break up

Kiss of Death

D. E. A. F.

I usually love it when we kiss,

but this is different, I don't know why.

Because with each touch of your lips,

it tastes like you're saying goodbye.

Boy I don't understand why I feel

like you're pulling away from me.

With each I love you that you say

is accompanied by bitter-sweet Brandy.

I stare deep into your eyes,

hoping they'll show me I was wrong.

But all I see is fear and pity,

telling me you felt this way all along.

I reach out to touch you,

just to lay my hand on your arm.

But you yank away and turn your back,

peaking my "something is going on" alarm.

WHy won't you dare to look to long,

or to be with me alone.

Why don't you want to go out anymore,

or even drive me home?

I don't want to sound like I'm whining,

or that i need you in my life....

But without you I feel like I'm drowning

on myself and my bones are leadened with strife.

I feel like the other shoe is about to drop.

or the last one to know the punch-line.

To feel like I'm the only person in your life,

but having girls tell me you aren't even mine.

 I'm sick and tired of waiting for that other shoe,

and feeling like I'm losing my breath.

So I'm leaving you first before you get the chance,

to deliver the Kiss of Death.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is about feeling like your relationship is going to end and what goes through your mind. At the end the girl dumps the guy.... which is what I did in this situation... But I was orribly wrong so yeah..

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So That's How It Is

Fuck You

You arrogant self-absorbed son of a bitch

Fuck You

Should have known the words you whispered would switch

Fuck You

As soon as you conquered the challenge I posed

Fuck You

You stole the bloom off this fragile rose.


I offered you everything – sun, moon and stars

I asked only for caring – help to heal my scars

You knew of the wounds I’d suffered from other men

You knew I was searching for more than a friend

I gave you my faith, trust, hope and love

I thought you were the answer sent from above

You took all I gave in the blink of an eye

You left me devastated, wondering why


One time

You claim only one time with me?

Caught Feelings

You demean our talks of what we could be?

No biggie

You belittle all that you took?


You toss me out like a worn comic book?


I will heal, I will mend, with time I’ll be fine

I know eventually I’ll recover what’s mine

You on the other hand have suffering in store

You have to live with your actions in your core

I know your God has seen all your deeds

I know His forgiveness is what you will need

You are doomed I know in the future not far

Your princess’ll have a man leave a similar scar


I gave, You stole

I prayed, You rolled

I confessed, You deceived

I stressed, You leave

You’ll pay, I’ll live

You’ll suffer, I’ll give

You’ll rue, I’ll thrive

You wounded, but I’m alive

suicidal thoughts....

The past few weeks had been hard on us

harder and harder

the bullying

the suffering


just the raw pain

the emotions going through my  head

caving in

im sorry ...

u wrote beutiful things always for me

loved me ...


Bam you ended us like that \

A stabb to the heart Shattering it to millions of peices

after everything... this

a bullet wound to me


i just want death

i deserve death, let me die, no one can help me now

no one...

moon light falls apon this earth

but i stay awake

im going to leave this world soon

i cant bare the pain of everything

the bullying this our break up its to much ...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Im sick of life ...


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You left a note?

You left a note?

That's all I'm worth?

A scrap of paper to dish your dirt.

There's someone else?

I should have guessed.

You never were one for second best.


The wardrobe is empty.

Your guitars disappeared.

But you left your toothbrush?

Wow! Now that's weird.

And on the note with a ribbon tie.

You scrawled these words to make me cry.



"I cheated babe. I have go. I'm sorry. Just wanted you to know."

That scrap of paper.

Should have broken my heart...

Instead...It was my licence for a brand new start.


No more men who lie and cheat.

No more love songs left on repeat. 

No more time wasted on users and fools.

From now on...I'll play by my own set of rules.


You left a note?

Your last goodbye.

I won't wait around and I'm damned if I'll cry.

You made your choice...It wasn't me.

So thank you baby...You've set me free.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I couldn't sleep...An insomniacs poem!

Hope you like it.

Please leave a review...if you do.

LJ Wink

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Artificial Fairytale

I don’t want to mean something,

I want to feel something,

Rub that thought from the waking day,

But carry on dreaming, all the same.


Well you were right, I was wrong,

Keep your love in a locket, so no emotion can be harmed.

You carry on smiling; I keep my whiskey hidden in the drawer,

I’m an organised mess, so think of another story.


