Monthly Archive for April 2022

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Cure All Poem allets Apr 1st
ONE EXPENSIVE BOOK Poem joy #April, #humor, #oneexpensivebook Apr 1st
APRIL FOOL'S DAY SENRYU Poem georgeschaefer #aprilfoolsday #failedhaiku #senryu Apr 1st
SPLOTCHES OF PAINT Poem georgeschaefer #splotchesofpaint Apr 1st
Chickens Sicken Poem saiom 1 Apr 1st
Purple Thistle Poem saiom Apr 1st
Jumble-crumpled Prose Pungus 1 Apr 1st
Putting Out Forest Fires Should Be A Priority Prose saiom Apr 1st
CDC Promotion of Pro-depression Antidepressants Prose saiom 2 Apr 1st
Demons And Monsters Poem LittleLennonGurl 1 Apr 1st
My messages intent Poem jpike 1 #alone #helpinghand #depression #confused #recover Apr 1st
One Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 1st
Balladeer Poem allets Apr 1st
Sing It And Write It Poem allets 4 Apr 1st
Street To Street Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 1st
Apart Poem fo0l4u Apr 1st
Incomparable Sea Poem saiom Apr 1st
Moonbeam Score Poem saiom Apr 1st
Long trails Poem Seeker Apr 1st
Tanks In Ukraine Poem saiom Apr 1st
Spring Blooms And Autumn Fruit Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Wind Blown Words. Poem sweetwater 8 Apr 2nd
Michael Dukakis Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Offroad Vehicles Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Tiny Vulnerable Feet Poem saiom Apr 2nd
The Fragrance of Peace Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Sweeter Than Jasmine's Attar Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Sweet Smell of the Rose Poem saiom Apr 2nd
SOME GIRLS LIKE Prose georgeschaefer #somegirls Apr 2nd
Belgorod, Russia Prose allets Apr 2nd
Sounds of Terror Poem saiom Apr 2nd
The Lead Wing Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Swallows And Chickens Poem saiom Apr 2nd
First Move Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Allah's Altar Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Testing Time Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 2nd
If Poem exthias1983 Apr 2nd
I Walked into Your Room Poem djtj 1 Apr 2nd
Budapest Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Himself Sun Arrays in His Own Rays Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Unbidden Come The Bees Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Awry Grows The Rye Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Blood Sweat And Tears Poem saiom Apr 2nd
EVERYTHING I KNOW Poem joy #childrensbooks, #everything I know Apr 2nd
SCARING DAVID LYNCH Poem georgeschaefer #scaringdavidlynch Apr 2nd
By the pool Poem Pungus 2 Apr 2nd
Adam's Rib Poem saiom Apr 2nd
Reflection Poem DelusionalPoet Apr 2nd
Venus And Mars Poem saiom Apr 3rd
DUKE V. UNC Poem chris Apr 3rd
Holy Engastration Prose dblackthorne black mass, blasphemy, fiction, horror, Messe Noir, psychodrama, sacrilege Apr 3rd
THE OLD NORTH STAR BAR Prose georgeschaefer #oldnorthstarbar #northstarbar Apr 3rd
Federal And State Governments Shred First Amendment Re Exposure of Animal Torture Prose saiom Apr 3rd
Nematode and Tree Toad Poem saiom Apr 3rd
Cannibalism (We Eat) Poem lyrycsyntyme 2 Apr 3rd
HIGH SCHOOL REUNION Poem chris Apr 3rd
Ungathered Rosebuds Poem saiom Apr 3rd
Violent Preachers Poem saiom Apr 3rd
Caligula's War Against Neptune Poem saiom Apr 3rd
The Bells of Hell Poem saiom Apr 3rd
Robot Vacuums And Dusty Plants Poem saiom Apr 3rd
Beware Of Pain Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 3rd
SPRING GARDEN BRIDGE Poem georgeschaefer 2 #springgarden bridge Apr 3rd
RAINDROPS Poem joy #love, #rain, #raindrops Apr 3rd
