break up

Untitled Work of Another Relationship Gone Bad

Song Lyrics

It's time to go.
Say goodbye.
The time has come
to end this lie.
Your promises of forever
have reached their peak.
Suddenly your voice seems timid and weak.
What happened to those kids
and that big house that you promised?
Did they fall apart with the
one who helped divide us?
Was it you?
Was it me?
Was it us?
Could it be that we weren't meant to be?
Laughing uncontrollably.
Acting so hysterically.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Unfinished lyrics. Still dabbling with it but I like where this is heading. I will updated it when I can come up with a possible chorus.

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Love Sick

Sad Love Poems

yea after we split apart everything just didnt feel da same ; spending months clearin my thoughts and tryin to conceal the pain ; and for a short while my theapy seemed to work ; cuz no matter how hard my mind tried ; the word "lisa" did not lurk ; and i was doing fine by myself ; in fact i never felt better ; i was moving on with my life as our love became blurrer ; but after awhile i started to miss that feeling ; a girls touch ; a girls kiss ; a girls love is wat i started feening ; and if i look back at it now ; i realize somehow that u was jus a rebound ; u wasn't suppose to make it this far ; from a crowded ciagrett to my only everlasting cigar ; u fought n u fought ; and made it all the way to da end ; dispite ur trickery & lies and ur attempt to befriend ; u always jus feened for our love ; hoping that our hearts would just once again blend ~

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Tragic Fight

Sad Love Poems

It just takes one lie to start a fight // it just takes one fight to end the night // & it just takes one night to end months of magic // magic that suddenly turned tragic // the end of us is a tragedy // but the lies was just a painful comedy // & its funny becuz i neva wanted you to leave // but you just ran circles around me // trapping me in my own thoughts of misery // emo words in the back of my mind // but always felt like everything was gonna be fine // becuz ina way i felt like you was trying // but ina way i felt like i was dieing // so R.I.P to that love we created // & i hope that one day its resurrected


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Deuces Remix

Sad Love Poems

The contract between us is now shred to pieces // no more minor recess // who, wat, why would make me wanna cease this // cuz the seed of are relationship blossomed into wat is now leafless // how could love leave us // still got da scar from where cupids arrow used to be // & all along it reminds me of what u used to mean to me // infinite possibilities, a miracle, a cure // but only pure animosity is wats left to endure // like remnants of da shattered heart dat beats in my chest // so if this is one of gods test // tell him I dnt care no more to give me a F // I tried my mother fucking best // but I need some dam rest // but these girls round me quick to impress // so they quick to undress // a little too much to ingest // but i can only accept // wat I try to expect // I'm trying to get over my now ex // so I guess it's now peace princess // as I walk into da sunset it's a new dawning // knowing that I won't be there in da morning // thoughts of me still linger // as u realize we split like fingers // DEUCES !!...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my version of the song Deuces by Chris Brown

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Dont Look Behind



The sun fades and wont be bright again

It doesn't catch my eyes and find me gazing into the distance

The silence, the darkness hangs close and cant be shaken

I wont ever wonder if your smile was for me

it never was

Pushing forward desperately

The past a grave, buried long ago

Broken hearts continue mourning

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dedicated to the soul mate whose promises quivered and fell away in light of reality.

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In Times...

The icy numbness of life in exile, keeps me from the angels's clouds
To live just for once before being used and left
Behind like an old suit case full of second worn clothes
I am learning to live as the lone wolf
It is times like these, maybe live as the Highway Phantom again

These new scars from you, the one I sought to find is not you
I ache for our son, knowing you will keep him from me
I didn't know our times could be poison to all my hard work
I am confused from your smog signals
In the times like these, I am destroying our faded world

I am all ready lost, away from your twisted ways
Blind to my growth, blind to your trips any more
Flying up to the awaiting heavens, On broken buzzard wings
Chasing my Ghost Hawk or is it an enchantress casting a spell onto me?
In times like these, I only know how to act as the Phantom Highway

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Faded Love


All that I didn’t give you, I hope you find
All the memories, will someday fade
Away from each other, always goodbye
My fists are not held high but hanging loose
It is always one thing after another
I allowed us to burn out, now move on
I don’t wanna hurt you, but now I have to

I all ready know
It doesn’t matter, someone gonna be hurt
We all ready took ‘tis road
I am the one goin’ down that road
I wish you better love
But I wanna be selfish, not have you move on
But, I am all ready gone from you

Looking at those tears, I know this pain
I know that you will heal
Enough for another
One that is always there for you
Won’t walk away from you, making you cry
Even though we gave it a try
The poison of goodbye was always there
“Love you” could not stop this
I am doin' ‘tis out of love for you
I do love you enough to allow you safety
To run away from the beast I am

I all ready know
It doesn’t matter, someone gonna be hurt
We all ready took ‘tis road
I am the one goin’ down that road
I wish you better love
But I wanna be selfish, not have you move on
But, I am all ready gone from you

We cannot make this feel right any more
It is all wrong, but yet it was all good
I am gone, living my lonely road
Of personal damnation
Our storey has been told, and we alone
Gone from each other
Before we fade from our hearts
All the things of us, are haunted blessings
Now all the memories are souring
We are always meant to only love
Never be together, though tis hurts to say

I all ready know
It doesn’t matter, someone gonna be hurt
We all ready took ‘tis road
I am the one goin’ down that road
I wish you better love
But I wanna be selfish, not have you move on
But, I am all ready gone from you

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The Bitter End


Tasting the bitter sweet
Sting of that poison
Known as Goodbye Love
Seeing the tears drop
As the rain splatters
On my shoulders

The scream echoing
Drilling my brain, Goodbye Lover
Taste that bitter sweet
Sting of poison
You planted within me, Heart and Soul

The screams of lust, moans of sex
Turning into rage
What was lust came to love
Now it is all burning ashes
Of bitter sweet

Goodbye, Goodbye

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Beautiful Rhythm



My love my woman

There are things that you will never understand

I feel there are still imprints of your fingers

That will never leave my hand

The whispers of your voice

Still puts me to rest

And I remember the beautiful rhythm

With my head laid upon your chest

I remember the warmth of your body

As you pressed up against mine

We both had obligations 

But lost the concept of time

I remember your face as it turned so red

And the glistening streams that ran down your cheeks

Your arms swinging your voice screaming

As you were telling me to leave

I know I can’t be so selfish

As to expect you to take me back

But don’t forget you stole my heart

And only you can mend the cracks

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