Monthly Archive for November 2009

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Rat race Poem not_an_addict Nov 1st
THIS POEM BORN OF MY DESIRE* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 2nd
Your Love and that Look (10 month poem) Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
Birthday Wish Poem shawon1982 Nov 2nd
Winter Poem C.Locke Nov 2nd
LETTING GO Poem chris Song Lyrics Nov 2nd
STOP Poem chris Song Lyrics Nov 2nd
Thanks For The Memories Poem vilmazab 1 Nov 2nd
WHO KOWS? Poem chris Abstract Nov 2nd
HOW I MISS HER! Poem emmenay 1 love Nov 2nd
Monday Morning, 4 AM Poem scorpion1977 Life/Living Nov 2nd
"Chrysalis" Poem The1TrueMojo Nov 2nd
Lonely Heart Poem ChandaBurton Nov 2nd
You Held on So Long Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
let me trust you Poem ililixriot Nov 2nd
The Point of No Return Poem desert_rose Abstract Nov 2nd
Reading In The Old Testament Poem Starward Faith Nov 2nd
Our Love (11 month poem) Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
WE SHALL REVEL IN OUR UNION* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 2nd
The Months Keep Rolling Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
Raw Poem kristy Pain/Sorrow Nov 2nd
Rapere Poem kyoksil Nov 2nd
I Dislike it When I Leave You Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
You Complete Me Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
No Words Could Explain (2007 Valentine poem) Poem Silver__lining Nov 2nd
SEEKING Poem heatherburns35 Nov 2nd
I WONDER Poem chris Abstract Nov 3rd
AS I WAITED FOR YOU* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 3rd
El Dolor De Amar Poem daretoy love Nov 3rd
Anguilla anguilla Poem rbpoetry Nature/Environment Nov 3rd
La encontre Poem daretoy love Nov 3rd
Fine By Me Poem cooper Awakening Nov 3rd
i just cant live like this anymore Poem ililixriot long distance Nov 3rd
THE PATH IN WHICH TO FOLLOW Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Nov 3rd
Controller's Calcuations. Poem halfbaykdbrownie 1 Abuse Nov 3rd
WHAT'S IT REALLY MEAN? Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Nov 3rd
Would you mind Poem cooper Nov 3rd
WEIGHT PROBLEM Poem trivking64 1 Song Lyrics Nov 3rd
Snippets from the Sages Poem meso Nov 3rd
THE HANDS OF TIME Poem trivking64 1 Music/Musician Nov 3rd
His Columbary Poem vilmazab 1 Nov 3rd
Revolution Poem spacecowboy Nov 3rd
PRAYER IS BETTER THAN SLEEP... Poem emmenay Spirituality Nov 3rd
WAITING FOR MY LOVE Poem roxy9965 3 Soul mates Nov 3rd
Sacrifice (impurities) Poem cooper Anger NonViolent Nov 4th
Be Anxious For Nothing Poem trumpet7 inspiration Nov 4th
14 Month Poem Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
You're Sick but I Still Love You (March 6, 2007) Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
I TOOK A WALK THE OTHER DAY Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Nov 4th
Secret Poem charlax7 Culture/Society Nov 4th
WallFloweRLoveR Poem charlax7 Acceptance Nov 4th
My Mrs.Clause (13 Month Poem) Poem Silver__lining 1 Nov 4th
One Year Poem (Jan 2007) Poem Silver__lining Nov 4th
""Natinik Ako ng Isang Rosas"" Poem darklion love Nov 4th
Messege to Steven Poem not_an_addict Nov 4th
A Simple Kiss Poem Asheron 2 Nov 4th
The Reaper Cries Poem Asheron 1 Nov 4th
A November Sky Poem 9inety Nov 4th
insanity! Poem necro-zydrate 2 Lost love Nov 4th
Trust Poem rbpoetry Betrayal Nov 4th
Evocation Of The Most Minor Poet Poem Starward 1 Abstract Nov 4th
Between Dr Who and The Twilight Zone Poem rbpoetry Unrequited Love Nov 4th
Too little, Too late Poem DarkStatic Lost love Nov 5th
Remember When Poem martal_arts Abstract Nov 5th
Journey of Mine Poem Chase Nov 5th
Death Comes Calling Poem lostwonder Nov 5th
Staring Death in the Eyes Poem cherry_blossom Nov 5th
ABOUT MY HAPPINESS AND SADNESS Poem emmenay Life/Living Nov 5th
HAVE YOU EVER? Poem teresa_r Nov 5th
A Lesson in History Poem meso Nov 6th
Poverty Alleviation Conference Poem meso Nov 6th
Spreading Your Wings Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Queries to a career woman Poem meso Nov 6th
Change Poem spacecowboy Nov 6th
Broken mirror Poem lovelymissrai 1 Awakening Nov 6th
Dawn Poem furgeson1 Nov 6th
When Many Think Not Poem trumpet7 inspiration Nov 6th
FAREWELL Poem emmenay 1 love Nov 6th
Tongue Tied Poem rbpoetry Political Nov 6th
You wonder why I gave up Poem AlexC Acceptance Nov 6th
THE SUNLIGHT'S LOVE # Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 6th
Seasons Poem semeron friendship Nov 6th
LIFE'S TEA* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 6th
WEEDING MAN'S GARDEN OF ILLUSIONS # Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 6th