Have Faith in Love Poem saiom Apr 3rd
TRAIN RIDE Poem chris Apr 3rd
Holograms fantasied Poem Pungus 1 Apr 4th
Smell-Alerting Military Dogs Poem saiom Apr 4th
Leaders Who Were Spooks Poem saiom Apr 4th
Deep Dimensions Poem ugonna 3 Creativity, humankind, innovation, love, Peace, SDGs, sustainability, Sustainable Development Goals Apr 4th
HOSPITAL ROOM Poem chris Apr 4th
NURSING HOME Poem chris 1 Apr 4th
ALGEBRA II Poem chris Apr 4th
Garden of Eden Poem saiom Apr 4th
He Was Called Unmanly Poem saiom 1 Apr 4th
long a dreamer Prose orange Apr 4th
PLAYING CATCH UP Poem pamschwetz APRIL POEM A DAY, DAY FOUR, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, PLAYING CATCH UP Apr 4th
A SWELL SMELL Poem pamschwetz A SWELL SMELL, APRIL POEM A DAY, DAY THREE, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 4th
I Ching Poem saiom Apr 4th
American Forests Poem saiom Apr 4th
Silver Slivers Poem saiom Apr 4th
My Anchor Poem DelusionalPoet Apr 4th
Lost Love Poem DelusionalPoet Apr 4th
She is your Forever Poem DelusionalPoet Apr 4th
I still love you… Poem DelusionalPoet Apr 4th
Melting In Cold Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 4th
Audiobook War Glorification And Animal Agriculture Product Placement Poem saiom Apr 4th
WON'T NEED A SECOND CHANCE Poem pamschwetz APRIL POEM A DAY, day two, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, WON'T NEED A SECOND CHANCE Apr 4th
FRIVOLOUS Poem pamschwetz APRIL POEM A DAY, FRIVILOUS, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 4th
No Benediction Eggs Poem saiom Apr 4th
British Movement to Stop Mowing in May Gathers Momentum in US Poem saiom Apr 4th
Looking into your eyes Poem geneconner2008 Apr 4th
Limericks For Refugees Poem allets Apr 4th
THE EVOLUTION OF MUSIC IN OUR SOULS Poem joy #aging, #music, #theevolutionofmusicinoursouls Apr 4th
VLADDIE'S BLUE CHEW Poem georgeschaefer #vladdiesbluechew Apr 4th
TREE STUMP Poem georgeschaefer #treestump #bigchump Apr 4th
Yea Poem elliot_jordan2003 Apr 5th
It Was Still Alive Revised Poem williamjroneyiii Apr 5th
Soldier your not Poem elliot_jordan2003 2 Apr 5th
Silence Vs Speaking Truth Poem saiom Apr 5th
The Things That You Do (They Don't Make Sense) Poem lyrycsyntyme 4 Apr 5th
Incarnation of Love Prose saiom Apr 5th
I give you Poem geneconner2008 1 Apr 5th
The Promise Poem lyrycsyntyme 5 Apr 5th
Nonviolent Diet in India Prose saiom Apr 5th
the performer Poem orange Apr 5th
The Sweetest Thing Poem lyrycsyntyme 4 Apr 5th
My Pledge Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 5th
RHYTHM AND RHYME Poem pamschwetz APRIL POEM A DAY, DAY FIVE, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, RHYTHM AND RHYME Apr 5th
WATCH OUT FOR THE KNOW IT ALLS Poem pamschwetz National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, WATCH OUT FOR THE KNOW IT ALLS Apr 5th
Britannia Ruled the Waves Poem saiom 1 Apr 5th
I PREFER HEAVEN Poem pamschwetz 1 I PREFER HEAVEN, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 5th
WHO DOESN'T HAVE TIME Poem pamschwetz National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, WHO DOESN'T HAVE TIME Apr 5th
IT'S NICE TO BE CONCISE Poem pamschwetz IT'S NICE TO BE CONCISE, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 5th
Mongers In the Name of Love Poem saiom Apr 5th
Less Is More Poem allets 6 Apr 5th
Hunting Poem allets Apr 5th
worth less Poem Morningglory 2 Apr 5th
The Torch Gives Of Itself Entire Poem saiom Apr 5th
Bait Poem saiom Apr 5th
The Tides of Marching Poem THWYALG Apr 5th
RECREATION Poem pamschwetz National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, RECREATION Apr 5th
