break up

A Perfect Pair, A perfect fate

I'm being dragged bare against the road with no set destination

I didn't know love would feel like a morbid amputation

Running through my mind and yet no set estimation

Looking for salvation, but forever ending with sensation


I held my world up like you lit up the sky, you were my sun

To make me feel alive for once? You were the only one

Now the sun sets again, but the fright has just begun

I wait the day you rise again, I can't think it's said and done


One day, I know, you will not come back

For good, they say, I'd think I'd have a heart attack

With you I feel alive, but without the visions pitch black

You make me who I am, but you make me what I lack


But they say I think I feel isn't true

But when I saw you, I knew

You held me up like glue

and I knew right there,  that I couldn't live without you


I'll give you all the time you need and wait

To years to decades, for me its never too late

Even if I'm old, and almost by life's gate

To die together is my wish, to be a perfect fate


And so I love you with my being, and all my heart

Despite any other who can set us apart

I know from the end, and to the start

For this love is more than that, a beautiful beautiful art.

Who Am I?

I am a shadow, long gone
I am forgotten, disappointments spawn
I am the weeping, in nights silent hour
From society, who savors the sour
I am the dark, stuck within my fears
I am denied, to them and all who hears
I was a dreamer, now hiding within my sleep
From the all of the promises that I can not keep
I am a shadow, long gone

I loved, and I loved you well.
Even after you challenge me hell
I remember, she parted us, you and I
She kissed your cracks, promising you lies
She left you broken, by the dead
But me, I wanted you by my side, to cherish instead

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An old class assignment I digged up.

It was supposed to be more simple and straightforward.

But I remember, I couldn't help myself from twisting it up


Which results with this


Silent Orchestra

It starts with-

Two wounded hearts.

Seperated between valleys.

During a a major storm-

Bodies were torn.


You have no buttons to push-

I built my bridges-

Now all my work is gone.

Threw away my wings and,

Polluted your mind.


Inside my head-

I am the one to blame.

Symphonies lullabied-

Your music played in vain.

Darling, your long-

Desires tinkered with wishes.

Do i say things clearly-

Or am I the one thats missing?

But you-


Stole my soul.

I'm empty handed.

Oh, Simon says-

Let things go!


Inside my head,

Silent orchestras play.

Still love again


I mean.

Once in awhile.

Now and then.

I wish that I could-

Wash away the days

and the years.

I knew it was a riot.

I'd like to see the sunlight-

Creep slowly down your face.



It frightens me to admit.

My love was never made in vain.

Despite your change in faith.

I hope you'd still love-

Once more.


It's hard to be the one-

To say goodbye.

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Dream For Me

Castrate the blame from your temper,

There is devotion to your temple;

I worship each drop of blood from your hungered kiss,

Drugged and sated; empowered, insatiable yearning,

A coffin for your fears to dwell in,

As forests burn and the skies crumble,

Passion burns so bright; all that is left are the ashes,

You smile, but your eyes show torture.


Child soldier bleeding, stitching the wound to keep on breathing,

Dragged through the trenches, with only himself as the enemy:

Identity fixed with a diagnosis and alien prescription,

Medicated cure for the human symptoms,

Creating a man-made preservation: 

Lawless, careless; trading handshakes for guns,

A lust for love, nurtured by anxiety:

Dream for me, and I will be yours. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The battles we go through ourselves, and through others, to reach equal ground, understanding, but also something much deeper than anything each have known. 

Unsent Letter

Every day is a war, but I know I’m on the losing side;

A dead man walking in borrowed shoes.

Desolate and open, an outsider looking in,

In moments, in waves,

The pre-planned illusion of destiny;

To see a future lover, lost to propaganda,

The isolation of what was meant to be,

Lost in hazy, daydream possibility;

There’s a bleak, momentary gain,

In knowing there’s loyalty in-between the shade.

Pain is a refuge; impossible communication,
Intertwined blood brothers, coming out from the inside,
Scratching at each other’s skin; another addiction, another pill,
Forgetting the beauty they’ve clawed within.
An unresolved dominance; freedom with a gun,
A weapon replaces where there was once a tongue,
What was never said is now written in blood,
A myriad, labyrinthine mind swallowed up in cataclysm,
The moment is strangled in an everlasting hold.

Kiss the sky, cold peaks and a forest to lose each other in,
A man cannot be saved by his own futility,
Unloved, unwanted, undeniably yours;
When nothing presents itself, but you,
Endlessly waiting, nothing but hesitation,
Your lust for everything that is not me,
Does your love exist? Only the fantasy is preserved,
An epiphany formed from the evangelist’s son.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A lot of things left unsaid, both during and after a relationship ends... but also the journey...

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City Hall

The City Hall in my heart,

Met last night.

Paper clips reside on caperillies.

Piercing silver glisten-

Pumping burgundy DNA.

Debates stir-

Circling through, cobalt arteries.


Leaning, persuading, updating.

The fatty interior-

My vital muscle.

Whispers of impeachment-

Began to fly.

Learn to live another,

Live another day without his smile.

Walk away.

Dissolve the fragments.

That once was.

No, don't fret.

For this decision isn't final.

Lets begin to check your vitals.

My cells begin to scatter-

Your departure is all that matters-

As I seek reelection to my heart.

The judges all agree-

You were not the one for me,

And the hall quiets down before the start.

They huddle, just for me.


your make-believe-

With their golden harps-

Sweet soliloquies.

Delving and digging-

For what used to be.

Your endorsements-

No longer recognized.

Your messages-

No longer accepted.

Your campaign?

No longer coursing through my veins.

Your speeches hold no substance-

For my heart strings can function-

Without you.

So deliver your last plea,

While the courts-

Ignore thee.

And your words-

Echo through my veins.

My representatives-

Filter them.

Argue them.

Protect me-

From your deception.

They cradle-

Hold and caress-

The heart you deceived.


Let it be.

For this throbbing-

Is no longer for you.


Only my heart knows-

What I've been through.

So carry on-

My little darling,

And until then.

Your trial is over-

Before it began,

My heart is difficult,

To tame.

Buy for a change,

I'll be the commander-

Until I'm sane.

And as your campaign flyers

Rustle in the wind-

Remember, you once did win.

The courts did once agree,

You were the one for me.


The City Hall in my heart,

Met last night.


What could I say when we began to part?

I steadily walked on the opposite side of this train

Nothing would come out nor could I speak

How could I say goodbye when I’m not ready to?


Nothing prepared me for our departure

Nor did I thought I would lose you like this

I wished nothing more than happiness for you

Yet it tortured me to say so towards you


I wish we could reunite as one someday

However I do not wish to interfere with your choice

I could only hope for the best in both of us

Wishful thinking will not bring us back together


I reminisced the days when we were together

Truly was unbelievable that I found someone like you

It seemed too good to be true at the time

Now it seems it has become a reality for me


It is bittersweet that we are friends

However I know you have your reasons

If only you knew how much I still love you

I wish we could have held on stronger


Our final days together are here

Those days I wish never came to be

I wish I wasn’t so selfish to not let you go

But you will always be in my heart


My beloved…

I will always love you

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The sky is grey,
The rain starts to fall,
I hear you call,
But I am not going to stay,
I hear the thunder start to roar,
The storm is rolling in,
The tears are rolling down your chin,
What are we fighting for?
The lighting starts to strike,
The rain is pounding on the side walk,
I tried to talk,
We both know what pain is like,
The wind is blowing,
People are running for cover,
I know you were a good lover,
But I must get going,
The rain begins to stop,
The sky starts to be clear,
Its time to move on dear,
I must get my life back on top,

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