I Know the Real Him

You tell me i don't know him
But i know that is a lie.
I know him better than any other guy.
He is sweet,
Just like he'll always be
You are wrong!
But all your common sense is gone.
He would never lie or hurt you.
I know this is the truth.
Maybe you should ask
Before you start to turn your back.
He wasn't to blame
Your reasoning is lame
I know him very well
Can't you tell?
We've been through a lot
Many lessons from him i have been taught
I've spent hours among hours talking to him
I'm gonna go out on a limb
You should know he'd never lie
He isn't like those other guys
Until you realize this leave me be
"Cause it seems the one who knows him best is me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Drama...I Absolutely Hate It.

Those Cannons Will Destroy Your Kingdom of Lies

The eyes of a liar are hidden by your secrets.
You're consumed by the irony of your words,
Despite how many of them were spat out by you.
Your victims fire back your own army of lies against you.

Every star fantasies and candy dreams you've promised...
You've turn them from an endless revelry of summer
Into an unbreathable kingdom filled with frozen veins within hell.
Only a pathetic coward like you would be the weak king they have.

You drowned your maiden in the ocean of misery and torment,
Taking every disturbing pleasure in doing so.
Your sinful hands slipped off of her cold shoulders,
And she survived just to plot an army against you.

The success of surviving your beginning was like a shooting star,
Only with no one to care and watch it shoot across the empty skies.
The ending to your story will soon be incomplete by defeat
From your maiden and her army of your victims.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was for my close friend in dedication to her ex boyfriend.

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my insecurities are stalking me.
you're steeped in sickness but i fret over your unresponsiveness.
i feel like i need you more then you need me.
the voices of discontent grow louder in my head.
i want to believe your reasons are legitimate,
but the lies of past lover's leave me unconvinced.

i pick apart our time spent.
is there a deception i have missed tucked away among your perfect words?
a riddle or mystery waiting to be solved has emerged.
this has been an amazing journey,
but my daddy's words echo, "if it's too good to be true,
then he's probably lying to you"

my flaws are becoming prominent.
your concern for your own contentment grows.
you have your life all planned out and i'm not in it.
i'm a wildcard that only cast doubts.
you reassure me it'll be okay.
you tell me i have nothing to worry about
then why am i worried?

my feet cast shadows on the wall.
i watch my fears come out to play.
i don't know how to turn these lemons into lemonade.
i don't have the nerve to complain.
you explained yourself just yesterday,
but i'm still confused!

the pressure to be who you want gets to me.
i want to be who you think i am.
i hide the bitter, fearful, depressed parts of me.
i struggle every day to be half of who i am.
i don't want to ruin the illusions you have.
you are what i see i wish i could be more like you.

my insecurities are ready to overtake me.
just beyond my reach is sanity.
i must resist the urge to flip my lid.
there's questions i have that are unreasonable.
i keep waiting for my fears to fade, but know i now they are my friends.
this is how i protect my heart.
i freak out then fall apart!

War and conquest of the spirit

The Gods Of Man

While many had proclaimed their coming to be a work of the devil, and others tried to cloud the truth, there were those who had seen the coming as fate, and had begun to worship this new race. Cults began to appear and grow in every corner of the world, and spread this radical new message to those any and all who would believe and follow. Every old world religion had now found themselves a dangerous new enemy; not of science or of politics, but of the mystery that had now been solved, the knowledge that had grown from the darkness of ignorance that man now faced for the first time in his history. What our religion failed to acknowledge, and our beliefs refused accept, the sky revealed; the void of space finally spoke the truth. A new war was on the horizon.


Light and Dark

Light turns shadow
Shadow grows darker
Brightness has left from my eyes

Light has left me
Darkness calls me
As I sink into these lies

The world has called me
And I will answer
As I fall into this void

Sleep now takes me
Life has left me
Now I lie dead and cold.

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Behind The Veil Of Deception

Volume Three

Behind The Veil Of Deception

Standing alone in the rain.
This life becomes a testimony to all the pain,
how much you can take, before you break.

Ghosts whispering in your head, they all scream your name.
The violence buried in your heart, wishing you were dead.
As the quicksand of lies, snares your mind
War in the name of peace, until everything dies.
Strap on your halo one more time,
guide me to the field, as I am running out of time.

Waking up another day, the same drums beating
I am tired, lost in an endless cycle.
Caged in a cruel reality, the irony of life
a wasted potential, drowning in vice.

And another bomb drops on the crippled,
Zombies; the death toll just tripled.
The empire of lies needs to be toppled
brain dead, spoon fed, lies saturate your head.

Beware the lady in white, came to take you towards the light
Ignore the distractions, that feed your obsessions
kill everything you love, then pray to your god above.
Hypocrisy it's in our blood.

There is a war for your mind,
conquest to leave your humanity behind
sheep lead to slaughter, should you even be bothered.
A prisoner to your own home,
the stunning realization, to the illusion, you are alone.

Hate has destroyed so much beauty,
In life that it can become hard to see
past your own pain and suffering.
Noble deeds, and good intentions
paves the road to mans worst inventions

Hate has destroyed so much beauty,
In this illusion of freedom and safety.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will use this new poem to write some current events... Recently I've been struck with some sever writers block and havent been able to produce anything publish worthy. So I've sorta just been lurking in the shadows and doing a lot of thinking, and I've been coming to the same empass for awhile now and that is I've been thinking of taking a long break from my writing and trying to focus on another path of creativity... I still plan on finishing my current books in progress, but anything else like new books I think this is where I put my finishing touches on all of my masterpieces...

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Why Is It?

Why is it
The ones we love the most
Hurt us the worst
Why is it
You think your doing them a favor
When the whole thing was a lie
Why is it
They use their knowledge of you
In the most crushing ways
Why is it
We feel that someday they will see what they do
When we know someday is probably never

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Blood Stained Wings

Trapped within a
That started as a
Pleasant dream
I rattle the bars of my cage,
Hoping for release.

When did my happy home,
Turn into such a painful place?
When did this so-called love,
Turn into firey Hate?

So now I wait,
To awake from my restless
sleep, and hope for a
Better tomorrow,
And fight for a chance

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Comments/Thoughts appreciated.

Beautiful Lie

pretty words can go so far
a simple touch can put the body at bay
a kiss can mean the world and leave one breathless
but a illusion in reality is a fantasy come to life
a world blinded
a life stolen
time wasted
lesson learned
a life lived in a beautiful lie ain't worth living in


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