In memory of my first love


She was not a girl of grace ness
I couldn't see any ivory light falling all around her
even the moon could resist himselves to be happy all the time
I was not all alone to make her the petal floor
She always kept her feets inwarmth with all those petals
She is not my girl anymore
Dreams tamed me no to cry
but she kept away me from letting my tears fly on her wings
she is not here anymore 
but i cant talk to her anymore
lucky my undying flaws which made me happy
I will be happy all the way
may be not now 
may be not tomorrow
but I will always be 
Because now i love my dreams than her 
And her crying fawns
will make me smile 
when she cries the day after tommorow

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Dream For Me

Castrate the blame from your temper,

There is devotion to your temple;

I worship each drop of blood from your hungered kiss,

Drugged and sated; empowered, insatiable yearning,

A coffin for your fears to dwell in,

As forests burn and the skies crumble,

Passion burns so bright; all that is left are the ashes,

You smile, but your eyes show torture.


Child soldier bleeding, stitching the wound to keep on breathing,

Dragged through the trenches, with only himself as the enemy:

Identity fixed with a diagnosis and alien prescription,

Medicated cure for the human symptoms,

Creating a man-made preservation: 

Lawless, careless; trading handshakes for guns,

A lust for love, nurtured by anxiety:

Dream for me, and I will be yours. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The battles we go through ourselves, and through others, to reach equal ground, understanding, but also something much deeper than anything each have known. 

I remembered the day !!


i remembered the day,


it was a bright shiny day,


i was waiting for results, it got delay,


standing with others, every seconds, increasing weigh,


i can a see a guy, with a paper, on his way,


seeing the result, some look sad,


some were happy n gay,


and thats when i saw her, she was wearing gray,


she was a line or two away,


smiling, adjusting her spectacles and long hair,


dimple on her right cheek, magic in the air,


she was standing there, right there,


i was able to do nothing but to stare,


she came to me, but i was all unaware,


and then she asked me to make a way,


i took a step away,


i wanted to talk, but i dint say,


and she went away, far away,


i remembered the day,


it was a month before may,


and i felt the same even today.

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Listening to Santana,
Recreate a long gone scene,
All around the echo rings,
"Black Magic Woman"...

...How I wish you were near,
Right here by my side,
Making me feel alive,
My "Black Magic" woman!

Throwing pillows at me,
With mock anger,
Glowing on your features,
O what a memory!
Your hair trussed upon your face,
Making you even lovelier,
O "Black Magic" woman!

How I wish you were here!
With your cheeks all rosy-red
As you say, "No, I aint,
A black magic woman..."

Without you, what am I,
O my "Black Magic" woman?

Come, let us 'fight' again,
The way we did years ago,
Ease the angst and the pain,
Come, be mine, forever,
My 'Black Magic woman'!

Where have you gone away?
Where to, tell me, I pray,
When can I join you one day,
Beyond the blue and the gray?
For only you can be,
A defiance of destiny,
Mine and mine only,
O Blackmagic woman...
...My 'Black Magic' woman!

O my soul's best half!
Who else you but you?
My unforgettable Daphne:
My "Black Magic" woman.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Composed on February 26, 2008, with Santana's song "Black magic Woman" resounding in my ears. I used to sing this song for my first love: the chaste, beautiful, seflessly caring and most loving: my very own Daphne John.

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