Untitled -- 11.6.2009 Poem Sivus Nov 6th
Happinesstown Poem furgeson1 Nov 6th
Highway Song Poem furgeson1 Nov 6th
Men Poem furgeson1 Nov 6th
from dark to light Poem thegrittman7 Forgiveness Nov 6th
Mind Subservient Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Human-kind Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
What Are You Thinking Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Humanity Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
The Tender Words of a Scarred Heart Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Indistinct Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Aging Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
a cute angle. Poem anexod Nov 6th
Life and Death Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Edge of the Earth Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Tiptoe Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Cynic Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Masquerade Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
The Battle Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
The Fool Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Night Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Fixation Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
My Dance with Death Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
This World. My Thoughts. Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Constant Bleeding Soul Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Mere Death Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
A Fraction of Death Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
This Realm Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Long live the dead. Poem bendergender Nov 6th
Thwart Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
A Girls Quiet Escape Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Doomed Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Rambling of an Atrophic Heart Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
My Vintage Jewel Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Defense Mechanism Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
My House On The Hill Poem vilmazab 1 Nov 6th
Seashells Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
WinterBane Poem charlax7 Seasons Nov 6th
JESUS' PROMISE Poem trivking64 Song Lyrics Nov 6th
Just Like You Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Fault Line Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Con-Artist Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
My Soul in Nature Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Untitled -- 11.6.2009 Poem buttercup69x sadness Nov 6th
Again Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Vanilla Tears Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
The Test of Time Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Madness Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
I'm On the Moon Poem LunaFalena Nov 6th
Your charcoal blackness is beautiful Poem meso Nov 7th
Etherees Poem rodeo_girl Nov 7th
Pain Poem jackie_lyn Nov 7th
Epigram On Early America Poem Starward History/Past Nov 7th
A Broken Piece Poem 41tulips Hope Nov 7th
Epigram On The Ways Of The World Poem Starward Acceptance Nov 7th
The bedroom begins at the dining table Poem meso Nov 7th
Always Breaking Poem rodeo_girl Nov 7th
Everywhere Poem 41tulips 1 Nov 7th
Waterfall Weather Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Take Me As I Am Part II/Revised. Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Untitled Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
My Dying Day Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Visions Into Deeper Thoughts Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Judgment Poem ben Hate Nov 7th
Summer Moon Over The Rooftop Poem ben Missing You Nov 7th
Revelation in Chaos Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Another Story Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
He knew the End fron the Beginning Poem blumentopf Nov 7th
We sat Together In a Mountain High Poem ben love Nov 7th
Amazing Grace Poem ben Faith Nov 7th
Darkness and Dew Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Lalaki Na Lang Ang Kulang!!! Poem vilmazab 4 Nov 7th
-Tion- Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Night Angel Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
More Than A Dance In The Dark Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
The Haves And Have Nots Poem trumpet7 inspiration Nov 7th
Is just about to begin!!! Poem vilmazab 2 Nov 7th
