Artificial Fairytale

I don’t want to mean something,

I want to feel something,

Rub that thought from the waking day,

But carry on dreaming, all the same.


Well you were right, I was wrong,

Keep your love in a locket, so no emotion can be harmed.

You carry on smiling; I keep my whiskey hidden in the drawer,

I’m an organised mess, so think of another story.


You’ve aimed your arrow,

But you’ve missed the point.

We keep on moving, but never left the start.

You are Snow White, and I am the apple,

Woken only by the kiss of another.

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Artificial Constructs

Nice title. Would a Real Fairytle be an oxymoron. Always on the look out for a good oxy-m ~~A~~



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Thanks. After writing loads

Thanks. After writing loads of poems trying to come up with the right title is harder than writing the poem itself :)