Monthly Archive for October 2010

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A new life......... its only the beginning :) Poem jezsa418 Other Oct 1st
6. The children of the Jackal Poem doktoravalanche Oct 1st
Vanity Poem doktoravalanche Oct 1st
Awaken, child Poem doktoravalanche Oct 1st
Rick and Vernie's Wedding Poem randyjohnson love Oct 1st
A PRAYER FOR MY PAKISTAN Poem emmenay Patriotic Oct 1st
Poison masked as candy can be missed* Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 1st
Finding Happiness Poem nkorinko Life/Living Oct 1st
My "N" Word Poem rashmiitz Oct 1st
Kingdom of the Mad by Esiaba Irobi Poem odengalasi Abstract Oct 1st
'10 My Weight Discussion With Dave Poem Joel Abstract Oct 1st
I'll be here Poem jezsa418 love Oct 1st
Footnote: Recess Poem Starward Tanka Oct 1st
Footnote: Perspective Poem Starward Tanka Oct 1st
the lost tea sets, Poem iaminacocoon Oct 1st
'10 My Days Without C. J. Poem Joel Oct 1st
Sky Aquarium Poem owlcrkbrg 2 Oct 2nd
Guns Poem TheKrook marriage Oct 2nd
Toad Poem profrksingh 1 Haiku Oct 2nd
Love Poem otuyaxpresses Oct 2nd
A few notes On Hernia Symposium Poem shazi work Oct 2nd
vacuum Poem shazi family Oct 2nd
Farewell notes Mr Harikrishnan Poem shazi 1 friendship Oct 2nd
Quintuplets Poem randyjohnson Comedy/Humor Oct 2nd
Razors Poem TheKrook Memories Oct 2nd
Death Poem susiemayee 1 Oct 2nd
A MIGHTY PRAYER * Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 2nd
A lonely sea Poem emadjav Oct 3rd
Spun Poem anflanagan Oct 3rd
I Knew It Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
I Just Want You to Go to Hell Poem korndoggy Anger Violent Oct 4th
Dip the Bag Poem korndoggy Lust Oct 4th
Unreadable Poem korndoggy New Love Oct 4th
Untitled -- 10.4.2010 Poem korndoggy family Oct 4th
Untitled -- 10.4.2010 Poem korndoggy Oct 4th
Everything Bad Poem korndoggy Lost love Oct 4th
A Place Lost Now Poem korndoggy Lost love Oct 4th
Make the Miles Disappear Poem korndoggy long distance Oct 4th
That, I Will Do Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
I Could Just Die Tonight Poem korndoggy 2 death Oct 4th
I Am Still Lonely Poem korndoggy Loneliness Oct 4th
Untitled -- 10.4.2010 Poem korndoggy Bittersweet Oct 4th
Untitled -- 10.4.2010 Poem korndoggy Oct 4th
Untitled -- 10.4.2010 Poem korndoggy Oct 4th
Confess - audio on myspace Poem korndoggy choices Oct 4th
One Last Fuck Poem korndoggy Lust Oct 4th
Shoplifting Poem randyjohnson Other Oct 4th
Oh Why Oh Why Poem korndoggy Abuse Oct 4th
Who Knew? Poem phil_carcione 4 Oct 4th
The Luck Side of Death Poem nzubeidi Oct 4th
Running From My Shadow Poem metaphorist 1 Oct 4th
Jus you.. Poem workm Lust Oct 4th
Smilin' Over Us Poem korndoggy family Oct 4th
Break Down N Die Poem korndoggy Depression Oct 4th
Maybe You're Not Stuck on Me Poem korndoggy 1 Anger Violent Oct 4th
Your Best Friend Poem korndoggy Oct 4th
Kayla (Do I Know You) Poem korndoggy Hope Oct 4th
Ignorama Poem korndoggy 1 Hate Oct 4th
Are We Still Lovers (Or Are We Just Friends) Poem korndoggy Lost love Oct 4th
Solvent Poem korndoggy Lost love Oct 4th
Useless Poem korndoggy Depression Oct 4th
Father's Day! Poem korndoggy Fury Unleashed Oct 4th
truth Poem woman1026 Awakening Oct 4th
I Keep Pushin' Them Away Poem korndoggy Fear Oct 4th
Nothin' Like Me Poem korndoggy sadness Oct 4th
