And liars with honest eyes


Proclaiming love til they die


The fool has been deceived


That I, the fool, believed


And I'm alone again


Took from me my love, again


Broke my heart, smaller still


Won't stop. I fear they never will

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this in July 2007 about my ex-husband... 'nuff said.

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Life's Friendship - July 10 2011

Just Poems

Life’s a show
So you say
You have my heart in your hands

You tell me words
But they don’t make since
You tell me lies
For hopes I will forget

I’m sick of the secrets you keep
Sick of the false friendship
That we now have

Loneliness has become my friend
Happiness seems so far away
Now watch as I put my fake smile on
See it stretch far and wide

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't about me really, it's just about how some friendships end in hurt and lies, but you don't want your friendship to end with that person but you know you must, your more then welcome to have loneliness then no friends at all, that's how i feel this poem is about, it may tell a different story to you... i hope you the readers enjoy this :)

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The Untruthh

Glass eye lies,
no reason to even try
Mighht as well give up,
Since we can't see through all that makeup,
Running mascara making her face uncleann,
Oh such a familiar scene,
Each lie is a cut on her wrist,
death is the only thing that'll bring her bliss,
But even when her heart stops beating,
There will be a never ending bleeding,
Of all the lies she waas told,
Which was after all what made her body go cold.

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No one knows

No one ever will

What is held inside

And kept so still


You need to understand

But I can’t tell you

About the abyss inside me

The lies are ever true


I’m happy and everything’s fine

Really I’m okay

And the sun doth shine

Well how do you say



See how my pants flame

But it doesn’t hurt

No more than the fear and shame


I fight the insecurities

With scratches and blood

And try to hide it all

In a graveyard of mud


I’ll try to hide it

But one day you’ll see

But not my tears oh no

You’ll see the rage in me


And that scares me more

So I try to scream

But I can’t get out

Can’t break the seam



Written on

February 2, 2009

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written to Eli. Talking about me and my untruths.

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Till' the last rose dies

just notes*

A red rose sits on my headrest,

She's been sitting there for a year,

She's been waiting there to be picked up,

She's been sitting there hoping your love still burns
Because if not she will die,

But that rose deceives herself

She is not remembered,

No one will pick her up,

She's not even real

She's artificial just like our love...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Your Beautiful Lies


Tell me it will all be okay

Tell me you will make it better

You’ll make it work, somehow

Any storm, we can weather


Say it again

How pretty you think I am

And how much you love me

Make me believe it’s not a sham


I know they’re jut beautiful lies

But I want to believe them you see

Your love and your lies

They’ll be the death of me



Written on

January 3, 2006

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I dont know who this was written about, but it sounds like a very presumptuous get together.  get together.

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Don't be fooled,
by the marvelous face.
Don't give it in,
by the smile it is faked.

Don't expect so much,
from a mere mortal.
Men are not Gods.
Men are not Idols.

To bow is not on my list,
don't frown if I resist.

Our necessity will not,
be resolved by a man.
Our necessity will not,
reach an end.

The lies received,
will soon deceive.
Open wide.
Get wise.

Filter your eyes to see the crimes!

Not a leader.
Not a God.
Not a mentor.
Not a star.

Don't care who you think you are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Confession To Hell


You're better off left lying there,

Black, cold stare, no one cares

Who would think that it's the end?

The last few moments, without a friend

Though no one can say that they're surprised

Etched in your eyes, all your hate and despise

You left them bleeding, wounded, dead

Locked in their sorrows and drowning in red

And It hurts to say that I've survived,

Because I feel like I've died, screaming inside

So I will turn and walk away,

Though I feel no love when your screaming in pain

And feel all your hate pour out from disguise

Spew out in red in proxy of your lies

Confess all your sins, say one last farewell,

Because for all of your hatred, you'll be confessing to hell.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

You know who they are, the people that, in the cruelest form, twist and turn a friend or loved one, hurting them beyond repair. Or perhaps, you've been the victim of the scarring event. This has, sadly, just happened to me. The person who made me into something I'm not. And someone I've never wanted to be. Going to be tested for heart problems (again) and bi polar depression on Thursday. I'm fourteen, why is my life like this now?

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IF I were honest

All About Me

If I were honest

I'd have to admit...

that I never stoped thinking of you

that you're not the only one I think of

 all of my hardships

all of my silent sacrafices

why my passions are what they are

why I'm so closed off to the world

that I care about you, more than you'll ever know

 that I feel the same one for everyone

 the true reason behind my confidance

the true reason for my fears

I'd have to open myself up completely...

so I'm not honest.

I'll never tell you that I remember the moment we first met

That I remember when our eyes first met, what I was wearing when you first spoke ont he phoen with me, where i was standing and how I was so sad. I'll never explain to you how you came in one of the most hardest moments in all of my life, and you helped so much simply by being there. I'll never explain how close I came to giving up on everything, and how your little glimmer turned that all around.

I'll never tell you of everything I've been through

As clearly as I remember your eyes, I remember when mines were almost shut. I'd have to tell you of the times when I wouldn't know if the walk home would be my last, how those shots I heard at night, were of my own doing. How I watched and held as love ones passed away in my arms, in my sight, across my street. I'd have to tell you how I watched as my Uncle ran away, as the street was filled with red and blue lights. I'd have to tell you how he ran because of me. I'd have to tell you how much my brothers protected me, and how I wasn't always so innocent. I'd have to admit how sometimes I caused the problems I despise so much. I'd have to tell you the reason why I never want to drive again...

I'll never tell you of all the things I do for you

You'll never know how I choose you over my friends on one fateful night when none of them would return. You'll never know of the pain I had to endure in order to be able to hold you. You'll never know the real reasons why 911 is so important to me. You'll never know how I abandoned everyone just to see you smile. You'll never know, I'll never tell you, and it's better that way... You'll never know the real reason, why I don't go out as much as i used to.

I'll never tell you anything that can hurt you

You'll never know just how precious and important you are to me. You'll never see why communication is so important to me. You'll never know how I fought, cried and suffered as i saw communication collaspse. You'll never see all the relationships... and lives, i've saw ruined over something that could have been solved with a sorry, or a little understanding. You'll never see these things, and I'll never show you.

If I were Honest, I'd tell you everything, and you'd understand, but you'd know too much, and it would hurt you... So... I'm not.

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