Holy Engastration

I. The Demon inserts the pig-bloodied infant jesus back & forth up into Mary's womb and anal canal. She has no choice but to ejaculate.

II. All night long, Demons swarm about her, defiled in every conceivable manner, in an orgy of brutal lust! Glazing her quivering flesh in burning, oozing effluvium.

III. The torso is gutted, inserting the infant into the gaping cavity facing head up {to "god"}. The diabolically smiling Demon then sews the belly back together, both ALIVE. Both simultaneously cry up from her throat, crying, whimpering, praying and singing sickly, hauntingly eerie melodies of gospel together.

IV. No prayers answered, demons carve the pentagram upon the chest, forehead, hands, feet, and pubic mound. The inverse cross upon the abdomen.

V. Impaled & crucified, thick nails are pounded into the wrists and feet, then inversed and set aflame. Squeals and screeches emanate therefrom, as the Feast of The Beast is prepared, who shall dine on shish-kebabbed hellfired flesh. ∞

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Horror psychodrama with Messe Noir applications.