I am searching Poem christianpoetry... Oct 4th
Jesus we need You Poem christianpoetry... Oct 4th
Let's Write A Story Poem dakota 1 Loneliness Oct 4th
I Only Get Better Poem korndoggy Breaking Up Oct 4th
Estrella Distante del Caribe............. Poem heavensunrise Abstract Oct 4th
God I feel like sometimes Poem geneconner2008 Oct 4th
I am searching Poem geneconner2008 Oct 4th
Jesus we need You Poem geneconner2008 Oct 4th
God I feel like sometimes Poem christianpoetry... Oct 4th
You're Gonna Cry Over Me Poem korndoggy Lost love Oct 4th
A Reason Not to Cry Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
Let You In Poem korndoggy Fear Oct 4th
Fear of Falling Poem korndoggy Fear Oct 4th
Amazing Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
Something That I Told You Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
So Now You Poem korndoggy regret Oct 4th
Before I Get Too Bad Poem korndoggy love Oct 4th
I Can't Tell If I'm Sorry Poem korndoggy 1 Betrayal Oct 4th
You Will Regret Poem korndoggy Betrayal Oct 4th
You Know You Used Me Poem korndoggy Betrayal Oct 4th
Back Stab Poem anflanagan Oct 4th
CABAZONIA Poem dblackthorne Nature/Environment Oct 5th
If I spilled my guts out Poem anflanagan Oct 5th
Empty Poem Loneliness Oct 5th
I Won't Be Broken Up Poem korndoggy Addiction Oct 5th
Oh Please, Will You Poem korndoggy Anger Violent Oct 5th
Death Becomes Him Poem korndoggy death Oct 5th
Beneath My Conscious Mind Poem takemewithy0u Lost love Oct 5th
I Wish Poem susiemayee Oct 5th
What of loneliness Poem amaru911 Compassion Oct 5th
Never Could've Had a Damn Thing Go Right Poem korndoggy Hate Oct 5th
rays of light Poem angelous love Oct 6th
the city in between waking and dreaming Poem thekirby romance Oct 6th
MY LOVE FOR MY WOMAN Poem emmenay Oct 6th
My Final Letter to My Best Friend Poem amaru911 friendship Oct 6th
Stain Poem Crisscrossed 2 Bittersweet Oct 6th
Cut Poem pikurpoison Oct 6th
Only Human Poem rashmiitz Oct 6th
BY MY LOYAL BELOVED SHALL I ALWAYS BE (Written by Daphne John for Naveed when "Those Were The Days" Poem emmenay Oct 6th
WHAT NAVEED MEANS TO ME (Written by Daphne John for her beloved man) Poem emmenay 2 Oct 6th
Forever On My Own! Poem korndoggy Breaking Up Oct 6th
Alone Poem exthias1983 2 Loneliness Oct 6th
My Final Letter to the World Poem amaru911 death Oct 6th
Now what? (Unspoken words) Poem Avantgarde Oct 6th
Pretend I Believe in You Poem korndoggy 2 Dark Love Oct 6th
precious soul Poem angelous Lost love Oct 6th
`A British soldier died on this hill today ` Poem mack619 Oct 6th
Shield and Protect Poem wishful_thinking Oct 7th
Today Poem wishful_thinking Oct 7th
The Words That Deny Me Poem onemanwar 2 Missing You Oct 7th
Brokenhearted Poem rashmiitz Oct 7th
her friend Poem angelous Hate Oct 7th
HATE Poem angelous 1 Hate Oct 7th
What If Poem bishu 2 Abstract Oct 7th
Haiku Poem deadpoetssociety Oct 7th
Desire Poem deadpoetssociety Oct 7th
Apathy Poem deadpoetssociety Oct 7th
'10 Candy Corn Poem Joel 6 desire, Humor, love, Lust, relationship Oct 7th
One pair of worn ballet slippers Poem gabii 2 family Oct 7th
Desperate to break out of hell Poem fighter4life Pain/Sorrow Oct 7th
One Poem fighter4life love Oct 7th
NIGHT SOLILOQUY Poem emmenay Oct 7th
Liar Poem brenda Oct 7th
Blindness Poem brenda Oct 7th
My Fear Poem nkorinko Fear Oct 7th
