Bitter is Better

For Bitter is Better,

The Sicker our Weather,

For Better is a Bitter truth,

The Cancerous Lies,

That changes our lives,

And Evolves the Man from the Youth.

The corruption they seek,

Breathes Air through our Cheeks,

And Creates the Sayor in Soothes.

Lives tumbling past,

Leaving Disastrous paths,

Leave choices you have to choose.

The Truth or the Lies?

Forgive us, our Life!

And Please...........Let our Demons Loose............

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Stripped of innocence

She was a pretty young girl with a whole in her heart,
She hadnt seen her daddy he was too busy shootin up.
Her mum was always angry couldnt put down the pipe.
But the girl wasnt going down with them,
Not without a fight.
But when she got her first job,
She was still so young.
She thought his flirty comments,
Were just abit of fun.
He started to really take an interest
He slowly became her friend,
Made her feel special,
Her heart had started to mend.
He said he wanted to help her,
At first she didnt think this was true,
But after some reasurance,
He was the one she began to run to,
She knew there was darkness,
Yet she wanted more,
Although he was much wiser
She never found him a bore
He nurtured her as a young,
But only for a while,
Then he treated her as a proper woman,
An expected more then just a smile
He knew how to make her happy,
He knew how to make her sad,
He knew that all she ever wanted,
Was a fucking dad.
She wanted to be his daughter,
He pretended he wanted that too,
Then he started to feed her wine,
And tell her what to do.
She didnt want to be touched by him,
She didnt want to be kissed,
But she didnt want to dissapoint him,
So she gave him what he wished.
It broke her little heart,
That her mother couldnt see,
Her little girl was locked in lie,
And just wanted to be set free.
Two years later she was living with her sister,
Hoping her mums missing her,
He took advantage of this with open arms,
He pulled all of his moves and worked all his charms.
She was craving love and attention,
So she played the part and gave him her affection,
He made her feel wanted,
Like he needed her around,
She finally felt happy,
Like her place in this world was finally found.
It took him four whole years,
Now he had her under his spell,
But he was her 50 year old boss
With a wife an kids as well.
She lost all her morals,
He stripped her of self respect,
This twisted little game of his,
Was starting to take effect.
He bought her expensive things,
So she would continue to smile,
But the kisses weren't enough no more,
He wanted something more worth while.
But she couldnt give him more,
He had taken far too much.
So he started looking elsewhere,
Only thinking of his croutch.
She slowly started to lose his interest,
He acted like he didnt care,
So she dressed up nice an sexy,
And said touch me anywhere.
But then it all got too heavy,
She didnt want to live a lie,
She was so scared no one would believe her,
But she was still willing to try.
He cant come near her anymore,
Just like she wanted,
But now she really misses him,
An her dreams are always haunted.
She cant face her friends,
Shes empty inside.
Always second guessing herself,
An still doesn't believe he lied.
They told her he was grooming her,
They told her his love was un true,
But she will never belive it,
Until she hears it from you.

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The Mirth of Misery

her contagious smile she hides behind
Touches everyone and everything,
Except for her eyes.

For in those pale blue eyes,
Lies the threshold to the labyrinth
Of scars and sorrows buried deep inside.

Her sweet songs of laughter and happiness
Flood through you until you plunge into
A tranquil state of pure euphoria and bliss.

Never open your ears
If she’s singing her songs,
Or you might hear the cries masked in the giggles.

But if you happen to see her eyes
And or hear her cries,
Be sure not to share.

Silently bathe in the clutch of her woe,
For if you reach out,
You could alleviate her pain.

And when her grins become real and her laughs truly merry,
The aches of humanity
Will need a new heart to carry.

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No more chances

I believe in what I see
You can't change my mind
With your unconventional stories
Stop trying to change the look
You can't make up your own formalities

Think before you speak
Or make up a better speech
Remember what you want to say
It's addicting as you become portrayed

I'm not looking for a hunt
I'm not a detective trying to figure out
Whether your right, wrong
Or out of doubt
I'm just here to make ends meet
Put me in happiness
Without the defeat
Avoiding all the hostility
Eliminating worthless speech

Close your mouth of all that fake
Not worth it in the end of this game
You wonder why your treated
With no respect
Girl...your not faking the world
Your faking yourself
We just stand around you
Laughing as you cry
Might as well take advantage
Like you did with all your worthless lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poker helps me see right through people :)

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No more chances

Saw you standing there
As you tell me where your not
It's not the end of the world
But you make it worth the shot

You only get in return
What you do to me
A worthless lie
Circles in between
Creating animosity
My Insides becoming mean

I can tell by your face
What you choose to hide
I went from a falling into
To just be here for the ride
I eliminated all my feelings
In which you may never find
Ill keep all secretes too
As my feelings will surely despise
In return your endlessness will near
As I relinquish all your lies
Maybe not today
But soon ill say good bye

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Don't lie to me :) cause I always find the truth...and boys talk/brag (except me)

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Little Liar


little black liar on your perch so high
see how you lie see how you lie
tax us to death
steal our bread
sell us to your brotherhood
tell us we'll be alright
we'll be alright
you'll make things right

little black Marxist on your perch so high
why do you lie why do you lie
steal another term
let America burn
play your fiddle above the noise
liberty falls into despair
we fall into despair
things are fine you'll be there
little black liar

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Tell me that I'm beautiful
Say it aloud tonight.
Tell me that I'm everything,
Confess I'm always right.
Say that I'm like magic
Treat me just as a queen.
Speak words I want to hear
Let me live in a dream.
Shower me with promises
Drown me in your desire.
Whisper sweetst devotions
Tho I'll know you're a liar.
Tell me how you truly love me
Say you will never leave.
Feed to me your little fibs
I want so much to believe...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I want to believe...

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Just poems

Window panes in the dark
secrets locked within...
Twisted whispers whirl about
dance the dance of sin.
Broken mirror on the floor
yesterdays hope reflected...
Dreams dangle from a noose
forbidden love rejected.
Cinders pop beneath the hearth
vacant words to vapor...
crimson color stealing sight
Blood of her hearts raper.
Nevermore was softly sung
while razor ripped thru flesh...
pleads for help screamed unheard
As body made final thresh.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was in a dark mood when I wore this.

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Spider Web of Lies

What defines a lie?
Some say not telling the truth
If that were the case i could say nothing but be lieing to the world
Then they say keeping the truth is a lie
So what are secrets?
Are they all lies?
And what about surprises?
If you don't tell someone where your taking them or what you're getting them....Is that a lie?
If so then hasn't everyone lied?
And what does that make parents?
Parents tell you to never lie
Yet how do they explain Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the Easter Bunny?
They lied to us all when we were kids.
We believed them until we were old enough to know better.
If all of this defines a lie then our world is one messed up place.
Our world is caught in a spiderweb of lies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was sick of lies. Tell me what ya'll think think of it.

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