You’ve aimed your arrow,

But you’ve missed the point.

We keep on moving, but never left the start.

You are Snow White, and I am the apple,

Woken only by the kiss of another.

Cold Milk Skin



My dreams no longer hold me,
As they are a mere distraction.
Alcohol and cigarettes taint the pure shell I waxed around my brain.
Never did I think I would be standing here now,
Between dying trees and disturbed forests,
Aching for you to find me.
Past Satan's throne you may follow,
Beyond graffiti names and memories on stone walls.
Walking, searching, constantly through the maze -
To lose myself,
To leave Him behind.
I failed;
For this I am sorry, love,
As I place another stone above the dead body.
I cry for yesterday.

Rubble and underground chambers forgotten over the years,
A light which flickers dimly in the dark.
Messages whispered in long corridors;
I am lonely and need your touch.
Remaining unheard, I scream over static,
To be buried in debris at the force of my pain.

In this cemetery ground,
Beyond the forest of my invisible trails,
Is the man waiting to love his never-to-be.
In this cemetery ground,
Beyond the forest of my invisible trails,
I await my everything.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Too many things left unsaid, the undoing of an entire relationship, trying to put the pieces back up as they fall

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Bedtime By Myself

It began by thinking of the way we used to ride
When I moaned and you groaned
Hours of strong delight bursting inside
I remember the scent when I’d taste your skin


Like hypnotizing perfume, it always stayed.
The warmth that our arms genesized with a mutual grasp
Created synced movement that’d reliably bedazzle and then fade.
I’ve known in my heart we were approaching the end.


Now I’m just here, you’re over there
I cannot hurt you over dreadful things you’d do and call it fair.
Fascinating how further apart is the distance we share
It could be like we were never there.


Try to erase you from a pure mind
Mutilated by aggressive, psychotic, lustrous tendencies
That way I can have a free mind
As always, good riddance brings such sweet sorrow.


We burned as a star til its light burns out
Fast and magnetic
Like our love that we hurried to surmount.
I believed in you undoubtedly, you'll never find that true.
I wished you’d find peace of self and happiness divine
I prayed if I could give mine, you could feel happy too.


But you severed a relationship we didn’t want to die
Faith, help me through this; alone in sheets here I do lie.


Rookie Poet

Wasted life, wasted space
My memory of you has been replaced
Lies spun, tales told
And I believed them, I was sold.
How could you do that,
when I was faithful to you
And gave all that I had
To you I was true
Tear my fucking heart out
Rip it to the seams
All the while I’m unaware
Of your shameful wicked schemes
No longer my hero
No longer my friend
I blame myself; my naïve self,
For this heart I cannot mend.
Trust issues elevate,
Confidence shaken to the core
Questions unanswered, was it me?
Finally, ‘I can’t do this anymore’.
Erase the bittersweet ‘happy times’,
Rewind these six painful years,
Start afresh with a smile on your face
& straight to the pub for some beers

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Found out he was cheating the bastard, going on holidays with her while he was with me and sneaking out. So I sent him a nasty go f yourself message which made me feel better and now I'm out for good!

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When they'd invite him over,
you thought he was your friend,
until he'd lock you in your bathroom,
and rape you till no end.
He threatened that he'd kill you,
if you ever told a soul,
You were his secret sex toy,
and you were only seven years old.

The day you told me,
something in me died.
For the first time in my life,
everything made me cry.
Our sex triggered memories,
you didn't know you had.
I know it's not my fault,
but I wish I could take it back.

I did everything to help you,
and I found you a therapist.
I held your hand through the hardest part,
when you wanted to tell your parents.
They weren't that surprised to hear the news,
but what angered me the most,
that night, Tori recalled something too.

After that visit,
things spiraled out of control.
Your mom defended him,
"He was only seven years old."

She refused to delete him from Facebook,
and she refused to let you too.
She called me "jealous and controlling",
and convinced me that I am hurting you.

"As Christians, Tara, we must forgive."
That is, until she found out about our sex,
then she forced you to admit to your "sins".

I'll never forget those final days.
You yelled at me as if I were him,
and you defended him as if he were me.
You dumped me to obey your crazy family.

Months later, I saw his comment on your wall.
It was then I realized, in a way, I was raped too.
Weren't we all?

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