THE STAR CATCHER Poem joy 1 #Dream, #fantasy, #stars, #thestarcatcher Apr 5th
BRAG ABOUT NORMAN FELL Poem georgeschaefer #brag #bragaboutnormanfell Apr 5th
STATUE OF ROCKY Poem georgeschaefer 2 #statueofrocky Apr 5th
Vulnerable Postrain Earthworms Poem saiom Apr 5th
Terrified Squirrel Poem saiom Apr 5th
Monsoon Poem allets Apr 6th
The Journey Poem williamjroneyiii Apr 6th
Becoming Otherself Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 6th
OBSESSED Poem pamschwetz National Poetry Month, obsessed, pamschwetz, PQAM SCHWETZ Apr 6th
Goodbye Earth Poem allets 2 Apr 6th
Quarantines, Curfews, Draconian Mandates Poem saiom Apr 6th
Apple Biochemistry Poem saiom Apr 6th
Digital Chains Poem patriciajj 13 Apr 6th
The girl up next is most likely similar to your ex Poem jpike Apr 6th
TAMING OF A SHREW Poem georgeschaefer #taming #shrew Apr 6th
CIGARETTE BUTTS Poem georgeschaefer 2 #cigarettebutts Apr 6th
IF WAR WAS TOLD IN A CHILDREN'S BOOK Poem joy 1 #children, #ifwarwastoldinachildrensbook, #War Apr 6th
What's your favorite cereal? Poem Pungus 1 Apr 6th
Stories Of a Girl's Childhood Poem saiom Apr 6th
STICK IN THE MUD Poem pamschwetz APRIL POEM A DAY, DAY SIX, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz, STICK IN THE MUD Apr 6th
Growing Figs Not Murdered Pigs Poem saiom Apr 6th
Weeding Is Plant Racism Poem saiom 1 Apr 6th
The fun of mobile ringtones Prose allenoneil Fun, mobile ringtones Apr 7th
DOMINATRIX AT 30TH STREET STATION Prose georgeschaefer #30thstreetstation #dominatrix Apr 7th
Supreme Court Justices Who Should Be Impeached Prose saiom Apr 7th
Freeze The Planet Prose allets 2 Apr 7th
thick as thieves Prose orange Apr 7th
pattern recognition Prose orange Apr 7th
Heba-ra, Rashid, Rachad, Rarchad: Dumaal! Prose blackGOD Apr 7th
Privatized Prison Profiteers And US Highest Rate of Imprisonment Prose saiom Apr 7th
BUTTERSCOTCH KRIMPET Poem georgeschaefer 2 #tastykakes #butterscotchkrimpets Apr 7th
Blue Targets Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 7th
Within My Storm Poem exthias1983 Apr 7th
Perfection (The Perfect Lie) Poem LittleLennonGurl Apr 7th
READING BETWEEN THE LINES Poem joy #inspiration, #life, #readingbetweenthelines Apr 7th
A CAT Poem pamschwetz A CAT, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 7th
Sandal voyage Poem Pungus 2 Apr 8th
The First Anniversary Of My Friend's Death Poem randyjohnson Apr 8th
Rattlesnake---Part 4 Poem Pungus Apr 8th
HOSPITAL Poem chris 1 Apr 8th
Disappointing Prose Pungus 3 Apr 8th
Two Roses Prose saiom 1 Apr 8th
Contrbutions Poem allets Apr 8th
Little Interest In Biography At Funeral Poem allets 4 Apr 8th
MEANDERTHAL MAN Poem georgeschaefer #meandering #meanderthalman Apr 8th
IMPOLITE TO ASK Poem georgeschaefer 2 #impolite #impolitetoask Apr 8th
OCEAN PONDERINGS Poem joy 1 #Ocean, #oceanponderings Apr 8th
The Best Networking Principles For Video Production Companies Poem twelve12 video production company irvine Apr 8th
Ketanji SCOTUS Prose allets Apr 8th
AN ABUNDANCE OF THOUGHTS Poem pamschwetz AN ABUNDANCE OF THOUGHTS, APRIL POEM A DAY, DAY SEVEN, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 8th
California Vs Mammal Murderers Poem saiom 1 Apr 8th
Mavourneen Poem saiom Apr 8th
Editing A Priest's Sermon Poem saiom 1 Apr 8th
Unsigned Fruit Poem saiom Apr 8th
Moraine Lake Poem saiom 1 Apr 8th
Violent Politics, Violent Power Poem saiom Apr 8th
Death Qualified Juries Poem saiom Apr 8th
Spiritual Advice From India Poem saiom 1 Apr 8th
The Buddha and Francis Poem saiom 1 Apr 8th
Julius Caesar Poem saiom 2 Apr 9th
