

You were thinking 

I had nothing to say,

The cockamamie way of

Those who blind you,

Blurring your reality,

Bringing you only

What is meant for you to 












Act on,






It is such 

An Intentional

Violation to

Your being,

And to society

As a whole, 

The obsession with




The removal

Of free-thought,


With malicious intent,


Infects us all,

And strips away,

Chiseling at all

That inspires








And self-worth

Of the individual

Destroying any and all

Human rights.




The awareness

Of Divinity,

















All lost at everyone's cost.




To know,

To see,

And possess








And achieve




As it exists in 


The Ethics of Human Rights,


Is not possible


Under this 


Blindfold of deceit.




But the law 

Of opposites

Tells me,

That one must 

First know 

What having a veil

Over their eyes



Before knowing 


It is 






3:51 PM 6/30/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 


I'm Sorry

My eyes sting

From the tears spilt

So drained

Of Spite and love

Of happiness and sorrow

No words could fathom

The guilt I feel

For what I did

You should hate me

You already do

I hate me too.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to someone i hurt badly :(

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Apologies from a Sinner

Last night I dreamt about you. 

you were here, and you loved me too. 

I looked inside your big blue eyes,

and you cracked a smile and forgot all my lies. 



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Artificial Fairytale

I don’t want to mean something,

I want to feel something,

Rub that thought from the waking day,

But carry on dreaming, all the same.


Well you were right, I was wrong,

Keep your love in a locket, so no emotion can be harmed.

You carry on smiling; I keep my whiskey hidden in the drawer,

I’m an organised mess, so think of another story.


You’ve aimed your arrow,

But you’ve missed the point.

We keep on moving, but never left the start.

You are Snow White, and I am the apple,

Woken only by the kiss of another.

If Life Were a Re-writeable DVD

If life were a Re-writeable-DVD, rewind your life, but not to re-write a new story but to replay your life again, to re live every moment of your life, every mistake you made, every choice you regret, every time of sorrow, every accomplishment, every failure, because thanks to those single seconds of your life you are the person you are today, so unique so perfect in your own little way. Be grateful and enjoy every moment you spent with your loved one, you closest friends and family, every great achievement, everything you worked hard for and received, but also appreciate every moment you missed your loved one, your friends and family, every mistake that changed the path of your future, every loss, every bit of pain inflicted on your life thanks to work, school, past relationships, ended friendships, for these are the moments that made you stronger, smarter and the person you are today, as a perfect human being in each and every one of you, in your own little way.

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I'm In Trouble Again

Things Gone Wrong

Once again,
I've done something
that my mother doesn't
approve of.

She keeps saying
how she's disappointed in me,
and how she never
would have thought that
I would do something like this.

It drives me nuts!
It makes me feel crazy!
It makes me mad!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A work in progress. I did something, once again, that my mother doesn't approve of, and now I am facing the consiquences

Down town people watching


People walk and people talk around town
they seem to think they know whats going down
they laugh and they cry, they run and they hide
chasing thier ideals, looking for a ride
some running over victims, crying foul
others play victim throwing in their towels
what a mess! what a kufuffle my dears
thats what happens when we fail to conquer fears
May we learn from another's mistakes before
we our own make and discover err more!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Tried it with a sylable count of 10 and 2nd last two 11 and very last back to 10. :) getting technical because i need to go back to my roots! ;)

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Simba to my Pride

Unique Poems

Everyday i move on and push my past back to my side ; living life with da simple thoughts and let "no worries" be my guide ; so i laugh at the face of evil even if its jus a disquise ; to da day i look far ahead that i see the answers to my whys ; cuz if i look past all my mistakes i can finally be the simba to my pride -

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was inspired by the movie lion king :) ; comment if you like.

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Try to Forget

Nameless to you I remain
Internally ignore to remove the pain
You're wasted, again, along with us slakes
Empty bottles of forgotten mistakes

Flapping, rolling, floating
Snorting, thriving, dragging
Learning, blazing, pulling
Changing, wishing, crashing

Vulnerable and weak I am the used
But memories apparent like a tender bruise
Trying to forget the ones held deep
Revenging by using then causing repeat

Constantly nostalgic, a stressing fault
Virtue of innocence comes to a halt
It's up to us each moment that's met
Embrace in equality the sunrise and set

A bandage one day will cover my wounds
Soldier on as belligerents come through
Rejection and failure creating a stack
Impossible to stop, no turning back

Hundreds of wakings, pounding head
Body weak with a day to dread
Facing routines regretting the moon
Again and again, damned to be doomed

Brisk temperature turns my fingers red
Smoke sizzling each lung to dead
Quickly sucking to speed the burn
Still I drag for reasons unlearned

Passed to me the crums packed tight
Grey to my head as soon as I light
Green, green, green- feeding addiction
Again in the hole, wasting redemption

Living freely and fearless led to more
Through my nose it stung my core
Time after time the sniff became fast
Bearable then lusting I loved the task

Mind rocketed miles above
Everything touched a massage of love
Music pounding unattainable sound
An experience not met, nothing I've found

Trucks speed fast and hit me hard
Dark room upstairs I can't disregard
Jealousy, lies, regrets, mistakes
All these firsts won't be replaced

Mountains to climb, mountains surround
Valley of truths, this wild playground
Expanding settings but diminishing smarts
Bricks being broken until I depart

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