newspapers made me write it

i say to death im just a little to shy

of the forever inevitable day that i die

will anyone cry? As they burry me in my coffin

im off then no light, no air, as i grow rotten

i got a thought then, when will my existance reach its max?

when will i fall into the past? growing duller like how the sea effects glass

until im nothing but ash in a box

what used to be bones and flesh lying ina bed of dirt and rocks

im hittin pot, its not helping me find my purpose

it leaves me nervous, yet, i still inhale on purpose

i live on earth with health, and a safe place to reside

some cant say that on the otherside they just run-an-hide when bombs and earth colide

they often die, does anyone cry when it happens daily?

or is it just today we lost another son, mother or baby,

us people are growing crazy, i ask, when will this violence halt?

when will we stop adding to the line to heaven, jannah or whatever its called?


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just been reading alot about all the war bullshit going on in the world. It sucks that politics and all the other b.s has to get people killed. This is just a lowly americans ponderings on death and how im affraid, while safe, of it while people over sees die everyday. Fuck all the senseless killing our species needs to put away the greed and grow the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!

Lost Leaves


My heart beats in my chest tonight

As it did the night before

And the evening before that.


Today was just another day

Not one that I will remember

Or hold dear in my memories.

Nothing but a forgotten leaf

Fallen from a blossoming tree.

No, I will not remember thee,

It came and went from me

This leaf has left

With the wind

And is already withering away.


I don’t care much for the leaves

That have been departing

Unnoticed, uninteresting.

No, those should not be a part of me.

I would much rather choose

An unusual flower

With so many petals

To love and cherish

Unpredictable, unforgettable.

That’s how my days ought to be.


But tonight,

My heart stayed in my chest you see,

My days, my weeks,

Are dry brittle leaves

That didn’t belong on the tree

In the first place.


So tonight I pray

For all I want

Is to water the tree

And have flowers

Growing from thee.

To end the drought

Once and for all

Bring my life back to me.


And then my heart will arrange

To race, to jump

To skip a beat

To accelerate its pace

And pound like a drum again.


My days have been wasted,


It’s time to blossom once more

And make up for all those lost leaves.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I've just been feeling like my life has been so boring lately! I want things to pick up again!

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Artificial Fairytale

I don’t want to mean something,

I want to feel something,

Rub that thought from the waking day,

But carry on dreaming, all the same.


Well you were right, I was wrong,

Keep your love in a locket, so no emotion can be harmed.

You carry on smiling; I keep my whiskey hidden in the drawer,

I’m an organised mess, so think of another story.


You’ve aimed your arrow,

But you’ve missed the point.

We keep on moving, but never left the start.

You are Snow White, and I am the apple,

Woken only by the kiss of another.

Me, Myself, and I

Me, me, me;
That’s all we think about
All we care about
The reason behind our actions
And our feelings.

It is the image in the mirror
Who is with you all the time
The one who listens to your crazy thoughts
And doesn’t seem to mind.

I am the only thing that matters
I do not listen to anyone else
Only me, myself, and I.

In the end,
The one who will be there for us
The only one we will need
Is ourselves.

Nobody else.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yay~ Another random poem...>.>...Inspired by a friend of mine who seems to be extremely self-centered.

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