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What I want you to know about me...

I have not been on here much in the past few years.
I just recently found time once again to resume my writting and be creative once again .
It is good to be back here , as i always enjoyed coming here and reading other peoples works and creating my own.
a little about me . I have been into the paranormal since
i was little, lots of strange things always happened around me.Things i
have seen heard and lots of things....many experiences with the
paranormal in many different ways..
I also am able to speak with spirits and other entities .
None are harmful or evil , all are very kind and loving , but some can be a bit sarcastic , as people tend to keep their personalities when they passover .

Also i like to ride motorcycles.. I had one but sold it to get my apartment after my divorce.
I am old school i like choppers best not really into the stock frames
I had a old 71 iron head sportster i made into a chopper, kind of not to
raked with the forks ,but no shocks... it is a ridged frame so hard on the
back .. I had sold it ,so that i could get a divorce so i could get a apartment.

I love music i been into music all my life singing and playing guitar and the piano and organ .
I also have done some modeling through out the years and photography .
I usually use my cats or myself for my photography or nature using myself timer and getting in a pose with out tripping is always a challenge.
I also write lyrics and poetry and stories .
I have many ideas for movies i love to write .

am a Vegan, i just never liked meat the taste or the thought of
eating a living thing that had eyes and a butt ..there is so many
things to eat why eat a animal!!!!!

love animals and have 2 cats

My favorite things to do is light my candles and incense and watch scary movies..
I also do interior decorating and faux painting.

I love dragons and mystical things and have many tatts and piercings .BUT RECENTLY removed my piercings . I had to stay in the hospital and got tiresome removing the rings.

I am a very open person and very opening minded as well.

I tell it like it is i am straight forward and to the point if it is on my mind it is out of my mouth ....

am a good and loyal friend and always there for someone if they need me
...I do not mind talking to people if they have issues of any kind
upset over things angry or just need to bs i will take the time to
listen .

am like i said a very open person and open minded ... I do not judge
people by what they have or have not by what they look like or by what
there lifestyle is or what they believe in or do not believe in as long
as they are kind to animals and to me i could care less ....

LIKE i said i am not a judgemental person and do not to judge or like being judged ...

can be a joyus person and a depressed person depends on what is going
on in my life sorry i can not always be a bright bubbly glowing giggle
box, but i am who i am and i am always
real and me and truthful and honest and to the point..

I also love thunderstorms
in the night there the best
always soothing to ones soul

I love halloween it is my favorite holiday
I love full moons' I love candles and often never put my lights on at night just little twinkle mood lights i put up through out the house and my candles ...I love burning incense and my favorite's are patoulie and sage and frankensense and mir and naga champa

I also like to watch old movies on AMC and TCM . not just horror or paranormal stuff but i mainly do watch that but i like other things as well ..

I am all things and nothing at all
I am a brisk fall day
I am a soft summer breeze on a hot steamy day
I am a icy wind that blows on a lonely winters night

All in all i am who i am which sometimes i can be complicated and confused but always me.


Come get to know me
Come ride my winds
Come swim into my soul
Let me be your perfect storm

Well that is just some things about me i
fill in the rest another time or ask me ...AS THERE IS MUCH MORE TO ME

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YES I have two rings in it had 3 but kept falling out.

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People often ask me why don't you fear death ?I ask them why don't you fear life?


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