We couldn’t help but notice her…on the sand…washed up by the sea…stretched out in the sun…what remained of a driftwood tree.


I wondered how she found her way here…naked on the shore of our state park…Did the incessant waves on her journey strip away her bark?


I had so many questions for this lonely driftwood tree…How long have you been drifting?…Did you travel across the sea?


What started you on your journey?  How’d you end up on this sand?

Are you from a nearby island…or from a far off distant land?


Was it frightening on the ocean…once that enormous wave you caught?

Have you enjoyed the freedom….of not being rooted to one spot?


What’s it like to take a trip with destinations undefined?

How long have you been drifting?

Do you miss the trees you left behind?


Have you met other trees along the way?  Were you able to make friends?

Are you heading out tomorrow or is this where your journey ends?


I asked her all these questions…but of course she did not answer me…

just another illustration of the mysteries of the sea.


One question was answered however…for on another day as we walked along the beach at dawn…when we reached the spot where we first saw her…the driftwood tree was gone.



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Dear humans,


I am an octopus and I’m unhappy with how you humans think you’re so great.

You might say I have a bone to pick with you…

which would be true if I weren’t an invertebrate.


I want you to know I am more than just a cephalopod

with 8 tentacles who spits out a little ink

for I too have a brain, in fact with nine of them…

and I am much smarter than you think


I have learned to use different tools and I solve problems too

and what if all those times you think you’re watching me…

I’ve been watching you.


You humans think with your one heart you’re as loving as can be…

Well think again mere humans…for every octopus has three.


So the next time you’re feeling superior…

the next time you think that you’re so great

remember…most animals in the world live in the ocean…

and most, like me, are invertebrates.


Please do not lament these facts…

do not become a sourpuss…

I’m sure you have some good qualities too…




The Octopus


P. S. I know you’re proud of your ability to write…

and to be fair I think that’s great

but in the time it takes you to write one letter…

I’ve already written eight!


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"An Oceans Voice"

A voice is an ocean roaring.

It can roll along in endless waves, or stand there silent.

It can swell in size to make its presence known,

or shrink from veiw as well as size as if to seem alone.

An oceans quiet roaring is pleasing to the ear,

and a voice when soft and plesant is very nice to hear.

But sometimes they are harsh and mean,

and rise into a strom a swell or in between.

But no matter what it is an ocean or a voice.

it holds a place inside of you, a place you must rejoice.

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Sun and Moon

I love you

I love you how the plants love the sun

And how the moon loves the earth

I love you from a far

And you have no idea what you do to me

But you make the ocean in my mind

Create waves that destroy my world

And the seeds blossom into vibrant roses

Full of color

Full of life

But at the same time you are the man with the clippers

Clipping each rose of love you have grown

And giving them

To someone else

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Salty Death

Weights strapped to your lower legs

launched into the frigid pit

falling deeper into the stygian pool

your lungs filled to the very brim

no hope of avoiding the result

that this very moment has brought you to:

a salty death


You will choke and scream but no one will be there to hear

your pleas as the water will continue to enter your mouth,

deeper and deeper, you will cascade down into the darkness,

suffocated by the salty poison, wishing death would come



All but Forgotten, you will sleep with the fishes,

they will engorge themselves on your rotting flesh,

unseen to humans eyes, where light cannot touch,

the bottom of the ocean that timeless abyss where

everything vanishes.


A salty death is what you get,

discarded of like human excrement

reused and reused,

nothing but fish food.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is how the Mob gets rid of their evidence. I saw it in an episode of the Sopranos.

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