Dust and Ashes Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
To The End Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Your Friend Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Burn the Witch Alive Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Mini Accrostics Poem rodeo_girl Nov 7th
An Ode to my Mother Poem rodeo_girl Nov 7th
Fading Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Let the Gemini Die Poem LunaFalena Nov 7th
Used vs. Loved Poem desert_rose Nov 8th
Strength Poem cooper Dark Nov 8th
Hey Bagavan Poem mgthin 1 Nov 8th
scribbled through exhaustion on a cold November Poem dolphin Nov 8th
I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 8th
DECIDEDLY RESTLESS Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 8th
MODERN DAY HIROSHIMA** Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 8th
Alone in Love Poem ChandaBurton Nov 8th
over softly drawn bubbles Poem dolphin Nov 8th
New Beau Poem disappear_here love Nov 8th
A Free Man Poem MatthewWayne Poetry/Writing Nov 8th
A Proper Goodbye Poem poe369 Breaking Up Nov 9th
LOVE IS THE WORST THING EVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poem yardesspoetess 2 Nov 9th
Et Galilaeus Es, 1 Poem Starward Abstract Nov 9th
SPENDING TIME WITH YOU Poem heatherburns35 1 spending time with you Nov 9th
WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE Poem heatherburns35 1 waiting for your love Nov 9th
Bam Bam's Death Poem poe369 2 Goodbye Nov 9th
Only One guy Poem yardesspoetess Nov 9th
Angel Poem poe369 Bittersweet Nov 9th
Where has it all gone? Poem perfectly_flawed Missing You Nov 9th
Unyielding Sense of Nothing Poem Sivus Depression Nov 9th
Underneath Poem jessadawn Nov 9th
Too Aye Em Poem thelohaspiral 1 Nov 9th
Untitled and Unknown Date Poem mystery7905 Nov 9th
He Tried, But Failed Poem mystery7905 Nov 9th
2303 Poem mystery7905 Nov 9th
Without Hope Poem mystery7905 Nov 9th
Here I am Poem mystery7905 2 Nov 9th
I LOVE YOU Poem natedog2 Nov 9th
In The Search For Happiness Poem poe369 Irony Nov 9th
Simple Question Difficult Answer Poem mystery7905 Nov 9th
Not anymore Poem perfectly_flawed romance Nov 9th
IF LIFE WAS A CIRCUS Poem heatherburns35 2 keys to life Nov 9th
HARMONY Poem akol_miyen_kuol Peace Nov 9th
Untitled -- 11.9.2009 Poem della_terra Abstract Nov 9th
Ode to the one who gets left behind Poem della_terra Compassion Nov 9th
About Love Poem desert_rose Abstract Nov 9th
Issai Poem running_with_rabbits Nov 9th
Two years ago Poem christianpoetry... Nov 9th
they remark to my canvas Poem 9inety 1 Nov 9th
Two years ago Poem geneconner2008 Nov 9th
WRITE FOR ME # Poem palewingedpoetess 1 Nov 10th
A GET WELL POEM FOR A DEAR, DEAR LADY * Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
Tanka, 06: Creamed Honey Poem kj1 Nov 10th
Subjective, not I. Poem rbpoetry Reality Nov 10th
Growing up Poem spacecowboy Nov 10th
Nothingness Poem dac1112 sadness Nov 10th
THE DEBT* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
HE* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
MAGIC KINGDOM (mildly erotic)* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
THROUGH THE POURING RAIN* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
Two (snowflakes) Poem cerulean_soulhaze Nov 10th
A Glimpse Poem vilmazab 2 Nov 10th
“LOVE” A COLLABORATION WITH RUTH LOVEJOY . Poem emmenay 4 love Nov 10th
I FOUND YOU - SONG LYRICS Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
THEY WHO PASS Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
TIME TO GO Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
LIVIN EASY - SONG LYRICS Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
NOT THERE BEFORE Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
MERCY Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
MIDNIGHT CITY Poem jeffbresee Nov 10th
BLESSED BY GOD Poem emmenay 1 love Nov 10th
I Must Disagree Poem trumpet7 inspiration Nov 10th
Epigram To J. V. Cunningham, 2 Poem Starward Abstract Nov 10th
How strong I can be! Poem ozzypoemgirl Nov 10th
You are still the one Poem geneconner2008 Nov 10th
Shadows of Pain Poem Avantgarde Nov 10th
SINCERELY PERPLEXED* Poem palewingedpoetess Nov 10th
A Whole New Untitled Poem BackstageMaverick Nov 10th
Could I trust you with my heart Poem geneconner2008 Nov 10th
spoken word Poem 9inety 1 Nov 10th
Humming Birds Poem moon_dance 1 Nov 10th
মধ্যরাতে Poem shawon1982 Nov 10th
forthood tragedy Poem ozzypoemgirl Nov 10th
Since You've Been Gone Poem carousel_love Nov 10th
Forever Poem geneconner2008 Nov 10th
Transformation Poem LunaFalena Nov 11th
Untitled Poem LunaFalena Nov 11th
Could You? Poem LunaFalena Nov 11th