What could I say when we began to part?

I steadily walked on the opposite side of this train

Nothing would come out nor could I speak

How could I say goodbye when I’m not ready to?


Nothing prepared me for our departure

Nor did I thought I would lose you like this

I wished nothing more than happiness for you

Yet it tortured me to say so towards you


I wish we could reunite as one someday

However I do not wish to interfere with your choice

I could only hope for the best in both of us

Wishful thinking will not bring us back together


I reminisced the days when we were together

Truly was unbelievable that I found someone like you

It seemed too good to be true at the time

Now it seems it has become a reality for me


It is bittersweet that we are friends

However I know you have your reasons

If only you knew how much I still love you

I wish we could have held on stronger


Our final days together are here

Those days I wish never came to be

I wish I wasn’t so selfish to not let you go

But you will always be in my heart


My beloved…

I will always love you

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A very heartfelt message to rekindle a lost love. I know those feelings.

greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends