The Scientist

The Scientist

As they go wandering off
Feeling a step above the rest
Thinking of how much good
Their theories and philosophies
Might do to the world
They go off inventing
And dreaming
Of how their intellect might change the world
But right they are in their thinking

They go off learning and making
Trying to place themselves as masters
Of what is already the master of them

They go off building and creating
Bringing new guns and weapons
To try to bring peace by adding more destruction

They go off thinking and yearning
Of how to save a dying world
Which they infected with their own man made disease

They go off experimenting and theorizing
Trying to define the universe
That was already defined long before their time

They go off storming and raging
About how they are right
Because the theories they made tell them so

Oh yes what wonderful things they have done
Causing the Earth to rot under the sun

Oh yes what marvelous things they have done
Spreading disease amongst everyone

Oh what amazing things they accomplish
Making the world fall for their rubbish

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Travis Whitacre Sun 12/4/2011 10:59 PM

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Let's dance in the water,
let's scoop up the leaves,
lets frolic in the meadow,
as if we don't care.

Let's stay up all night,
let's share our secrets,
lets make promises
and laugh.

Let's hold hands,
Let's walk down the beach,
Let's swim in the clear blue sea.

Let's drown in the water,
let's break all the leaves,
lets trip in the meadow,
and cry.

Let's sleep eternally,
let't tell lies,
and let's break all our promises,
and die.

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My Work

“Gaze into faces,
get behind eyes.
From so many places,
fed so many lies.
All satiated,
starving for more.
nauseating encore.
Imbalanced, heavy scales,
bearing unjust weight,
all who would reign must fail,
policy is bait.
Only one more swallow,
deep, filthy well.
Thirst always follows,
hunger’s dinner bell.
And, so we take the mark,
clones stamped in red;
sheep left in the dark,
bones, bleached and bled.
But, still I will rage
defying gravity;
incarcerated in this cage,
I choose to be free.
For I will not surrender,
I will not kneel,
to the Great Pretenders,
serving the next meal."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Politics, anyone?

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Sweet sleep

Sweet it is to
sleep but even
sweeter to

To drink the
nectar of

For all to be
like it once

Sweet poison
of little lies
to cloud the
bitter truth.

Memories of
what never was
awoken for
one night.

Freedom from
the burdens
of life.

Sleep well sweet

Dream of
happiness long

Hide in darkness
until the dreaded
morning comes.

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your memory

i'm looking and searching
its no where to be found
i'm exhausted and its scorching
the burning love that was around
the flames have been tampered
with unpure tainted schemes
you let them put a damper
on our love which use to be
thriving with ambition and youth
something jealousy couldn't over look
missing like a child's tooth
its empty like a brand new book
how could something so precious
rapidly vanish so simply
a love so tender and luscious
die so easily
walking past souls confused
pleading for clues
but i'm left with a bruise
the memories of you being untrue

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“Bombs away”
Its peace and democracy for you today
This is how we change things
The western way

Must straighten my tie
As I tell my lies
To the sheeple through the camera
That I really despise

This War is for your security
Have faith with our maturity
If you don’t back me
Your disloyal you see

Look at my beguiling smile
My honest reassuring eyes
I’m your Prime Minister
I would never tell you lies

Wrap yourself in the flag
You can be a Patriot if that’s your bag
Once the War has finished
Patriotism can diminish

After I have started a dozen Wars
Il be a Peace ambassador
I’ve been assured
So “Bombs Away.”
Its Peace and democracy for you today.

© Tony McNally

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem dedicated to a former Prime Minister mass murderer and War criminal Tony Blair, if ever the Devil took human form then this was he.

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In Your Hands

The day we fell in love
That glorious, wonderful day
I took your hand in mine
I said, "I'm giving you my heart, treat it well"
You said, "Always and forever."
And you smiled. Your special smile just for me. 
Now, a broken promise and shattered world later, my heart is broken,
And I wait for its return. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Again, for Z. Can you tell I'm having flashbacks?

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Your lies

Screams never heard'
Lies never should.
Rumors ruined my life,
Love was a waste of my time.
Heart beats weaker;
Emptiness strengthens,
Hurt much deeper,
I though you were a keeper.
Look to my soul,
Its so dark and cold.
Look to my soul,
Its shallow and old.

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The pain of love

The pain you gave its all the same,
Rots away,
Oh the pain,
Its love you say,
I feel hate all say.
Do i really need to explain
My little mistakes??
No matter what i hear,
No matter who i believe,
You have my heart,
I hate to be apart.
No matter how much we fight,
I always hope your alright,
Im afraid to lose you.
I dont know why i chose you,
I know there are better guys,
With no lies,
But i want you,
And everything you do...
I love you....

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