He loved the stories his Grandpa would tell when he’d visit him on the reservation…his favorite story…the one he’d always ask for…was about the stars…and their creation.


“The stars form secretly in the Earth”, Grandpa would begin, as he set him on his knee… “they drift under the surface until they find the roots of the cottonwood tree.”


“If there is a reason they choose the cottonwood…only the stars and the trees know why….the stars enter the roots…then work their way up…and wait till they are needed by the sky.


When the night sky asks the wind for more stars so the starlight can be increased,…the wind shakes the cottonwood branches, and when some break…new stars are released.


These new stars, just set free…who are only beginning to understand their light….ride upon the wind to take their places in the night.


The night sky ask these new stars to twinkle as their new life begins…it’s her way of showing the stars are safe…and saying thank you to the wind.


But Grandpa’s story doesn’t end there…if fact for his grandson, this is where it starts…as what happens next….is…and always will be…his grandson’s favorite part.


Together they gather fallen cottonwood twigs…and wait till the time is right…when the weather is calm, the sky is clear…and stars fill up the night.


They know this part by heart for they always follow the same plan…they close their eyes hold their twigs up high…then snap them as fast as they can


When they open their eyes they check the twig to see if a star pattern they can find…because the pattern is the shadow the new star has left behind…


Then they look up to the sky again…they they look high and they look far…If they see a twinkle in the sky…it’s a thank you from their star.


He love visiting his Grandpa…and if you ask him the reason why…

He’ll gladly tell you it’s because of all the stars they have sent up to the sky.





He asked his God, “Why did you leave so many stars in the sky

when all your creating was done…

“With so many people making wishes.” His God said.

“I realized I needed more than one.”


“And the more stars I created

the more people’s wishes grew and grew and grew…

which means if you keep wishing 

one day…


you’ll find the star

that will make all your wishes come true.”


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What is it about stars that captures our imagination?

Have you ever wondered why 

we are so enamored with that giant Lite-Brite in the sky? 


Why do we find romance and mystery

in those twinkling little beams?

Why do we so easily attach to them

our wishes…

our hopes 

our dreams?


Why do we find so much wonder in their existence?

Why do their beauty we applaud?

Why among them do we create our heavens?

Why is it there we place our Gods?


Could it be when we walk in the night

and see the stars aglow

we realize how tiny we are and all the things we do not know?


Could it be when we look up to the sky at night

and see how she’s star-kissed

it’s easier to believe that beauty

and wonder

and miracles do exist.


Perhaps the stars are here to remind us

even in our darkest night

all we need to do is look up…if we want to see the light.


Or perhaps since imagination is a trait

that is uniquely ours….

It’s not the stars that capture our imagination

It’s our imagination that captures the stars.


I have often wondered on a silent night when stars are all I see

If there is someone on a distant star who’s looking up at me…


I wonder…looking up…how many life forms can there be…

and if I ever met one would he or she look or act like me


Can he walk and talk and sing and dance?

Can she climb a tree…or swim?

I’ve even often wondered if they come in hers and hims?


Do they have mountains on their stars?

Do they have trains and planes and cars?

If they have a sun and moon…do they rise and set like ours?


Do they have lakes and oceans?

What do they do for fun?

Are they divided into separate groups…or do they live as one?


I wonder if our two stars ever met…how well would we blend?

And is it even possible for two stars to be friends?


Yes, I have often wondered on a silent night when stars are all I see

If there is someone on a distant star who’s looking up at me…


Are there other beings wondering the same…as they look at the stars?

And though I do not know the answer…


I like to think there are.