`Give thanks he is a British soldier.` Poem mack619 Heroism/Heroes Oct 7th
Say a Prayer For My Soul, Senorita Poem life_used_to_be... Oct 7th
Stress Poem deadpoetssociety Oct 7th
Shadow of Love Poem SoulKritiC Lost love Oct 13th
American Soldier Poem SoulKritiC 1 war and sorrow Oct 13th
Searchlight Poem metaphorist Oct 13th
Maxed Out Poem metaphorist Oct 13th
Not Wanting You, I Just Cannot Pretend Poem korndoggy 1 friendship, Hope, hurt, Lost love, relationship Oct 13th
Now That the Truth Comes Out Poem korndoggy anger, cheating, deception, lies, relationship Oct 13th
Still Be the Same Poem korndoggy cheating, lies, Lost love, regret, relationship Oct 13th
Rebirth of St. John's by Uzoma Nwaekpe. Poem odengalasi acculturation Oct 13th
My Zen Poem SoulKritiC reflections Oct 13th
Anagarika Poem SoulKritiC reflections Oct 13th
I Don't Need To Know Poem korndoggy Breaking Up, cheat, lies, love, relationships Oct 13th
Dreams Never Come True Poem korndoggy Breaking Up, dream, lie, love, relationship Oct 13th
I LOVE THE FALL Poem chris Oct 14th
PLAYGROUND Poem chris Oct 14th
Please buy a Poppy Poem mack619 POETRY, POPPY APPEAL, ROYAL BRITISH LEGION Oct 14th
Relapse Poem fighter4life Oct 14th
FALL IS HERE AGAIN (2) Poem ladydp2000 nature fall free verse Oct 14th
Wind and Window Flower by Robert Frost Poem luckystar Oct 14th
A Dream within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe Poem luckystar Oct 14th
Shall I Compare Thee (Sonnet XVIII) by William Shakespeare Poem luckystar Oct 14th
MOON, STAR, AND THE HEART Poem shadow88d Hidden Love Oct 14th
You damn bullies Poem randyjohnson death, sad, Suicide Oct 14th
CAT Poem chris Oct 14th
THE UNCIVIL WAR Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
OUR VERITABLE STORM * Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
Grandfather Poem anexod 1 Oct 14th
The message you sent Poem raminastar Oct 14th
Sketched Across My Skin Poem forgeteden 2 Oct 14th
If You Only Knew Me Poem exthias1983 1 Life, me, Spirituality Oct 14th
LOVE LIVES HERE FOR YOU* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
IF PARCHED DREAMS COULD TALK # Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
A WORTHWHILE LOVE* Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
GLORY TIMES * Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
THE MAGIC OF YOU * Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
CHOOSE SHALL I NOT TO FLATTER THEE * Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
FRAGMENTS ** Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 14th
THINK! Poem K-S stupid Oct 15th
Show Them Poem K-S fight back Oct 15th
Homeless Poem K-S 1 Oct 15th
Run Away To Nowhere Poem K-S Dreaming Oct 15th
I Fear The Future Poem K-S 1 i dont know Oct 15th
Strange Poem Poem K-S weird Oct 15th
We Are The End Poem K-S Oct 15th
Nature Is Power Poem K-S Oct 15th
Beach Poem om3ga_ Oct 15th
Winter Haiku Poem om3ga_ Oct 15th
Last Sonnet Poem om3ga_ Oct 15th
Symbol of Hope Poem om3ga_ Oct 15th
Haunted Chimes Poem dblackthorne Oct 15th
Moonlight Shadows Poem dblackthorne Oct 15th
The Lurker In The Lake Poem dblackthorne Oct 15th
IT Poem chris Oct 15th
I LOVE THE FALL Poem chris Oct 15th
Special Saying Poem JustADreamGirl21 If only there was a day that everyone could feel this way!! Oct 15th
Secrets Of The Wind Poem mittens4444 secrets Oct 15th
