How H20 Saved the Day

The ground arid like a desert
Plants left to die… deserted
Their heads of petals hang low
And from down below roots bellow

Water, we need water!

Flowers look through the fence
To their mates by a bench
They look happy, full of blossom
They’ve not be forgotten

Roots bellow Water, we need water!

Plants in the garden are praying
Water! Water! They are saying
Their all hoping the skies will open
Praying sky spirits for a token

Roots bellow Water, we need water!

In a rush clouds turn grey
Plants yelling Wahoo! And Yay!
Rain pours out from the sky
No more plants will have to die

Roots bellow Wahoo! And Yay! Waters on its way

Water hurries down the plants
To the arid ground at last
The water hugs the ground
Turning it from grey to brown

Roots bellow Wahoo! And Yay! Waters on its way

Water seeps through the breaks
To the roots that silently await
Roots now yell Waters saved the day
The plants are pleased with what they say

Root bellow Water! Water! Saved the day

Droopy petalled heads look up, proud
At the scenery all around
They’ve been through a lot, I’m sure
And in a plant that’s what I applaud

Roots bellow Water! Water! Saved the day

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Love To Me

As a phantom, in the night
Love is unseen, lost to sight.
Haunting the heart, clouding the brain
As strong as stone, as fragile as grain.
It can cause joy, confusion or pain,
Create radiant sunshine, or bring pouring rain.
It is like a hunter, stalking it's prey
Armed with Cupid's quiver, it's arrow will never stray.
Like a great storm, upon a calm sea
All of this and more, is love to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the first thing I ever wrote, a couple of years ago. I just thought I'd post it. It was back before I became so annoyingly dark and depressive. Feedback is always appreciated!

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Alone After You

Today we became the best of friends
Forgot the past and tied odd ends
You told me what I wanted to hear
You said you loved me and made it clear
Days have gone by and I yearn to hear your voice
After what you've said, you left me no choice
You went far away and left me with zero
Before this and that, you had become my hero
We talked about the past what couldn't be undone
But now that you've gone away it's no longer fun
You had her on the side, always telling me lies
Even after this it's hard to cut the ties
I forgot you once, why is it so hard now?
Come on, it's not like we made a vow
Tomorrow I will hurt waiting for your kiss
But tomorrow will not come, now i know this
What's done is done, you've played into my heart
Little did I know, that was your goal from the start
Here I am, my heart ripped to bits
How is it this easy, for you not to give two shits

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Feel free to comment

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A Day At The Farm

Once on a farm
There was a grand old barn
With an old cottage sat in the sun
And animals out in the run

The sun held high
Up in the sky
Glistened on the ground below
With the quiet murmur of the cello

The music was soothing
The animals weren’t moving
And the world stopped
As a grasshopper hopped

Then the hustle and bustle of cattle
Made the ground shake and rattle
As they moved towards the sound
And gathered all around

The farmer played the cello
It made the cattle mellow
Then silence hit the hills
As the farmer finished his trills

The day drawing to its end
Meant the cattle went back to the pen
Then peace and tranquillity roamed
And that’s what makes home sweet home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is more of a child rhyme, its very pleasant.

The Shoe Shine Boys Game

Can you tell me something new?
If you do I’ll shine your shoes
But if I’ve hear it before
Then you perform this nasty chore

Many people had a go
At finding something I didn’t know
But every single time
I found my shoes were being shined

They all thought that I was thick
As I shined shoes for my bit
But I answered questions thick and fast
And they then befell this dastardly task

But on one sunny summers day
A new man came from far away
And asked me something quite profound
But all I did was frown and frown

It appeared my luck was up
And I was down cleaning muck
This man had taught me something new
It was that I would forever shine shoes

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A mini story from the eyes of young boy who's job is to shine shoes for anyone richer than himself. Shows how society uses the poor to there own accord to do what they want. Role reversal to show the rich how the poor live, but then reversed back as eventually the rich always triumph over the poor, as the world can appear money centred.

Trial and Error

In the horizon I see an ominous glow
With a future so bright, it makes me want to go
Gallantly, I charge in head first
Could I be done with all of the worst?
Edging from side to side at full speed
Not to be stopped by anything but need
Instantaneously a shadow starts on my track
But I remain cautious, never to look back
The following darkness never seems to cease
Will any of my racing thoughts ever find peace?
I start to tire and begin to take a rest
The shadow just waits, as if this is some test
As I stop this glow seemed to fade
But time never stops, so I feel I am betrayed
Life goes on as my rest turns to procrastination
For some reason I give into temptation
Wallowing in self pity as the days pass by
I stay in this place always left to wonder why
Why am I so tired, never to proceed my dreams?
It's not that easy, I cannot follow these themes
Alas inspiration cracks the sky in two like lightning
I become aware, My grasp on life starts tightening
An Idea flows, what if I walk as if I'm at ease?
Because I'n the end, Only I'm left to please.

Justin Herrera

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Put a good amount of thought into this. Any questions or suggestions? Open to all :)

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Hello again to all my "friends"
Time to let loose, and kill the odd "ends"
You all have no doubts
But I've figured it out
You're all just tools
That ignore all the rules
Frankly, I'm sick of it
Tired and worn from all the bullshit
You can't hide your true form from me
Like a picture, it's easy to see
Well I'm a fire, time to melt the paint
So my connection to you will be less then faint
All of your deceit and lies
Are cut in half with these watchful eyes
You can poke and call me names
But in the end, You're all the same
Leeches come to suck me dry
I wont fall again, Goodbye.

Justin Herrera

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Prejudice Eyes

Your prejudice speaks louder than any word.
From across the distance, or up close. Even if unheard.
With eyes like knives, I'm within your grasp.
Emotional anxiety tearing me down, leaving me to gasp.
In shambles I grab my self respect.
In a situation like that. What did you expect?
You claim you have the right to look where you please.
But in reality, who's left at ease?
So I love what I love, what would you have me do?
Sit back and take the pain? I'm sure that would please you.
Not now, not ever, will I reside in the loneliness of dark.
Push back the shadows by using my spark
A spark. What is this spark I speak about?
The will to go forward, even if I wish to scream and pout.
You wont cut down my love or ties.
No.. No. Not with those prejudice eyes.

Justin Herrera

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