Stand Alone Poem katie47404 1 Apr 9th
Bloody Words Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 9th
MASTER GARDENER Poem joy #flowers, #garden, #life, #mastergardener Apr 9th
Unspoken Love Poem saiom Apr 9th
an alien Poem orange 2 Apr 9th
Round Planets Poem saiom Apr 9th
Palm Trees Defronded For Palm Sunday Poem saiom 3 Apr 9th
Reverse Osmosis Water .. Yes or No Prose saiom Apr 9th
Petro Pawn Palin Is Running For Congress Prose saiom Apr 9th
hide fox, and all after Prose orange 2 Apr 9th
Happy Birthday 1 Poem williamjroneyiii Apr 9th
A Majority of the World's Countries Have Stricter Food Standards than US Poem saiom 1 Apr 10th
769 Athletes in 1 Year Avg Age 23 Cardiac Arrest Vaccine Generated Prose saiom Apr 10th
To Honor Liberty Prose mysweetdakini Apr 10th
The Green Of Gangrene Poem saiom Apr 10th
SGT. SLAUGHTER Poem georgeschaefer #sgtslaughter Apr 10th
Excused From Slavery To The King Poem saiom Apr 10th
The Sun Has Spun Poem saiom 1 Apr 10th
Linda Poem williamjroneyiii Apr 10th
Heron Clan April 10 , 2022 Princess, One Eye, Maid in City Poem djtj 1 Apr 10th
Inhuman Poem EventHorizon Apr 10th
Feminine marijuana scented cologne Poem Morningglory 4 Apr 10th
A MATTER OF TASTE Poem pamschwetz A MATTER OF TASTE, APRIOL POEM A DAY, DAY TEN POETRY PROMPT, National Poetry Month, Pam Schwetz, pamschwetz Apr 10th
Bubble bath Poem Seeker Apr 10th
Never again be whole Poem torn_and_bleeding # #life #suffering #sadness #pain #love #relationships Apr 10th
I Will Never Change Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 10th
Believing in the Sun Poem saiom Apr 10th
Protected Journeys for all Travelers Poem saiom Apr 10th
TOWN THAT BOOED SANTA Poem georgeschaefer #townthatbooedsanta Apr 10th
A BREAKING POEM Poem pamschwetz A BREAKING POEM, National Poetry Month, PAM SCJWETZ. APRIL POEM A DAY, pamschwetz Apr 10th
In Christianity, Contraception, Papal Infallibility, Married And Women Priests, Reincarnation, Vegetarianism Prose saiom Apr 11th
Wouldn't fight for me Poem torn_and_bleeding # #life #suffering #sadness #pain #past #love #relationships Apr 11th
Banana And Apple Poem saiom Apr 11th
Pools of Light Poem saiom Apr 11th
Los Generales 2 Poem williamjroneyiii Apr 11th
APPROVAL Poem georgeschaefer #approval Apr 11th
LOVER OF SUBVERSIVE ART Poem georgeschaefer #lover #subversiveart Apr 11th
THE MASTERS AND MY DAD Poem joy #dad, #family, #golf, #themastersandmydad, #traditions Apr 11th
Talking Out Conflict Poem saiom Apr 11th
The Compass In Compassion Poem saiom Apr 11th
Nativity Poem saiom Apr 11th
Suffocation Suffering Poem saiom Apr 11th
Don't Be Cowed Poem saiom Apr 11th
Fork And Pen Poem saiom Apr 11th
Creating Sickness For Mammon Poem saiom Apr 11th
Angela Lansbury Caught Falling Stars Poem saiom Apr 11th
Where Was The Justice Poem satishverma # #betrayal #life #forgiveness #suffering #sadness #pain #mistakes #madness #let me be Apr 11th
Wake Me Up Poem DaveBrowder Apr 11th
Straight From The Grave Poem DaveBrowder Apr 11th
Scavengers of Loosh Poem EventHorizon Apr 11th
Southern Touch Poem DaveBrowder Apr 11th
Angels Poem DaveBrowder Apr 11th
Red carpet yoga mat Poem Pungus 1 Apr 11th
Plan of Betrayal Poem saiom Apr 11th
Angel Falls of Peru Poem saiom Apr 11th
Capital Gain Poem allets 4 Apr 12th
Tripolar Poem saiom Apr 12th
Fallen Angels Poem saiom Apr 12th
Our Bond Poem gaurav2000 Apr 12th
What Actor Can't Disguise Poem saiom Apr 12th
How a Foxhunter Met His End Poem saiom Apr 12th
Therapist Poem saiom Apr 12th
Lucifer's Return To Divine Love Poem saiom 1 Apr 12th
Gathering The Stream Poem saiom Apr 12th