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Ontario, California

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I am 17, My nickname is Grim I am brutally honest, I write what I feel, I feel what I write, I am a brutally honest person, I love horror films, singing, I am an aspiring make up artist, and I draw in my spare time, I do have a Facebook page and some other sites that have some of my poetry and drawings on it the links are in the area specified for them. feel free to email me I am not a bad person :3 <3

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My navel so dark so deep
Inside you will find a lion and a cannibalistic sheep
My navel is a wonderland
yes, there is tea
there is even a man lost at sea
if you look closely inside
you'll see a voodoo queen poking my intestines

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The typical taste for me is Edgar Allan Poe. I love Emilie Autumn and Wil Francis but no one can replace my adoration for Marilyn Manson and Chris Motionless. They both express individuality in their own way and that is what I love about them <3


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