Perverse & Bazaar
My poetical rhetoric is 
like a metaphorical etiquette..
My common wealth 
is like Edison, 
with rhymes cut thick
just like beef Wellington.

A skeleton? 
Looks like I'm under your skin.
but I'm laughin, not half assin'
sassin' back with grin.
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war raged on between myself and the very talented SchmuckyJones for several more rounds......


see below


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Poet! Poet!

That's all I have to say about it. - slc



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You got me like a worm

You got me like a worm burrowed in 

i itch and scratch under my skin

but I got some brass and stuck cream on that ass sealed it with sasssssss

your beef wellington is under dome 

but your goose is cooked 

shouldn't have let it loose 

I'll give you a bone 

cause we're both in the zone 

and besides it's as poetic etiquette commands

the  worthy reply it demands 

cheers SS 


Hret write! Loved it!

Don't let any one shake your dream stars from your eyes, lest your soul Come away with them! -SS    

"Well, it's love, but not as we know it."

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SSmoothie yes , 

A bit toothy at best..

Rhyme schemes that scream

To my flesh

Past the bullet proof vest.

Penetrating elation 

heavier than a stone to the bone 

To hit my mid section.


You slay the rhyme like Hercules

Leave em gagging an hacking 

Like a case of tuberculees...


Yeah , I made up that word...

But fuck it 


I'm just that kind of nerd.

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very nicely

worded candid artful write.

love the flow, the choice of words,placement of artistic ideas, the whole poem captures my attention

quite a talented skater aren't you?



Poetry is passion,imagination & soul mixing together....



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"A skeleton? Looks like I'm

"A skeleton?

Looks like I'm under your skin."

Love that


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 And I say,fuck the


And I say,

fuck the norm!!

Who are they to tell us,

to conform?


So let your words flow

and screw the staus quo!

We're only here but a moment,

dont'cha know?





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Tell it like it is!

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Here goes...

I charge like a bull

And I cut like a buffalo

My rhymes are full

And they jolt like a line of blow


What the cartels don't know

Won't hurt 'em

I'm the chef in this kitchen

Skyscrapers I'm gettin'


I shake and bake

For Richie Rich and fat cats

All the years I make

The cartels don't stack that

It's my invention

I'm the chef in this kitchen


So cut your teeth on this heat

When I run the streets

You try to get me

I'm in your face with a dusty cleat

It ain't my fault I build skyscrapers

Those rich boys keep givin'

I'm the chef in this kitchen!



The idea behind this is I “invented" a narcotic.

Why is this drug related?

No idea.

I only drink. :/

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Aw shucks


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An A, for effort

Shes the chef in this kitchen

serving up Beatnik beef wellington

You got served Beatnik!  Surprised Oooooo

Time for me to try and conjure somthing up again.

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indeed, sir...

severed  but good! keep it coming 

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okay I must admit the best part of this poem was the poem battle between you and Jones!

Much Love


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i agree and

the  hope still remains that others will participate too! 

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hint hint, nudge nudge, knwo what I mean know I mean-ing me eh :p

Much Love


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Keep going you two!

This looks fun.

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you should have Your say in the matter? 

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Oh Snap!

This Gauntlets been thrown

As I stand alone

Ponder which pathways

the language could roam


I'll snap back to Vernacular

past traps known spectacular

A silly minds eye can split sides in fact

you could too


Let's not finish the story though

Stand strong terracotta warrior


* bleh, I tried :)

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(applause for Mr Jones)

oh what is this now?
a celebrity roast?

I got my butter from the gutter 

that i smeared on your toast

im killing it softly 
with every poetry verse
cacophony matrimony 
driving off in my hearse
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Check Oil light is on, so

Take a lick of that stick

but put it down quick

That margarine is old

and tastes like this   <---could spell another word with these letters :)


Some rank old socks

Melting In the summer sun

Or perhaps once wore

by a streetwalking bum


*If you'd like to make a call please hang up and then dial again

- Operator

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ha Ha! yessss..

my centrifugal witticism 
is like a cyclical cyclone 
of metaphysical vandalism

im breaking the grammatical rules
i speak bacon and eggs 
and conjugate fractals of jewels

so why now do you drool?
salivating  but hate waiting 
for the rhyme beef of my stew?
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Pretense last Sentence

The last ten penance

are lost among the tenants

I strive to contrive

Somthing worthy of



My energy is low

But I'm going toe to toe

I'll slap back words

as if their absurd


crouching down like a tiger

Rising up like a dragon

watch out for verbal fireballs

as I scream Hadoken!


Gomen Ne! (Sorry!)


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the talented Mr JONES!!

Oh i see now, 
were goin street-fighter 2
Dhalsim was a possum 
that belongs in a zoo

Or was that Blanca...
or maybe its Guile
dressed up like an army dude 
but like a chick the side

Chun li was a nutcracker
with a Zangief smile
and Kens now a check taker
serving burgers at Five Guys
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Five guys burgers and fries;

Its a nice place to eat

if you've got the time

I could go for a burger

but now I gotta rhyme


I'm taking this slow

At a wishy-washy pace

But have no FEAR!

SchmuckJones is on the case!


shooting blanks from my mouth

My heads in a daze

a capgun flash from all this aftermath

Has got me wondering

Who's next to get slayed...

or possibily filleted?