No Time For Goodbyes Poem mittens4444 creatures, death, Fear, Goodbye, night Oct 15th
LIFE GOES ON Poem shadow88d Life/Living Oct 15th
A RED WINE CONVICT Poem palewingedpoetess Oct 15th
UGLY GIRL Poem shadow88d DIFFERENT Oct 15th
Debt to society Poem cam debts, Depression, Loneliness Oct 15th
Worth something to you Poem ozzypoemgirl Oct 15th
The One I Thought Got Away; Thank you for doing so Poem luckystar Oct 15th
Oh, My Soul Poem wishful_thinking Oct 15th
Castle In The Mist {Palace of Divine Madness} Poem dblackthorne Oct 16th
Devil Lake Poem dblackthorne Oct 16th
over man Poem rashmiitz Oct 16th
Sneaky Ho Poem korndoggy break up, cheat, lie, relationship, whore Oct 16th
Fire of the Soul Poem Rookie123 1 Oct 16th
Suspense Poem K-S Oct 16th
Loose Thoughts Poem K-S Oct 16th
Demon Train Poem dblackthorne Oct 16th
I stuck my penis in a lamp socket Poem randyjohnson funny Oct 16th
A Visit... Poem dblackthorne Oct 16th
Only you Poem clutchforbalance Oct 16th
Fate's plan Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 16th
Breathe me in Poem clutchforbalance 1 Oct 16th
Two-way mirror Poem clutchforbalance Oct 16th
Out There Poem Rookie123 confused, Thinkful Oct 16th
Why Poem Rookie123 confused, Questioning Oct 16th
Things I could say Poem clutchforbalance Oct 16th
Sadly it did Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 17th
It was only just a dream!! Poem JustADreamGirl21 1 In my thoughts.. Oct 17th
Empty Makes Me Strong Poem forgeteden 1 Anorexia, Eating Disorder Oct 17th
Jesus was a family man Poem randyjohnson religion Oct 17th
Black Lights Poem dblackthorne Oct 17th
In A Matter Of moments Poem vilmazab 2 love poems Oct 17th
Spins, sinister spinsters' splinters Poem bharat deliverance, Geography, geometry, Life, motion Oct 17th
Lucifer's Lighthouse Poem dblackthorne 1 Oct 17th
Satan House Poem dblackthorne Oct 17th
OH THAT TAPESTRY (revised) Poem heatherburns35 Life Oct 17th
The Toad---Lol Poem spookywitch 1 For Toads everywhere Oct 17th
I Have Actually Lost It :( Poem K-S 1 Oct 17th
Little One Poem dolphinscry13 baby Oct 17th
I Can't Poem Rookie123 Oct 17th
You know you're a liar Poem running_with_rabbits 4 Oct 17th
Tractors & Caravans Poem K-S strange Oct 17th
Join Me Poem K-S Oct 17th
Ice cream and beer Poem ray_strickland 1 Oct 17th
Ang Hirap Sa Iyo Poem vilmazab undefined Oct 17th
All these Godly powers and still you leave me none Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
But I can't Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 17th
Freedom Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 17th
Fuck Knowledge, Ignorance is bliss Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
I didn’t see the subtle abuse until the violent opened my eyes Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
The bondage of denial Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
We love how love is demonstrated Poem running_with_rabbits Oct 17th
You get off Scott Free Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Oct 17th
Missing Her Poem sbriere baby, change, love, missing Oct 18th
Love Poem sbriere baby, forever, love Oct 18th
All The Same Poem K-S Oct 18th
smile from ear to ear Poem babbygirl 1 Oct 18th
Little Dry Hands, Soft Moist Lips, and the day lies ahead Poem mrchad Oct 18th
You Changed Me Poem K-S Oct 18th
Soldiers Poem K-S Oct 18th