Now That the Truth Comes Out

Break Ups


What have I denied you

What'd I hold back

You know I just 

Don't like bein lied to

That's all I ask

But no, you didn't care

I promised passion

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Still Be the Same

Break Ups


With every breath

I feel like life

Has slipped away

Thinkin there's nothin left

So I'm drowning today

In a pool of tears

Too much to see

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I Don't Need To Know


You told me tonight

That we really need to talk

I said go ahead

You said hardly anything at all

All you could say to me

Is you can't make it work

All I could say was ok

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On the Edge


World crumbling beneath my feet
Hypocrisy spreading among the weak
World going down a deep dark hole
Darker than even your soul
These days I can stop and realize
TV, Radio plays all lies
Everything is ending soon
Watching the eclipse of the moon
For the world to fall into itself
Itself which has crumbled and decayed beyond redemption
Redemption itself never asked for so cannot be forgiven
For in the minds of the meek we all die.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just some thoughts on world views.

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A lie
Is something
You deny

It's something
That can't

A lie
Is not a favor
That will return

Something said
By taciturn!

Due to you

A person

Are awash, our

Very eyes

And every lie
Instilled in
Our demise!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited on 07.31.2019 (after noticing a sentence construction that did not make sense, grammatically; either because of its usage in English or a lack of a better way to render the verse due to my limited vocabulary or the initial emendation of the misused word "awash".  Please follow through with the exampled diagram below):


Are awashed with
Very eyes


Are awash,

Our very eyes

(emended version)

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I've got some secrets did you know
I keep them inside
I don't let them show
Secrets of pain and secrets of sorrow
To let them out would be the right thing to do
But who do I tell do I tell them to you
I could tell you one
But what good would that do
You might just sit and listen to me
But you might sit and laugh at me
Tell me what has been hurting me so
Is nothing at all
Just please let it go
But what if I said you were the cause
Would that catch your eye
Would you tell me the truth
Or make up a lie
Or would you begin to scream and shout
Would you tell me the truth and let it all out
But I think the best thing for me to do
Is keep it inside
Not tell them to you.

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