a menpleaser's paradise

a menpleaser's paradise



I can promise you

this guaranteed allyship

my all out support

I'm going to be your friend

for anything—right or wrong


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Biblical Menpleasers And The Others








Biblical Menpleasers And The Others



Genuine or not,

my mind is but conditioned

—to like/not to like

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LEGAL DISCLAIMER:  This poem is an abstract idea and does not pertain to any particular person (i.e., like most art, they are subject to interpretation, as well).

what sad is





there is untold joy in each minute...second

and nanosecond, a year fits into a day 

if the day is a bad enough day,

(or a good enough day)

 most people are so conditioned,

they never take the time to think about things like that,

the power of living in each moment,

as if a lifetime

was wrapped up in it,

and a galaxy.


because they don't, they can only live their lives

being slaves to their own brainwashed minds.


and now that's what sad is, if you ask me,

but then, all of that could change if you rush out tomorrow 

and buy a new house or nice big expensive car.,

you know?




2:47 AM 7/12/2013 ©

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evrything is within everything else. strange concept maybe, but more strange without it after you think about it awhile.

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Most births I have watched,
Tiny bundles of love,
Arms outstretched,
Symbolic of our ability to give,
To receive love in the world,
And to fully live,
Etched with Divine Intelligence,
To embrace this world in eager anticipation,
The waiting is over, as the soul guides us
On the journey
Down the womb of it's choosing
We come to join the human race
With an open heart,
A mind thirsty for nourishment, the synapses begin to connect
As we are held closely
To the warmth of human touch,
The first part of the voyage is complete,
The exploration has begun,
With all that we need for what is to come,
Whether born into hunger,
Or a belly with nutrition,
All the soul askes will ensue to fruition,
Time nonexistent, pain has no meaning,
Til the weight of this material world
Becomes an albatross,
Senses blurred and hearts aching,
Burthen with demands to adapt to conditioning,
And what we call growing, begins to lose meaning,
Rips us away from the soul, 
Renders us incognizant of it's deeming,
But the tapestry is laid and course is now planned,
There is no turning back, not a one is unmanned,
A still voice within, so quiet and meek,
It requires your heart to reveal it's mystique,


Love and nature have the answers to all that you crave,
Reconnect with your soul, and together, this Earth we will save.



4:26 PM 4/23/2013 ©

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The soul and the world. Regaining balance from man's demands for material greed.

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